Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More on Abraham's Bogus Predictions

At the beginning of Esther Hicks' channeling career, she predicted (via Abraham) a great realignment or "shift" that would cause abrupt changes in various parts of the world.
"…volcanic ash will be experienced in all parts of your world as the volcanoes around your earth are simultaneously activated. Face masks and goggles will be of great value."
        - Esther Hicks (A New Beginning I, 2002 edition)
Abraham provided specifics about where earthquakes and water-damage were to occur. In a 1993 workshop (05/16/1993), they (through Esther) said they'd believed these changes would occur in 1988. When they hadn't, they'd modified the timing to 1990. Again, no realignment. They excused this, stating that the energy had dispersed and subsided, but warned that realignment was still coming.

The Hickses no longer sell A New Beginning I or the Joyous Survival tape, two publications that discuss the realignment. Esther, as Abraham, no longer suggests that they were wrong about the timing of this event. It seems to me to be a not-so-clever attempt at hiding one of Esther's greatest channeling blunders.

Recently, I decided to dig up an older edition of A New Beginning I. I had this hunch that the Hickses might have tailored the text to downplay this great-realignment-that-never-happened. My hunch paid off. Various discussions (pages worth) about the great realignment have been removed from the most recent edition, 2002. Others have been altered. In one telling omission, the following discussion transpires between Abraham and a workshop attendee:

(From a 1988 workshop, as indicated in the 1994 edition of A New Beginning I)

COMMENT: The last time I was here, we were asking about the time narrowed down with the earth shift, and you were telling us early summer, which is June.

ABRAHAM: And now we tell you to receive it yourself.

To say the least, I find the Hickses revisions of A New Beginning I incredibly suspicious.

*I just realized via Twitter that today is Esther Hicks' birthday. Happy birthday, Esther!


  1. I'm sure as with many perdictions over the last years that "we" as the people capable of "altering" our own vortex have been responcible for these things never happening because we "changed" it all by wishing it away. Surely I hope you know that I smile with this. My "group" of peers who just love Abraham and can't get enough are geering up to get the new stuff coming out. Don't think anyone as I've seen with much of the doom that was suppose to happen, it is because of this collective intellegence we all got together and wished it away. Does make me smile to myself as I watch one not trust the others "source". For better or worse, most won't contridict anything because they say we can change anything. Hugs and thanks for being a sounding block here

    1. Hey LadyJtalks,

      "As you are consciously physically focused and not wanting this event, you may feel that there is a contradiction in what we are offering, for, on the one hand, we are telling you that you are an unlimited creating being, and, on the other hand, we are telling you that you cannot stop this event from occurring. And in order to understand that there is no contradiction, you must see from your inner, broader perspective, for from that point of view, you know that this
      realignment is part of the creation that you have set into motion from a different creative perspective, and that as you are experiencing life within this physical experience, you have accepted, and have, in fact, eagerly agreed to participate within, the changes that would occur during the realignment." - A New Beginning I

      As Abraham points out in the above passage, not only was the realignment they were discussing beyond our control, but we wanted it from our broader nonphysical perspective. In several parts of A New Beginning I/Joyous Survival tape they even discuss that we chose for these times to be turbulent because we wanted that experience.

      It's interesting that you use the word "altering." Certainly, there are many who try to say that we have altered realignment, but regarding this realignment, Abraham told Esther, "There are those things that have been set into motion, agreements that have been entered into that are outside of her [Esther's] creative alteration here through this conscious thinking wanting." That said, regardless of Abraham's clear statements about realignment not being within our control, I can understand that believers will use all sorts of screwy logic to rationalize why they never happened.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. If someone had the time and the inclination, it would be fascinating to track the shifts of logic and prediction through the years of recorded seminars and books.

    One of the "leaps" I noted was the logic from "If something is troublesome in your vibration and you choose not to deal with it... don't worry. It will just keep getting bigger in your experience until you do."


    "Just focus on happy thoughts and feelings. 'Look away' from all things troublesome."

    No matter how I tried, I couldn't find a bridge that made sense to me between these two orientations.

    1. Hey Ahnalira,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree. I'm sure a more philosophically-minded person would effortlessly be able to find an endless series of contradictions and inconsistencies through Esther's body of work over all these years.

  3. What we see here is the settling of focus from a more raw cult-like pull to something more palatable for current tastes, easy to swallow while still letting followers feel like elites in on special knowledge.

    The age of the things chronicled here shows how aware and manipulative Jerry and Esther both were in finding the sweet spot to keep followers paying.

    1. Hey Dave,

      Always good to hear from you. Yes. I definitely think that this is a great look at how the Hickses' work evolved to meet an evolving audience's tastes.

      I also agree that their deliberate tampering with A New Beginning I shows a blatant attempt at concealing one of Abraham's more obvious errors.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Being a channeler myself, the first book simply speaks to the learning curve that is involved in doing the translation work. When there is something that is very active in your own vibration (for example, you being concerned about something happening to the planet), and you're relatively new to channeling, you are very likely to tune into streams of thought related to those concerns when such a question comes up, rather than the pure vibration of Source energy. The book was written 25 years ago, and already the second book, A New Beginning II, has a much purer vibe to it.

    These days, the only time that Esther strays from the pure translation is when it comes to the topic of "piracy" of the Abraham material - another topic that she has formed strong opinions about.

    Everything else is of amazing clarity, insight and accuracy - and is 100% congruent with my own translation. All you have to do is try it for yourself, with an open mind.

    1. Hey Anonymous,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I like to think that someone of a supposedly pure vibration would be willing to admit their mistakes, rather than work to downplay, and even hide, them.

      You say, "the only time that Esther strays from the pure translation," but you can't really know when it's pure and when it's not. Just because it's consistent with something that you channel (which I'm going to adjust to say, 'consistent with something that you believe.') doesn't mean there is any validity to it.

      Also, if you read about my experiences with the teachings, you will know that not only did I try this stuff myself, but I did so for many years and with a mind that was far-too open.

    2. kyra, Abraham has actually said a very similar thing to what I explained above wrt. the first book in one of their workshops. They were very open about it. It's one of the reasons the material went out of print a very long time ago.

      It's easy to tell, for someone who is very sensitive to vibration, when a translation is pure and when it is not. But unless you have honed this ability, or have had amazing channeling experiences yourself, they're not going to be "valid" from your point of view, and that point of view will only be reinforced by your own life experiences because...that's the way it works.

      From what I've seen, from my own spiritual development and watching hundreds of others (unless you're in your teens when you begin), it takes roughly 5-9 years to truly master what teachers like Abraham teach. It seems like a long time, but it's worth every second of that amazing journey.

    3. Hey again Anonymous,

      As I recall, they did not say this was why it went out of print. They have been asked about Joyous Survival in a few workshops, several of which they have either downplayed their initial predictions without suggesting they or Esther's translation was just plain wrong. I obviously agree that they have admitted they were wrong before (as indicated in this very post). I am saying that over time, they have worked harder to downplay and even hide this error, which is true (as indicated by what they have said and their revisions of A New Beginning I).

      It's easy to tell, for someone who is very sensitive to vibration, when a translation is pure and when it is not.

      I've had several people tell me similar things. Some have even been so kind as to offer me unsolicited, bogus readings. That said, I'm sure you can understand my skepticism. I do, however, believe that you believe what you're saying.

      ...it takes roughly 5-9 years to truly master what teachers like Abraham teach.

      Oh, really? It only took me a few weeks to become a Pokemon master.

    4. "...it takes roughly 5-9 years to truly master what teachers like Abraham teach."

      It took me 14 years to figure out that there is no pure translation coming through Esther in the moment. It's a mix of borrowed knowledge and charismatic, witty delivery with a smattering of honest insight and 'tapped into' wisdom. Always Esther, though. And I say this coming from a long-lived devotion to spiritual evolution and connection to non-physical communication.

      Jerry and Esther were very, very good at what they did together. I was willing to dismiss incongruities for many years based on the personal agreement I held with the basic concepts they borrowed and sold as their own. I don't really know how Esther does on her own because I left the party before she went solo.

      Doesn't mean they weren't my teachers... they were. I just learned something different than what most would call "the teachings". I learned discernment.

    5. Doesn't mean they weren't my teachers... they were. I just learned something different than what most would call "the teachings". I learned discernment.

      I feel the same way. I definitely learned a lot from my experience with the teachings, but it didn't have a lot to do with the teachings, per se.

    6. These words resonate so much. Count me in with this group. Devoted follower for 5 years... and what I took away in the end when I also "left the party" was discernment.

  5. @ Kyra

    I never got the chance to play Pokemon and since I had a little time on my hands... I figured I would delve into that world for a moment and find out what it would take to become a Pokemon Master.

    So I threw on my shoes, brushed my teeth and (taking a cue from anonymous here) took an attitude of gratitude about the amazing journey I was about to embark on. After knocking on a few doors, to my dismay, none of my neighbors had a Nintendo set readily available or were willing to let me do any research in their home. I was forced to come back home and just read about it.

    Fortunately I was soon able to deduce that your feat was quite impressive by any measuring stick. :-)

    1. Hey T. Beast.

      Glad to hear about your ambitious and noble pursuit of Poke-training. That said, the poke-world isn't for everyone. I know you have little time on your hands, but as Anon said previously, "It seems like a long time, but it's worth every second of that amazing journey." ;)

  6. I am a listener to Abraham/Ester. I subscribe to the twice monthly downloads. Do I believe that Abraham speaks thru Ester? Probably not. But I dont focus on that and I dont really care. I like the messages spoken, for the most part. I get a sense of positive empowerment which I can certainly use, as can many of us.

    I did note that on one of the recordings, after the death of Jerry, she said "I" not "We", while speaking as Abraham. I listened to it over and over. That is the first time I have heard a 'mistake'.

    I can appreciate that there probably is not an Abraham, and that Ester is a truly gifted and fluent speaker.

  7. Hey Kyra,

    Where are thou? :-)

  8. Hi, I met a woman. very nice, very spiritual. Totally nuts of Abraham's. But had a strange feeling that she lacks empathy. So I saw some videos of Esther Hicks. I have never heard so much crap in my full life. The woman I met is so brain washed. Blames everything is our own fault because we are not connected to the source or vibration.

    Biggest things she talks about all the time is self-love. I don't get damn get a word of anything. So started checking out this Cult.

    As I write to you. I just realized this is concept of Self-Love is the biggest marketing and brainwashing trick Esther uses. Because when you have put in the mind of a person that you come first, your care or love to yourself is the most important. And anyone who does not agree with you is not connected to the source and you should cut all connections to such person. They are negative for you. Then these people will start cutting off connections, stop showing empathy and compassion. (One more member in the cult is born and money coming in.)

    Biggest bullshit is that people get what they ask for. How can a little child get cancer. Child did not ask for it. So the child can't speak, then they the parents are connected to the wrong source.

    According to Buddhism, negative emotions are part of human. We instead of running away, should find the source and apply the antidote. For example hate, person needs to find the source and then meditate on compassion and forgiveness. Running away won't help.

    Thanks for your post. I heard this woman Esther Hicks on YouTube, my heart and mind knew I was listening to fraud. You confirmed it.