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Guest Post: The Road I Traveled with Abraham Hicks

The following post was contributed by Ahnalira KoanKoan worked for Abraham Hicks Publications for 6 years as a web developer. She played a major role in the creation and upkeep of the current Abraham Hicks website and knew the Hickses professionally and personally. She is also the author of the book The Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic: Beyond Law of Attraction to Align Within.

Thank you, Ahnalira Koan, for being willing to share your experiences and perspective with us.

The Road I Traveled with Abraham-Hicks
by Ahnalira Koan

I came to the Abraham teachings already having experience with the concepts. Throughout my childhood, I had dreams that came true and other inexplicable experiences that proved to me there was more to Life than what I could see, feel, taste, touch, and hear. From my early twenties on, I read everything I could find on different spiritual paths – including The Urantia Book (from cover to cover:P), The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, and A Course in Miracles. As a result, I was familiar and comfortable with the idea of wisdom coming from a 'channeled' source. In 1983, I was in a high-speed, head-on automobile collision that left my physical body with no vital signs for a minute or so, and – during that moment – I had a direct experience with Nonphysical awareness (see When I Died - A Story of Awakening for more on this) that opened me to a personal connection with Guidance from a nonphysical Source. In my professional life as a Jungian psychotherapist and meditation teacher (see Ahnalira-Connected Counsel for more about my background), I tapped into this connection often.

This is who I was as I came to the Abraham Teachings in the fall of 1997. I was drawn to the simplicity of an organization where the friendly couple who did the seminar also did their own registration. I enjoyed the way their lives were used as examples of the teaching, bringing abstract concepts into concrete application. I liked the informal atmosphere and the proclaimed statement that Jerry and Esther were all about having fun, and any question brought to the table would be answered. I appreciated the inclusive quality of that statement. And, whether or not Esther was translating Nonphysical Entities or doing a masterful performance didn’t matter to me; the answers “Abraham” gave resonated for me and sparked insight and clarity that I used successfully in my own process of evolution.

We developed a friendship with Jerry and Esther over the years, and – in 2005, when they were in an emergent situation with their website – we offered to step in and help. We became their web developers. Esther told us at the outset that they weren’t easy people to work for, and she proved her statement accurate many times.

Within the first 9 months, this we knew about the organization:
  • Esther is emotionally volatile and quick to blame. As a result, the office culture was set up to point the finger of blame towards someone else, and everyone scurried for cover when Esther got upset, hoping no ill will fell towards them. Jerry is mistrustful and controlling; he’s not one to get openly upset, but he carries a grudge for months at a time.
  • The prime directive is keep Jerry and Esther happy. Hide facts, if necessary. Give the 'right' answer, and do whatever is asked without question. Early on, Esther 'laughingly' dubbed me a "mayhemer" because of my propensity to be forthright and authentic in the expression of my opinions.
  • Because Jerry and Esther are prone to changing their minds capriciously, the office politics revolve around who can get their ear. Whoever is talking to them most often is best positioned for power and getting what they want. Jerry and Esther promote this competition by discussing their dissatisfactions with staff to the staff who is currently their favorite and encourage staff bring them information about other staff. Indeed, very rarely do Jerry and Esther speak directly with an associate about a problem or dissatisfaction. I realized early on that – since they were criticizing other staff with me (and not saying anything to the person directly) – that it was probable they complained about me to other staff. I learned to read between the lines of the jokes and side comments they made and take it as feedback.
  • While a pretense of friendliness is maintained (and expected) amongst works associates, it is pretense; the norm is for people to speak negatively about each other; and competition rather than support is the status quo.
We knew these things, and we chose to stay. We felt a commitment to do the best we could do for them; they had our unconditional loyalty. So we built them the website they have now, giving them functionality they’d never had before, like the ability to provide digital downloads and subscriptions as well as register online for workshops. They expected us to be available 7 days a week/ 24 hours per day, and we were. They expected us to drop whatever project we were working on when they wanted something from us, and we did – 365 days a year. Still, though, Jerry and Esther were intermittently unhappy with us; sometimes because of my forthright style of communication; sometimes because someone who had their ear in the office political dynamic saw advantage in making us look bad, and sometimes because they just thought we charged too much. And I will say this: I do tell people what I think whether it makes them happy or not and we aren’t very good at political maneuvering and we do charge a healthy rate for our expertise. Still, our commitment held, and we chose to stay. We chose to use the experience as a workshop – an opportunity to refine our ability to maintain a professional integrity with the work independent from the experiences that were less than ideal for us. We chose to develop our skill at setting our vibrational tone internally rather than in reaction to events and circumstances outside our control.

As our understanding of the internal organization dynamics deepened, it also became apparent to us that – on occasion – Abraham’s responses to questions reflected Jerry and Esther’s opinion more than the pure concepts of the teaching. This, however, wasn’t an issue for us as we always believed our internal guidance system trumped anything Abraham spoke. As a result, we didn’t take anything at face value, instead feeling for the resonance within that sparked an insight to further our personal process of evolution. As an insert, may I add: I listen to a lot of recordings (still do), and it would be impossible for me, I think, to not find I do in all communications over time. I note it and discern accordingly.

In February, 2011, we made our first visit to Abadiania to experience John of God. I had a direct experience with Nonphysical Entities that shifted my awareness dramatically and influenced my thinking about law of attraction and how it works (see John of God Experience to read more). I realized that simply turning away from an uncomfortable pattern and towards a happier thought did not shift the dissonance within; those energies remained in the background as a subtext in my Being and continued to influence my Life from behind the scenes. In other words, they continued as part of the mix in my vibration, effecting my experience – albeit less consciously. I started using Ho oponopono (see Ho oponopono Made Simple) whenever I discovered a pocket of unease within myself. I found the process to give me a sense of Grace, and the abiding peace within as a result led me into a richer, more vibrant happiness. In the process, my set points shifted as did my response to the Abraham-Hicks experience.

Everything came to a head around the Panama cruise.

A week before the Abraham-Hicks Panama Cruise, the hard drive on the main AHP server crashed. We, of course, stopped what we were doing to figure out what happened and fix it (part of our responsibility). What we discovered was that the office team had uploaded – without telling us – so many large digital masters files in so fast a time that it filled and crashed the hard drive. When we suggested that we needed to be kept appraised of what was being put onto the server hard drive in order to effectively monitor the server, Esther (by way of the information she got from the office staff person who had her ear) told us we were to blame, irrespective of whether we were kept informed. It was not a ‘happy’ communication for us, but we did our best to respond professionally by offering a solution that would allow them to upload to a media service without impairing the functionality of the server. We dropped the other projects we were working on and spent the 48 hours before the cruise working 12 – 13 hours per day on the fix…feeling all the while that – if we’d been included in the decision making process – we could have prevented the emergency and provided the solution in a more gracious timeline. Primarily, I think, the reason we weren’t included is because Jerry and Esther didn’t want to pay our rate if they could avoid it.

So, we got on the cruise – doing ho’oponopono and looking for ways to feel the love. However, once on the ship I found myself responding to the experience differently than ever before. I looked around me and saw a cult of 'group thinkers' ('group think' is a psychological term for groups of people who take on a group opinion without personally evaluating for themselves the ideas and concepts) parroting the 'vortex' phraseology and doing their best to look happy (even though as often as not there were undertones that felt very different than happiness to me). I saw people stampeding each other to get into the workshop sessions without consideration for the slower moving people amongst them; I saw one elderly person go down on the stairs with people running over him. It was disturbing to me. Our personal experiences with Jerry and Esther were awkward as well; they were obviously uncomfortable and evasive, and I wondered what was up for them that they opted for behavior verging on rude rather than be authentic with us about what was going on for them. Afterward, we likened the cruise to a workshop on how to feel good while walking over hot coals.

Clearly, the scales had tipped. Our personal evolution brought us to a fork in the road, and we discovered our priorities had shifted along with our set points. It no longer seemed relevant to stand loyally by Jerry and Esther irrespective of their behavior; rather it felt like it was time to stand loyally by our values. It no longer made sense to use the contrast of working in the AHP organization as our workshop; rather it made sense to let ourselves shine in venues where we could use our skills effectively. As much as we appreciated the value of where we had come over the past 14 years, it was clearly time for us to make some changes. We resigned in early April.

We came out from behind the curtain of Jerry and Esther’s manifestation to create our own. I started counseling again and writing (see Ahnalira-Connected Counsel), and we started an App Development company, Laughing Place Apps, where one of the first sets of Apps we made were a series of Meditation recordings from my days as a Meditation teacher: Meditations of Awakening.

I have no regrets, and – if Jerry and Esther came to us needing our help because they didn’t have a staff person with the technical skill to fix something we built for them – we would help them because that’s how we roll, and it’s the type of standard we value. I never expected them to be perfect; if anything, I wish that I had stood for my principles around communication and professional integrity sooner. I don’t blame them for being who they are. I am always responsible for my choices and how I engage. I learned much and evolved my understandings and, as a result, of these experiences, I am significantly more adept in my practices professionally and personally. Ultimately, both my partner and I would rather be enjoying our creative productivity more than anything, and that is why we left an environment fraught with hot coals.

As I continue on the adventure of my life’s journey, I know I will continue to integrate this experience. Jerry and Esther and Abraham may not have always taught me what they thought were the teachings, but I was (and am always) learning how to be more fully All I Am through my association with them. I’ll take that.


  1. Thanks again Ahnalira for sharing your story.

  2. You are most welcome, Kyra. Thank you for your excellent editing skill. You not only found several of my typos, but - in several cases - improved upon my grammar; >)

  3. No problem. I am a copy-editor by trade. I should say that you did have a cute, little smiley face at the end of your document, but I couldn't make it work in blogger.

  4. I have to tell you my story...
    I used to listen to Abraham A LOT! I was addicted to them, every morning i would wake up and start my day listening Esther on youtube.
    One day during meditation( i used to meditate as well as it was recommended by Esther:)) i noticed that my head began moving just like Esther would describe and i was "spelling letters", so I began to believe that the same experience was happening to me and I can't describe how happy i got at the time. "my head" told me it was called " Adam( in my native alphabet, as i come from a small country Georgia) and i would ask questions and it would answer... I wrote pages of " dialogues" where i was told that i was god and some other things that sounded very interesting at the time. It last 5 days, on the 5th day i took the papers i was writing and read them and that's the moment I will never forget!!! The information it contained sounded nothing but SICK! I got scares if myself and had a pannic attack!!! I realized i needed to have a break and forget all this, i stopped medditating and lustening abraham, i am recovering now from my brainwashed self... I survived! I totally cod have ended up with schezoprenia or smth like that!
    Sorry for the spelling ! I just wanted to share my story...

  5. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for the comment. Can't say that while I was studying the materials I ever had anything like that happen. There was a time where I believed that I was channeling, but it was much more all-loving. And in Ahnalira's post, it's clear that whatever she felt she was channeling was coming from a place of love.

    I wouldn't worry too much about schizophrenia. Schizophrenia isn't really something you can give yourself.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  6. Kyra, thank you for replying!
    It did feel good while i was "channelling". I felt love, also my breath was different, smth like a nice breeze coming into you. It felt good and i felt love! All i was said was about love and god! Those five days were like a dream where i was completely devoted to get the information from my "head" or Adam who seemed very loving! I didn't want to go out, all i wanted was to sit and talk to Adam, who also told me that he and me were the same..
    But still, once I took a look at what I wrote, i found it so weird and too much for myself, that I stopped... Kyra, what was the reason for you to stop channeling? Thanks again !

  7. Hey again Anonymous,

    When you said, "The information it contained sounded nothing but SICK!" I think I assumed you meant that whatever you were writing was unpleasant. I think I understand what you mean now, and I had a similar experience.

    I wouldn't say that I stopped channeling. I'd say that I stopped doing what I believed was channeling. I started automatically writing, and it felt good, and it seemed like if channeling was real, that's what it would be. I stopped when I finally decided to ask what I thought I was communicating with for answers that could be verified and "they" proved themselves to be rather useless.

  8. Hello Kyra again!
    Adam told me it had no sex (though I used "he") and also told me some weird stuff about Jesus. I don't want to racall all the information I got, as it seems, as you said, useless.
    At some point I thought my inner being was talking to me. After that experience I have a feeling that Esther does the same in a way that she talks nothing but what she believes in and all the inspiration comes from herself and she calls it Abraham.
    I think everyone can channel if they want to and I also believe that channelling is always proportional to the channeller's intelligence.
    I also write poems in my own language and that is the best way to connect to myself. The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes I feel like I'm lost in my beliefs,but also know for sure thatlove and positiveness is the key of everything.

  9. Hey again Anonymous,

    After that experience I have a feeling that Esther does the same in a way that she talks nothing but what she believes in and all the inspiration comes from herself and she calls it Abraham.

    I do believe that there are people who genuinely believe that they are channeling. I do not believe Esther is one of those people.

    I think everyone can channel if they want to and I also believe that channelling is always proportional to the channeller's intelligence.

    Personally, I don't believe in channeling, but I do believe that people can believe that they are channeling.

  10. "Personally, I don't believe in channeling, but I do believe that people can believe that they are channeling."_ PERFECT!
    That is what I meant!
    Thank you again and sorry for my language!:)

    1. ugh anonymous you are disturbing my peace.

  11. You explained why I got scared! I thought I was channelling and then I realized it was my subconscious or whatever and then I found it so weird that I stopped!
    This experience also helped me to look at Esther in a different way...Now I'm free! :)

  12. Hey again Anonymous,

    Well thank you for sharing your experience.

  13. Good article. I don’t feel that anyone has the ability to channel. In addition, I wanted to comment on the following:

    “Esther is emotionally volatile and quick to blame. As a result, the office culture was set up to point the finger of blame towards someone else, and everyone scurried for cover when Esther got upset, hoping no ill will fell towards them. Jerry is mistrustful and controlling; he’s not one to get openly upset, but he carries a grudge for months at a time.”

    I have worked for Executives and Managers who were emotionally volatile. I have also worked for several companies over the years were the office culture was set up to point the finger of blame towards others. I also have worked for Managers and Executives who are mistrustful and controlling or not openly upset with other. So I am trying to figure out why this would stand out more than with other business owners or Executives. What I have learned over the 30+ years of employment is that executives, managers and business owners have insecurities. Success doesn’t mean they are exempt from feeling insecure. I find the higher up or more successful they are the more difficult their personality.

  14. “The prime directive is keep Jerry and Esther happy. Hide facts, if necessary. Give the 'right' answer, and do whatever is asked without question. Early on, Esther 'laughingly' dubbed me a "mayhemer" because of my propensity to be forthright and authentic in the expression of my opinions.”

    If you are employed by them or have a contractual arrangement to provide certain services, the prime directive should be to keep them happy. After all they are purchasing your services or employing you for that purpose. I learned that if I can’t keep that business owner, executive or customer happy, I should move on and let someone else take care of them.

    “Because Jerry and Esther are prone to changing their minds capriciously, the office politics revolve around who can get their ear. Whoever is talking to them most often is best positioned for power and getting what they want. Jerry and Esther promote this competition by discussing their dissatisfactions with staff to the staff who is currently their favorite and encourage staff bring them information about other staff. Indeed, very rarely do Jerry and Esther speak directly with an associate about a problem or dissatisfaction. I realized early on that – since they were criticizing other staff with me (and not saying anything to the person directly) – that it was probable they complained about me to other staff. I learned to read between the lines of the jokes and side comments they made and take it as feedback. While a pretense of friendliness is maintained (and expected) amongst works associates, it is pretense; the norm is for people to speak negatively about each other; and competition rather than support is the status quo.“

    The capriciously changing of minds among executives and business owners is pretty normal. They carry a heavy responsibility for managing the company funds and seeing that the business remains healthy. They might consult with various people or entities before finding a solution that best fits their business needs, is financially feasible for them or within their comfort zone. As for the competition, that can only occur if you are willing to participate. Same thing with discussing other staff. There are graceful or direct ways to not participate. When it occurs at my office, I find a reason to remove myself from the discussion or simply state I don’t feel that is an appropriate topic to discuss with me.

  15. “We dropped the other projects we were working on and spent the 48 hours before the cruise working 12 – 13 hours per day on the fix…feeling all the while that – if we’d been included in the decision making process – we could have prevented the emergency and provided the solution in a more gracious timeline. Primarily, I think, the reason we weren’t included is because Jerry and Esther didn’t want to pay our rate if they could avoid it.”

    I would think that all of us have or will experience a client or boss that expects more than we should reasonably give when it comes to time. That is a boundary issue. Setting boundaries is something you need to do in any business relationship. If you didn’t establish by contract or by simple reasonableness of what is allowed in your employee/employer relationship, then you gave reason for them to feel that the boundaries weren’t there. I had an executive that would call me at all hours, because they worked all hours. I had to have a conversation with them and establish boundaries and tell them the consequences should the after hour calls continue. It worked for a period and then I had to have the conversation again. I eventually choose to move on. Some people try to make themselves in disposable by allowing more access than they are truly comfortable with. Contractual arrangements need to be handled in the contract language and by staying firm with that arrangement. Regarding the rates, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. Companies are trying to make their systems last way belong their time and way beyond the willingness of the vendors willingness to continue to support them. Companies and individuals are trying to stretch every dollar. Why would the Abraham-Hicks business be any different?

    Since you appeared to have experienced some dissatisfaction with the arrangement, it is good that you moved on. Moving on is a healthy thing to do. Couple of books you might want to read: “How to become CEO” by Jeffery J Fox. This is outlines rules for rising to the top. The other is called “Let It Go, Just Let It Go” by Kent Rader.

    I hope that your new choices and path make you very happy. I was pleased to see you acknowledged that you are responsible for your choices.

  16. Hey Rosanna,

    Interesting take on the situation.

    So I am trying to figure out why this would stand out more than with other business owners or Executives.

    We are not just talking about business owners. We are talking about someone who claims to be receiving infinite intelligence. Abraham talks a lot about how the translation of infinite intelligence is affected by the receiver. If Esther is emotionally volatile and playing every-day politics with employees, I wouldn't think she would be a very reliable receiver of infinite intelligence.

    Also, the elements discussed in Ahnalira's post show a side of the Hickses that does not fit the happy-go-lucky lives that the Hickses try to convince their audiences that they live.

    Thanks for the comments.

  17. Happy day, Rosanna,
    I've worked within the corporate culture in a variety of situations as a consultant and an administrator/director; I also own several businesses and have a dozen or so employees so my experience is well-rounded, I think. I agree with most everything you say. My intention wasn't to imply that I thought Jerry and Esther should aspire to a higher level of interaction - just to accurately describe my experience without pretense. This is my story; therefore my interpretation of events, and my hope is only to establish the value I garnered from the experience as well as respond to the questions I've received in an open and forthright manner.

    As well, you'll be happy to know that I did discuss all of these dynamics with them in hopes of developing solutions within the framework of our working relationship. Unfortunately, I wasn't successful. This is a 'bare-bones' article that can't begin to delve into the complexity of events so there's some amount of detail I won't share,but - as you suggest - our best option was to leave.

    Finally, in one area we aren't in agreement. When someone hires me for my expertise, I feel a responsibility to share that expertise even when it isn't the 'right' answer or an answer that secures a happy response. From my perspective, I believe it is an aspect of my professional integrity to fully disclose what I know and/or perceive. If it makes the contractee happy that they can count on me to be thorough, productive,honest,and effective all the better. I won't, though, compromise my integrity to say what a 'boss' wants to hear. I'm not sure anyone could pay me enough to do that; >)

    Within 24 hours of resigning, I felt an immense pressure lift, and we are very happy creating per our own specifications.
    Best regards,

  18. Hi everyone,

    I too have done some 'channelling' while I believed in the teachings, and I too found it weird, and I too think it was my subconscious speaking.

    In my past, I have written many stories and I wrote them the same way - by 'automatic writing', without a plan or a concept. It was my subconscious speaking.

    Thank you for sharing. It was very interesting for me to hear of your experiences!

    Best, M.

  19. Hey M.,

    Long time no see ; ). Hope all is well with you. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Speaking to the subconscious...
    In Jungian psychology, it is through bringing the subconscious mind into awareness that we integrate and evolve in a process Jung calls Individuation.

    In my experience, some of the best insights and guidance that supports my health and wellbeing came to me by bringing consciousness into these places in myself and listening carefully.

    Another Jungian concept is that we project our subconscious onto the world around us. Whatever particularly excites or distresses is a reflected subconscious communicating. In a manner of speaking, one could say anyone who inspires me through their words or actions is channeling my subconscious and - vice versa - anyone whose behavior distresses me is also channeling my subconscious. Interesting food for thought, n'est-ce pas?

  21. Hey Ahnalira,

    Not really a fan of Jung myself (though I used to be), but it's clear that a lot of his ideas have been embraced by the New Age movement. I don't think that's much of a surprise, considering he himself was a fan of spiritualism and ESP. But I do think that figuring out what's best for us sometimes involves a sit down where we reflect on our life and figure out what it is that we are really desiring/wanting/looking for.

  22. Happy day, Kyra
    To me, whatever works for people is what works. I am a strong advocate of the philosophy: Everyone has an opinion worthy of respect. No one has an opinion worthy to control another.

    As far as I can tell, we are all looking at the same elephant from our infinitely unique world views. Ultimately, my personal experience will always be the authority to which I listen, and It's my nature to take anything anyone says and feel internally to see if it resonates for me. I am generally inclined to look for common ground with people. It feels good to me.

    I like to reflect regularly, too:) Your system sounds like the perfect way to go for you:)

  23. Hey again Ahnalira,

    Everyone has an opinion worthy of respect. No one has an opinion worthy to control another.

    Absolutely. I completely agree with that.

  24. I have worked for Executives for 25 of those 30+ years. I had one that would literally curse me and shout at me and others on the staff. I moved on.

    I worked for another who would throw things shout and throw things. I moved on.

    All have been very controlling and several very mistrustful. Those who had the trust issues always felt someone was out to get them or on seat them.

    Thing is I know my value as a person and that I have very marketable skills. So I have never had trouble moving on and leaving them to deal with their own issues. If I can't support them. If I lose the perspective that I am paid to work for or provide a service to them. Then I know that it is time to move on.

    What happened happened. Each move has brought me a better situation, because I knew what I didn't want.

    Now, unless something drastic occurs my next moving on will be for a secure retirement.

    I tell those I mentor this, if you aren't being utilized to the fullest, if you aren't treated right or just don't fit, then move on. You control you. No one else does. The past ones aren't even worth dwelling on. Focus instead on improving things for you.

    And M, I am sorry, just can't connect with the channeling stuff. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. I am just not convinced.

    Happy lives for all of you. : )

  25. Kyra I have a long comment that won't fit. I'd love to email it to you as a blog post.

    "Why I follow Abe, "but...."

    Here is the intro:

    I'm new to this blog and an Abe follower for 2+ years.

    I've been thrilled with their teachings, but am disturbed by some of the experiences hot seaters had, what you've found Kyra, what Ahnalira experienced. I think it's important to have blogs like this.

    Ester and Jerry need to be accountable for their behaviors. I don't expect human perfection, but I do expect non-hypocrisy, an alignment with what they teach matching who they ARE.

    I like Ahnalira, feel I can take the teachings that resonate with me authentically, and discard the rest. This is NOT to say that I will do group think or ignore the negatives you and others have seen with Abe. Rather I will take what resonates, and leave the rest.....

  26. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for the comment. You can feel free to email me at abrahamhicksfraud (at) gmail (dot) com about what you were thinking for a post.

  27. Kyra, thanks for posting that enlightening article from Ahnalira.

    Ahnalira, your website is full of very imteresting articles, I've bookmarked and will return!
    I found your article above to be very balanced and fairly written.
    It does seem as though the Abe empire is starting to crumble. Like you, I certainly value the underlying message taught by Abraham but have found many inconsistencies over time that lead me to believe Esther is not channelling anything outside of her own consciousness.

    Thanks both for doing what you do with integrity and honesty.


  28. If you read the Seth material, which Jerry did extensively, it’s obvious that Abe is Seth Lite. The entire performance is structured around the Seth framework, minus of course the selling hype which Jane and Robert were not into at all. Ester would be ‘channeling’ what Jerry has told her to say. Maybe with his failing health and not able to coach like he did every answer is ‘get in the vortex’.

    This from the introduction by Jane Roberts in The Nature of Personal Reality~

    Seth often uses episodes from our lives as specific examples of larger
    issues, and our experiences with the flood served as a starting point for
    his discussion of personal beliefs and disasters. In several other instances
    he also used our life situation as his source material…

    Jerry sits at the table and takes notes much in the same fashion that Robert took notes. The difference being Robert was transcribing the sessions word for word, Seth also dictating punctuation.

    The biggest difference being Jane while in trance was able to speak and write Sumari which Ester was never able to pull off.

  29. Anne-Marie,thank you for your kind words.

    Leonard Cohen has a song called Anthem that has a line it that goes something like:

    Ring the bells that still can ring.
    Forget your perfect offering.
    There is a crack in everything...
    That's how the light gets in.

    I do my best to see the light coming through the crack, and it matters a great deal to me to be as honest as I can - with integrity even in my own imperfection. I appreciate very much that you recognized that as my intention:)

  30. Ahnalira ~ Thank you for sharing.

    Would you mind clarifying a few things? This is so I can put into perspective.

    I am an employee that is on call 24/7. I am salaried and I knew this when hired. It is clearly outlined in my job description. I on occassion call on and work with some contractors that my employer has contractual arrangements with. These contractors have clearly outlined their availability and fees outside of regular business hours when the scope of the problem is outside of my expertise.

    - Were you an hourly or salaried employee? Or were you contractual?
    - Was your role defined by a job description before being hired if actually part of the budgeted payroll? Did they do annual reviews and updates to that job description?
    - Or did you have a contract that was renewed on a scheduled basis (annual, biannual or every so many years)?
    - If you had a contract, did you establish a scope of your work and availability?

    It appears that you had other interests and goals for yourself so the parting wasn't something that didn't work to your benefit.
    Am I wrong in assuming that the termination of the contract or employement worked to your benefit?

  31. Thanks Ahnalira for posting your experiences. I am so glad to have a in person experience shared here. Kyra is doing a great job also. Everything you said simply confirmed my own feelings about something just off about the teachings, especially since the whole vortex shebang started. So thanks agian.

  32. Happy day, Jake
    We own a software development consulting business, and we maintain several contracts simultaneously; all of our work projects are contractual. Some of them we have maintained for over 15 years. However, in my "long" life, I've also been salaried in businesses and worked with contractors from the other perspective so I'm very familar with how to develop a clear sense of agreement and contractual boundaries. I attempted on several occasions to develop these types of guidelines during our association with Abraham-Hicks Publications, but Jerry and Esther said - when I brought it up - that they didn't want to be bound by these types of agreements.

    Things like 'job description' and 'budget lines' didn't exist during my time there; nor did planning for development. Typically, they wanted what they wanted and didn't really care to invest in evaluation of options or research development. I asked once to assess the budget and establish a clear standard, but - again - they weren't amenable to that kind of accountability and wanted to stay flexible - which translated into a continually moving line in terms of expectation and standards. As a result, I learned to read between the lines of their off hand comments (as I mentioned in the article), assess the situation from my own understanding of the greater system, and make adjustments as best I could.

    A clear sense of expection, a well delineated job description, budget parameters, and a regularly reviewed and amended contract would have been made me very happy. That's very much how I like to do business. In fact, I think if even 2 or 3 of those attributes had been in place, my story would be markedly different in the telling.

    That said, I am answering these questions for you to help you with perspective. We made our choices, and we are responsible for them. Like I mentioned in the article, I knew within the first year that the contract lacked most of the consistent parameters that make for a healthy working partnership to my way of thinking. When it became clear to me that I would be working within a system that ran counter to what I believed was an effective business model, we could have left. And we didn't. We stayed for our own reasons, and - when those reasons no longer made sense to us - we left.

    I'm not sure what the purpose of your final question is or how it will help you find perspective for me to reiterate what I said in the article. In good faith, though, I will attempt an answer: We are doing very well; it was to our benefit, emotionally and physically, to eliminate the stress caused by the organizational dysfunction from our lifestyle. As is our style, we immediately found new ways to be creative. That's how we roll:)
    Best regards,

  33. My intro: I was a real Abehead for maybe 7 years... Imo, LOA is real and channeling from non-physical dudes is real. I even have some experience of channeling myself. There is something to the healings and success stories in Abeland.

    However, the net, net bottom line is that Abrascam is evil.

    Energetically speaking, it's a ponzi scheme very much like the hype around multilevel marketing companies or gambling in Vegas... everyone experiences some groovy vibes, successes, and hears about big success stories... that entices greater psychological and material investment which the entity Abraham and his minions feed on.

    Unfortunately, the entity ends up sucking the life, health, and sanity out of all participants... big fish and small in the end.

    My personal experience channeling some dudes was like that... they bait the hook with some nice vibes and nice sounding messages but there's a predatory undercurrent.

    I'm not surprised that the whole movement is starting to implode and that J&E are abrasive to be around, that their health is tanking, etc. This seems to be the case with other channelers and psychics as well... Madame Blavatsky on.

    Really the whole new age movement is a carrier wave for this nasty energy, imo.

    Religions are hardly any better. Lucky is the atheist who stayed clear of this mess!

  34. Ahnlira ~ Thank you for responding to my questions. I wasn't clear from your article if you were contractual or not. I was trying to determine the structure of the relationship.

    Regarding my last question, it should have been more of a comment really. I noticed the links to your other sites in the article. It appeared you were doing very well with your new creative direction.

  35. Happy day, Kelly, Clarity, and Anonymous
    For me, the biggest 'take away' from 14 years of study in the Abraham-Hicks system is the refinement of discernment. From very early on, I understood that my own "Inner Being" was my true teacher and everything I heard or read from "JEstherham" had to make it through the personal scrutiny of my experience and internal resonance. I feel that way about any teaching I study, and - as a result - I am veritable cornucopia of hybrid concepts :P (If you read any of my blog articles, you'll see how true that is; >)

    So, I don't feel scammed by them or think they are evil. Given Kyra's thorough and methodical research, it is clear to me that they misrepresented themselves on several occasions - to what degree is unknown - and, unfortunately, that tends to cast a shadow over everything; even what could have value.

    Whether or not Jerry and Esther wanted to build a cult around themselves, that's what I saw starting to happen... people referring to themselves as "Abers" and staff people talking about how "real Abers" should behave... and it just became really clear to me, that I'm not a 'real aber'. It's too important to me to feel free to make my own assessment, and I didn't always agree with how 'real abers' should think. That said, I still listen to recordings, and I still find value with discernment.

    The issues were less clear for me as a work associate. As a couple of commenters pointed out, there are professional guidelines in working relationships that I could have insisted upon or moved on. I have been reflecting on their comments... I think, in the first four to five years, I thought maybe Jerry and Esther knew better than I did; that their application of LoA principles in the work environment were somehow more enlightened than the systems I knew, and I attempted to use the teachings to "align my vibration" and bring about solutions. In retrospect, that was my mistake. I actually do know how to do effective business, and my principles are sound - as evidenced by successful professional relationships with other contracts and work teams. So live and learn. Let myself off the hook. Let them off the hook. Let everyone off the hook. It just feels better to me. Evolve through the experience and take it forth into my life to be even better at where ever I place my focus. That's where I'm at now.
    Best regards,

  36. I appreciate Ms Koan's experience with the Hicks. It sounds as if she's partially pulled herself back, through relying on her own feelings, from the dangerous grip of the A-H cult. However, I still have to say after reading through her essay, how much her vocabulary still parrots the Abraham material. My feeling is that all Esther is doing is rehashing the Seth Material and then riffing as she goes. Nothing she says is valid or actually has anything to do with reality. It just sounds good to a bunch of people who are unhappy and looking for solutions. I get angry when I think about people actually believing they have a 'set-point.' What the hell does that mean? The A-H concepts about self and emotions are totally off. Can we really control ourselves to the degree that we get worried if we have a negative thought? I think the full range of emotions are important or we wouldn't have them. This incessant need to control our 'vibration' is just the biggest control tactic that they ever came up with! Their followers spend most of their time trying to keep their 'vibration' (whatever that is) at some shiny, happy place so all good things can come rolling into their lives. What complete and utter hogwash! There is no such thing as a set-point or a vibration. We are a massive complex of thoughts and emotions and until we straighten out what we believe and feel and stop hiding behind false concepts about a stupid vortex, can we begin to understand our challenges. I've seen people waste years of their life trying to get into this made up idea of a vortex. The most interesting thing is to watch these disillusioned people still grapple with these false concepts made up my the brilliantly talented Esther and because they believe so resolutely in what they're being told that they blame themselves for nothing every working out! They say, I must be outside the vortex every minute of my life. OMG, how do I get in there? Same old thing day after day and year after year until you can somehow realize you need to wake up from this very horrible nightmare called Abraham.

  37. Anonymous said,

    Can we really control ourselves to the degree that we get worried if we have a negative thought? I think the full range of emotions are important or we wouldn't have them. This incessant need to control our 'vibration' is just the biggest control tactic that they ever came up with! Their followers spend most of their time trying to keep their 'vibration' (whatever that is) at some shiny, happy place so all good things can come rolling into their lives. What complete and utter hogwash!

    Yes, we can be so deluded. I tried to do exactly that - I got worried when I had a negative thought and I tried to control my *vibration* in every minute of my waking life. The result was that I put myself under tremendous pressure, and got very aggressive deep inside. I also had the feeling that I *blamed myself for nothing ever worked out* because of course ... it must have been ME wo did not do it right huh?!
    Only afterwards, only after a reasonable time without Abraham, I am able to realise under what pressure I put myself, and how my relationships with friends suffered because I avoided any "negative talk" and because I was so aggressive on a subliminal level.
    I am now free again and I can think negative thoughts as long as I please. And do you know what ;-)) I am not aggressive anymore. Because I could let out my aggression anytime, I could just *talk* about negative things, I could even *gasps* ;-) argue with someone if necessary.

  38. Happy day, Anonymous
    The truth is I won't join the "Anti-Abers" any more than I'll join the "Real Abers". I respect your right to feel angry and reject everything that's come from this system of teaching. For me, in every experience I find nuggets that serve my evolution.

    If you read past the phrases I use that are irritating for you by association, you'll find that we are in fundamental agreement about the over simplification and resulting dissonance of the primary A-H techniques. If you read further into the articles on my blog, you'll see - that while I may not use the same thesaurus as you - I have come to similar conclusions.
    Best regards,

  39. Ahnalira

    Thanks, I do see that you are seeking understanding and therefore control of your life. I think what i was saying, and not to offend because I have done it for 12 years myself, is to always be seeking outside agreement or relief through some technique, association or teaching that will bring about contentment, bliss, happiness, fulfillment etc. No matter how far we dig, we keep eluding ourselves. It's not OUT there. I think it must be a cosmic joke because IT must be inside ourselves and vastly different than anyone else's IT. There's nothing to be found because we all create our own experience and that is not going to be meaningful except to ourselves. I just get tired of the whole spiritual-speak, self-help world. It's turning in and around on itself and for the most part it keeps people going in circles. I'm just saying...that's what I've concluded and I'm sure your conclusions are different due to your perspective and they are very valid for you. So why am I on here? I was just curious to see if Jerry popped off yet and I know Kyra would know!

    Also, on "M's comment about my post. Funny! I feel the same way. I have a lot of anger and A-H was making me repress it! It's such a relief to get pissed off! I try not to hurt anyone else, but I am allowing my anger to surface so I can deal with it. I do feel much better these days and I just need to get over the wasted time I feel I spent with A-H.

  40. Nothing is ever wasted Anon. Everything that you have traveled through has made you what you are today~

  41. "...I just wanted to see if Jerry popped off yet...". Wow,impressive...glad that after your AH experience, you're well on your way to resolving your anger issues and are so much healthier now. Congrats!!

  42. Actually, Abraham would be the first to applaud this as they've happily reminded over and over again there is no such thing as death. So poppin on over Seems like a fairly innocent thing to do. Especially if it makes one feel good.

    We do love you,

  43. Abraham would say that Jerry croaked.

  44. Thanks for this informative post.

    I always wondered what it would be like to work for the Hicks and thanks to your post, now I have an idea!

    My question is...behind the scenes, is Esther as eloquent as when she is on stage? I mean, there are some things that she says when she is on stage that i can't imagine her saying when she is out of her trance. She doesn't come across as being so enlightened when not in trance.

    Also, that website is so terrible to navigate. Not the friendliest. I suppose the Hicks don't know much about user friendly sites.

  45. Happy day, epikeness,
    In my experience, Esther is a very intelligent and articulate woman; I would never defame her intelligence as proof that she couldn't "be" Abraham. Any thoughts I had on the topic would be pure conjecture. In fact, as I mentioned in my article, it was the substance of what Abraham/Esther said - not the style - that I questioned on occasion as being congruent to the teachings. Though, as I also mentioned, it doesn't matter much to me whether she is or not channeling. Wisdom, from where ever it comes, is something I appreciate.

    I agree that the website is in a serious need of updating and re-organizing; the site kept having new sections tacked onto it without consideration for the overall flow and the look and feel became both outdated and crowded as office staff started doing the website work to save Jerry and Esther money. The last two years we were there, we recommended a refurbishment several times - but it was never approved. Since we left, it's further degraded with broken java code throughout a variety of pages. I think they are putting most of their development now into the Wordpress site that hosts Abraham Live... it looks amateurish to me (You can actually pick out the tiles in the background), but I'm sure they are paying who ever does it less than they paid us. It's true, I think that Jerry and Esther don't have a good understanding of what it takes to keep a website professional, fresh, and user-friendly; alot of people don't realize the amount of skill and forethought and organization and maintenance it requires; maybe you do:)
    Best regards,

  46. Thanks again for your response Ahnalira.

    A quick story. I was taking videos from the hicks sites and I was translating them because other friends who didn't speak english wanted more videos of abraham; I would then upload them back to youtube.

    A few months later I got an email from the Hicks saying I was violating copyright. However, the email said, if i was doing the translation to benefit others for no financial profit, it was ok. Yet, they took the videos I translated down.

    Then it occurred to me: Like me, there are others translating the videos free of charge. Then Jerry came out and said prior to the first online broadcast something like, we want to make sure everybody has access to these teachings, and that's why we are going online. Right there and then I thought, what a load of crap!!! If that was the case, then I'm sure all those translated videos would still be up. :D

    Thanks again for the post, and yea, i did work testing websites in the past for a major computer vendor, so I was in plenty of meetings where we whined and complained about the unfriendliness of some of the pages they had. Left that job long ago, but it made me appreciate sites which are easier to navigate and structured properly so that you don't click 10 times to find what you're looking for!


  47. I have feel like something of a reluctant guest when it comes to the Abraham Hicks experience. Like a "friend of a friend" at a party or someone who wandered into a store based on that interesting lamp in the window only to be accosted by a sales person whose demeanor quickly inspires you to forget the unusual and interesting lamp and start eyeing the nearest exit.

    I see the Abraham Hicks material essentially as a never evolving paragraph or two of valid metaphysical thought parlayed into a never ending yet always evolving sales pitch..

    How many times an you claim to be the progenitors of "the law of attraction" when Seth wrote so famously in 1970 'that "you get what you concentrate on there is no other rule" without inspiring the well earned doubt of inner beings everyhwere.

    In my opinion the Hicks' work is far too narrow and under developed to even be mentioned in the same breath as the Seth material though they have taken great pains to associate themselves with Seth's essential message of "you create your own reality"

    What the Hicks and Abraham leave out of You Create Your Own reality are the volumes of intellectually rigorous material that Seth spent explaining exactly what the f*(&( that means and how it actually happens.

    In the Abraham Hicks world view, the devil IS the details, listeners are dissuaded from developing any self awareness that takes them too far afield from the "when you know what you don't want, you know what you do want" method of examining one's life.

    I am concerned that there is fear built around perceiving " unwanted things" that produce "negative feelings" that ends up with people walking around in a state of described "bliss" which is really a kind of manic anxiet driven by fear of the "negative".

    The metaphysical truth as I understand it is your INTENTION is what creates your reality and putting your "focus" on say, the mugger gives you the option of developing and acting on a NEW intention to keep your money with intensity sufficient to throw the mugger off.

    When you are being mugged, it pays to focus on "the negative" and then act on that observation.

    Granted an intention to hold beliefs that made it possible to be in a situation where you were ripe for a mugging preceded the attempted mugging, but focusing on what is happening gives you the opportunity to energize ourselves to change a potentially self destructive set of intentions that led you to that place where you are in danger.

    Enough for now, if there is interest I will be happy to share further thoughts.



  48. @SomeFields...

    I really liked your post.

  49. Happy day, 'somefieldsrequired',
    I agree wholeheartedly that the missing piece of the 'over-simplified' AHP doctrine is the focus on intention - everything follows intention. I wrote an article about it and said there:
    "Intention is an internal event. At the core of every thought and action, there is intention. Perception, as well, shapes itself from the essence of intention."

    You can find the entire article here if you are interested:

    Best regards,

  50. Thanks Clarity and Ahnalira,

    The question of whether Esther is a genuine channel or a kind of performance artist is an open question for me at the moment.

    I find some of the details of her experience troubling and or baffling. For instance she seems repeatedly vague about where her everyday conscious perspective is during Abraham's talks. It seems she knows what Abraham is saying as he is saying it but not in here everyday consciousness.

    My own theory about Esther is that she has at times pulled on an aspect of herself more expansive than her everyday consciousness and and subconsciously or consciously fashions whatever wisdom that aspect contains to please and entertain Jerry.

    I also suspect she goes for minutes perhaps hours at a time as "Abraham" in her normal Esther state of consciousness during seminars and this would definitely fit a definition of fraud but I don't think their entire enterprise has been a fraud in the way most people mean it.

    My guess is it has always been Esther's desire to entertain Jerry and keep him engaged and close to her that generated whatever phenomenon is behind

    The same stories and tropes repeated endlessly, the "in other words" and "we love you very much" es, serve as rafts in the sometimes not so downstream experience of talking in front of a ballroom full of expectant people.

    I think that whatever comes through her is designed to confirm the ideas that Jerry worked with in his Diamond level days as an Amway distributor and part time Think and Grow Rich educator.

    Someday someone will explain to me why books need to be taught by other people rather than just read. There are a number of self anointed teachers of the Seth material running around giving classes for whatever reason. Why not just read the books yourself, but I digress...

    I do believe that Jerry and Esther believe in what they are doing. I don't know how up front they are even with themselves however as to how they are doing it.

    I am fairly certain one of the reasons the Abraham material cautions people about examining their motivations has to do wth Jerry and Esther's reluctance in examining their own motivations for doing what they are doing.

    My guess is that Abraham is a conscious or unconscious construct of Esther's to keep Jerry from leaving her.

    I am thinking her fear of losing him and a natural aptitude joined hands and created Abraham. I am not saying this is not a genuine creation, some of the ideas are interesting enough to consider that Abraham was at one point genuine. However, there is ample gut check evidence that Esther is winging it for long stretches of time, if not most of the time lately.

    I have also never seen anyone genuinely helped by anything Abraham says to them in the "one on one" situations. I refuse to call it the "hot seat" because it is anything but that. No insight, just a general rehashing of the same drill about getting what you focus on slightly tailored to the person sitting in front of Esther.

    Most often people's adrenalin or good will fill in the blanks with a rush of emotion and gratitude for being picked but is anyone really ever helped with solid advice specific to their situation?

    People will catch on when they want to catch on. Metaphysics isn't about being an acquisitional bliss ninny who runs like the wind at the slightest hint of "negativity"

    Real spirituality makes you stronger and more compassionate. Not weaker and fearful of your own thoughts.

    More anon.


  51. Hello 'somefieldsrequired' and Ahnalira,

    You seem to have missed an entire book 'The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent' published in 2006, also intent (segment intending) is mentioned in 'Ask and it is Given' p217. However, what I have learned here and elsewhere is disappointing and sullies the message which, by my own experience,contains much that is good; but perhaps you have a different perspective on intent? or maybe I am missing something. my situation in this moment is being redundant/retired/broke and I am looking for a new way of rewarding prosperous life; the simple answer to that I suppose is to keep searching. Yhank you Kyra for having started this informative blog.

    Best Wishes,


  52. Hello Stephen,
    Thanks for writing. I did read that "book" and more on that in a moment but first up, let me say the following.

    THERE IS MUCH VALUE in Abraham's essential message that you create your own reality and that your emotions and thoughts play a vital role in that creation. That you have free will to focus your thought as you will. All true, all very valuable.


    Please don't let a beautiful concept like reality creation be ruined for you because someone is teaching it who doesn't understand the basics.

    Its a bit like giving someone a cake recipe and leaving out the part about sugar. Year after year, they bake these flavorless sugarless cakes not knowing why they never work until they realize THE RECIPE IS INCOMPLETE.

    This is essentially the problem with Abraham Hicks, they only talk about a few of the essential ingredients and people are set up for failure and frustration and MOTIVATED to buy more and more tapes books and seminars hoping to "get it"

    Any discussion of creating your own reality that dissuades people from examining the current intent/motivation they are holding is [ in my opinion, setting people up for frustration and failure]

    For example if you are subconsciously or consciously sabotaging yourself because you are angry at your mother and won't admit it, that will be difficult to change if you wont acknowledge it? See what I am saying.

    This is essential information for growth of consciousness and it is completely omitted AND ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED in the Abraham material.

    When you leave out any discussion about why you are doing CURRENTLY what you are doing, what your motivation [the real definition of intent] is currently in your life, you straight jacket yourself in a variety of ways and this is what Abraham encourages and teaches.

    More later, but I just want to mention, since you mentioned this book they published on intention in 2006.

    First of all, I have a huge issue with this recycled stuff they keep slapping between two shiny covers and calling it a book. Not to mention the off putting continious in trance sales job Esther/Abraham insists on doing DURING THE FRICKIN seminars about their money cards or whatever other NOT NEEDED crap they are hawking at the moment.

    Intent is a new age buzz word. Segment intending is one of the earlier concepts from the Hicks and it is a workable one IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE SOME AT LEAST VAGUE IDEA AS TO WHAT INTENT YOU CURRENTLY HOLD.

    In short and I will expand on int later if you want, I think they "wrote" a book about intent wihtout talking about intent at all.

    More later, in a bit of a rush now, so excuse typos.


  53. Happy day, Stephen,
    I am familar with the process and did read the book. If you have a chance to read the article I wrote, you'll see that I define 'intention' differently than it is used in both the book and the process. I suggest that intention includes far more than a focus on a desired result and it is the process of bringing conscious clarity to multi-levels of intention (inclusive of less than positive aspects) that establishes a congruent experience.

    Somefieldsrequired, I do have an anecdote of a time being in the hotseat was powerfully insightful for me... It was after I'd fractured two vertebrae in a horse back riding accident. I mentioned in my question that I felt like I was experiencing a setback in the fulfillment of my desires (it was an emotionally bleak time for me). Abraham/Esther said there was no such thing as a setback that - where ever I was in my experience - I was finding my way to fulfillment. I felt that response like the lifting of a dark, heavy cloak from my shoulders; it was a renewal of hope for me and a visceral experience of relief. I understand that the experience was fully mine - that Abraham/Esther didn't do anything to cause my shift within... but it did happen while I was sitting in the hotseat. There have been other times, however, where I left the hotseat wondering where the answer to my question was in the track Abraham/Esther took it. At a certain point, Abraham/Esther stopped calling on me altogether. I know "they" would say I didn't light up for them in the audience, but I'm fairly certain that my last few questions were too analytically evaluative of the teachings, and I no longer was considered a good hotseat candidate.

    Your speculations about Esther's motivation are fascinating to me; you seem to know Jerry and Esther and the dynamic between them quite well.
    Best regards,

  54. @somefieldsrequired
    I am right with you on your explanations of how intention fits into the recipe; 100% agreement with the ramifications of leaving it out of the mix.
    Best regards,

  55. Anhalira,

    Your experience in the "hotseat" is duly noted and quite beautiful. I realize my post can sound all or nothing and clearly some people have been helped.

    I think my greater point is that many people come to these hotseat gatherings with problems WAY outside the scope of the limited AH message and WAY outside of Abraham's ability to help in the limited amount of time offered.

    People with huge financial and health problems are, by my reckoning, given very bad advice about how to handle those problems.

    More later but I just want to say I don't know the Hicks personally and have never met either of them. Just observed from a distance.

    If you are comfortable answering this I was wondering if they carry any health insurance or if they provide it for their employees?

    I keep trying to post a long message detailing my thoughts but I am unable to publish, maybe too many words? Is there a restriction on the length of posts? this is an aside to the webmaster.

    Some Fields Required

  56. Hey Some Fields Required,

    Thanks for stopping by and engaging in this discussion. I don't have a way of making it so that people can leave comments over 4,000 characters. I think that's the Blogger standard. I usually have to break up my comments to leave longer posts.

  57. ah, ok thanks Kyra, will post it in two posts

    Part one of Two

    One of the flags for me around AH is Jerry's background as a high level Amway distributor.
    Whatever you call it multilevel marketing is a carrot before the horse type of concept.

    The people at the top get rich ONLY BECAUSE the people on the "down line" or whatever they call it BUY THE CONCEPT THAT THEY TO CAN BECOME RICH and buy from the up line.

    The troubling thing about this is that it is a paradigm that seems to have been applied to the Abraham teachings.

    Maybe the next seminar, book, mp3 will do it for you, maybe I will get it this time, maybe I will get in the damn "hot seat" and get the direction I need to really sail with this stuff etc.

    What Abraham Hicks have to say, by their own admission "now you know everything we know" could be summed up VERY comfortably in an hour or two, speaking very slowly. ONE book would be sufficient, more than sufficient.

    This is only true because unlike the Seth or Lazaris material, Abraham Hicks really only has one, limited concept that they are very disciplined about making any and all situations fit. My guess is that the collective that is Abraham would have a pretty difficult time veering off message at this point because it wouldn't fit with Jerry's single minded marketing program designed to appeal to the greatest number of people.

    After all, not everyone wants to know that some of the reasons for their difficulties might lie in not so ego flattering motivations such as revenge or punishing self or others. That is not a very marketable concept but a one size fits all "Law of Attraction" re-branded when a "lift" is needed as "going downstream" or "the vortex" or pretty soon the magic blanket of bliss or whatever other new form of dressing can be put on the simple concept that is one size fits all.
    Be that LOA or "downstream" or the "vortex" it all comes down to exactly the same concept of getting what you concentrate on. The rename it because it appeals to people on a consumer level. How many products have "new and improved" stamped on the box? It is the same thing, but unfortunately people are making life decisions based on incomplete information and half understanding of powerful truths.

    Law of attraction, is real, of course EVERYONE seems to know that be they atheist or true believer on SOME LEVEL know that if they think about something long enough, they begin to see it everywhere.

    SomeFieldsRequired [part 2 coming]

  58. People know there is truth there, so they try to make the whole AH message fit and it doesn't it is just too incomplete.

    We are complex multidimensional beings with a variety of levels stuff going on. It is tempting to think that Oh, I will just think about nothing but money and feeling good and I will have money and feel good forever.

    But what about they lack of self worth and self love that produced the lack of money in the first place? What about all that life that gets swept out to sea as some sort of inconvenience rather than as a potential gold mine of self understanding and wisdom

    I wanted to talk for a minute about this "hot seat" nonsense that seems to permeate the lexicon of AH message boards.

    As I said in an earlier post, there is nothing "hot" about this seat in that there isn't any real revelation there, the only thing hot about it is the adrenalin of being up close to Esther and being on camera. This makes it feel like a transformational experience but it is really just body chemistry and adrenalin responding to the situation. flight or fight hormones.

    Crap. When a woman is trying to talk about a son dead from suicide just a week prior and is told that she is bringing the resonance of the room down by discussing it you know there HAS to be something VERY wrong.

    All this disingenuous casual joking about death "croaking" but when someone wants help with their grief they are told to stuff it because it is a downer. Bull. Yes, death is ultimately a great thing and everyone is going to do it but on the human level there is grief and sadness when something we love is no longer in its familiar form, that is just written into the system of human experience.

    I also heard Esther once talk about a woman on a cruise seminar whose husband had JUST died and Esther was so grateful this woman [who was a friend of hers] HADN'T MENTIONED THE MANS DEATH TO HER ONCE.
    I find that very sad and a profound misapplication of the principals of spirituality and of metaphysics.

    More later

  59. S F R (Your new moniker; >)
    Jerry and Esther don't carry health insurance. I'm not sure if they provide it for employees; I do know at least one employee that has it, but I never asked if it was part of his benefits package. For the purposes of full disclosure, I don't carry any health insurance either. I developed type 1 Diabetes in graduate school and, as a result, have been ineligible through my adult life because of a pre-existing condition. I have to say - it's one of the best things that ever happened to me in that I am far more attentive to prevention and being fully responsible for the maintenance of my physical wellbeing.

    I recall someone in the hotseat who had type 1 Diabetes asking if he should only test his blood sugar when he was in the vortex; Abraham/Esther said yes. I was flummoxed - that's very uneducated advice (testing blood sugar levels is key to health and - from where I sit - avoiding results because they are frustrating or depressing is perhaps the least effective path), and I was surprised Abraham/Esther took on that liability.

    One has to be very secure in their own Self-reference to be able to garner value from the stream of Abraham-isms, I think, and have a strong background comprehension of the concepts to apply any of it. I agree with you that people who come basing all their choices and decisions on the Abraham-Hicks formula alone are set up to miss the mark.
    Best regards,

  60. Hello S F R

    Thank you for your comments, having read Ask and it is Given and a couple of the other books I was expecting something more than I found in 'The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent' I became rather disappointed and left the book to one side, that was about 9 months ago, I continued, however, reading the other books. More recently something was telling me that something was not quite right, searching on the internet for more information I was 'led' to several sources of information, including this blog, within a very short space of time. Ahnalira,s post seems to contain the essence of why that was.

    When I say 'led' I mean that I felt a strong compulsion to search, what I found was not what I was expecting.

    Best Wishes,


  61. Ahnalira,

    I think what you wrote here is very true and astute:

    "One has to be very secure in their own Self-reference to be able to garner value from the stream of Abraham-isms, I think, and have a strong background comprehension of the concepts to apply any of it. I agree with you that people who come basing all their choices and decisions on the Abraham-Hicks formula alone are set up to miss the mark"

    I have observed from listening to hours of this stuff that a very sizable percentage of the people who are going to these workshops and sitting in the hotseat are new to metaphysics in general or, if they have been with AH for some time, have restricted their attention only to AH teachings.

    Abraham often asserts this is material is "the leading edge of thought" and honestly, that has inspired an involuntary laugh from me more than once, though I continued to be interested enough in what Jerry and Esther were doing to keep listening.

    I think I was more interested in what in the hell Jerry and Esther were really up to than in what Abrham was saying after a certain point because it became clear to me the message was being held in a very narrow focus and that allowed for plenty of time to shift attention to what might be behind the curtain of the AH organization.

  62. Question for you Anhalira: if you care to speculate:

    How much control do you think the Hicks assert as to what direction the Abraham teachings take?

    Do you think they are consciously keeping the teaching this narrow and repetitive because it is good for business or because they are not interested in doing any of the self revelatory work that a deeper metaphysics would ask of them?

    To your knowledge, has anything that Abraham said thrown them for a loop or made them question anything?

    I ask this because I strongly suspect that whatever genuine experience Esther may have had in the beginning [or possibly could still be having] may have been choked off because of their business agenda or because of their lack of willingness to look at themselves.

    Jerry is promoted as a relentless asker of questions but really, I don't hear many questions being asked or answered and most of the deeper mechanical questions of how reality works, seem to be out of Abraham/Esthers depth.

    Lately Esther seems to be really put off by the egg head types asserting that time is an illusion [which OF COURSE it is] " Your kidding" she snorts derisively and goes on to dismiss all of new physics with a sweep of her hand.

    That's when I thought, ok, I have had enough of this broad, she needs to come clean, she really has limitations even when in a "trance" and the seems are really starting to show.

    I went to an event in Stamford CT, mostly to watch and observe up close and I noticed the last of the two times I went Esther/Abrham growing more and more impatient with hotseaters that don't get to the point quick enough or whatever.

    I started to think she is losing it a bit. I don't know when Jerry's illness was revealed to them.

    What kind of impact do you think his illness has had on them? Do they question how that happened to your knowledge?


  63. Hey Stephen,

    My thinking is it is always best to get a variety of opinions and develop an inner guide as to what is right for you.

    It sounds like your inner guide is already communicating with you and so you should fare well!


  64. So also interesting is that Abraham apparantly predicted the destruction of the world as we know it circa 1988, these predictions started coming out and the recording entitled "joyous survival" and an out of print book are the only remnants from that time.

    Some people seem to have tried to discuss this on what appears to be a very tightly controlled discussion board for abers but they were quickly shut down and silenced.

    I believe Abraham offered some reasoning to address it but as far as I know Jerry and Esther have assiduously tried to avoid all conversation of Abraham's failed predictions.

  65. I am inclined to think that the 'law of Attraction' is an empty phrase. It is clear that what one gives ones attention to is going to shape ones life, that is after all stating the obvious. giving too much attention to that which you do not like 'ties you in with those probabilities' PROBABILITIES (Seth), it seems to me that there are so many other factors in the mix that may, MAY have an influence. it seems to me that if you keep focused on that which interests you then other unwanted things will not bother you too much, and when they do you will find a solution to those things. there are too many factors in the mix of life to avoid everything that you don't want, but if you are focused on that which you do want you will find a way through the maze of life.

    Best Wishes,


  66. SFR
    I will give you my impressions with the caveat that, truly, only Jerry and Esther know what their inner motivations are.

    That said, I believe from the years of experience I had working with the organization that they tightly control the "Abraham" message - both in how they present it through teachings and how they attempt to control how it spreads across the internet (Abeforum a perfect example) There were more occasions than I can count on my fingers where Abraham/Esther responded to a question with a perspective that I knew (from listening to Jerry and Esther) belonged more to them than to a Source of metaphysical Wisdom.

    I think they want to be 'self-refective' and give some lip service to it (Abraham/Esther talks about Esther using the processes, etc). However, their behavior within the organization belies that effort (I describe this in the article). If anything (and, again, this is through the filter of my own perspective) the more acclaim and fame they get, the less evidence of self revelatory work there is. It appears to me that their strongest motivation - perhaps since The Secret came out - is to claim their piece of the law of attraction pie... which I think they believe should be the whole enchilada (please excuse mixed metaphor here:P)

    They do 'expect' loyalty and, while there is never any mention that no one should pursue other teachings, it is frowned upon in undertone. When I went to see John of God and came back with positive experiences, they weren't interested in hearing about it; and their general response was fraught with negative undertone.

    I don't know when exactly Jerry started feeling ill (they keep that kind of information to themselves for the most part), but I can tell you that the last year - and six months especially - we found it increasingly difficult to understand the way they behaved and the choices they were making. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that poor health (that one is trying to keep under wraps) will have impact on the quality of consciousness, n'est-ce pas?
    Best regards,

  67. Thanks Ahnalira,

    Interesting thoughts, well observed. This morning I listened to the opening track of a recent AH seminar because I thought it would be interesting to seeif in the midst of this discussion take a fresh look.

    While all my previous concerns questions etc. Were reinforced by this listening, it did occur to me why the Hicks are so successful in repeating and reselling the same seminar over and over.

    Simply put the audience loves ESther and while this is definitely metaphysics lite, it is a DMV good show.

  68. Thank you so much for posting. I thought something was terribly off when I went to a live workshop here on the east coast. For some reason... I couldn't feel Abraham, I got no goosebumps during the seminar.
    Your reliable account makes me sick. How
    disingenious of them. I am so happy.. I disconnected from them after that workshop on August 2010.

  69. Hey All,

    After all I have written on this thread about the issues I have with the Abraham teachings and the serious reservations I have about the dynamics of the organization I find troubling, I asked myself to sit down and listen to some of the latest recordings and see if I had anything else to offer this discussion.

    Basically, I was surprised that I found myself feeling more positive than negative about ASPECTS of the teaching I fell have some validity and still skeptical but less "activated" by the aspects of it I find off putting or distracting.

    I think this discussion helped me to exorcize some of the feelings I was holding about this teaching and the Hicks in general and interestingly, while those observations haven't changed, they have moved from a place of judgement to a place of gratitude and this is what I mean by that.

    There is value in the teaching, a smattering of originality and a fair amount of rehash, there are some essentially flawed concepts [from my perspective] such as "when you know what you don't want, you know what you do want" basically because if you are focusing on something IT IS what you want on some level, but that is perhaps for a different discussion.

    Part two in next post

  70. My concerns remain in place however what came to me in the midst of thinking about Abraham and the Hicks is that ALL teachers and philosophies are dangerous when demagoguery take over [as I believe they are on the brink of doing in the Hicks case] or when you stop thinking for yourself and make your reference a single source outside of yourself whether that outside source is a Priest a Rabbi or a non physical entity.

    When you stop thinking and listening to yourself and looking within for guidance and instead run to a ballroom hoping to get called on by Abraham, you are lost. I feel this dynamic is ever present and perhaps encouraged on levels that they are not aware of.

    There is value in many teachings and the gift is our discernment helps us determine what to take and what to leave behind. This is, in my mind a great gift and helps us avoid the trap of ENSLAVEMENT of belief IN a teacher or teaching rather than simply being grateful for having our own inner guidance stimulated and strengthened to become our own guide and partner.

    So I guess I would say listen to Abraham [or as I believe often happens Esther as "Abraham"] or anyone as long as you are using discernment and not developing an unhealthy love affair with the medium or her message but instead what it stimulates in you.

    Buyer beware, think. discern. practice and blend as many teachings as you can. That would be my advice.

    So to conclude, I think the Abraham teaching can be valuable but not as a sole diet and not without serious discernment and careful consideration of results. If it ain't working it might be that the teaching is incomplete not that there is anything wrong with you.



  71. @SFR

    Your email doesn't work?

  72. Anyone who follows Esther Hicks and her husband to the "T" are 100% crazy! I have read their first three books and also purchased a few of their audios.I have never attended one of their many overpriced crusies or workshops. Her information did help me shift how i always think negative into a positive state. I also read similar authors that help me change how I view life. I can't get too deep into Abraham because it gets confusing and annoying. MY LIFE WAS SUPER CRAPPY until I decided to change how I think and feel. Whenever I start feeling negtaive I just find something positive to do or refocuse my attention on something else. Meditation helps keep the mind calm and clear,that's why buddhist do it.So I'm glad you are now producing the audios. You have to be reasonable, and I think that is where some people go wrong. They become so consumed by the information that they become zombees. NOT ME! I admire her work, because I saw how it changed my life. Money changes people, so I didn't except them to be easy to get along with. I went from not having much, single,overweight, and unhappy to living the life I deserved in a little over a year. I just refocused my thoughts and feelings on stayng positive and focusing on advancing in life.It doesn't take Albert Enstine to tell you that you are whatever energy you put out into the universe. You should never be too extreme in anything that you do. There must always be balance. I appreciate her books and audios because they really have helped me, but I never went crazy with all her theories. Relax, and let life flow. I'M REALLY HAPPY THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO BRANCH OUT AND STILL HELP OTHERS.

  73. Happy day, Anonymous
    Thank you for your kind and supportive words:) The further I travel down the road of my current endeavors, the more creativity and joy and insight flows through me. And the further I travel, the easier it is to look back with appreciation for all of it. The entire mix benefited my partner and me in the long run. And, yes, I still move from the deep conviction and intention to be part of the solution and helpful in all the ways that I can while be true to the integrity of own unique path.

    I am delighted to read that you found the leverage of your own personal power to shift into a life that fulfills you:) Rock on!
    Best regards,

  74. Thanks to all of you who posted here. Being a long-time Abraham listener, you can imagine my bewilderment at Jerry Hicks' recent transition. I mean, the guy had a stated desire to live longer than normal and intimate daily contact with the Nonphysical Entity who guarantees all physical bodies can return to their natural state of wellness!!!

    Reading Ahnalira's and others' experiences with the Hicks' organization and all of your subsequent responses was satisfying to me in sorting out my thoughts on this subject.

    Thanks to you all and best wishes,


  75. Hi Ahnalira, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Surely, my intuition or inner self was guiding me all the while when I was completely blinded by Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction. It was the time when I almost wanted to divorce my spouse to simply get to a better vibe or to improve my life. It was all about me wanting to get rid of so many negative people in my life, yet it doesn't bring happiness in my end. I also witnessed the absence of compassion to some people go by their teachings. The part where they laugh about people getting hurt and BECAUSE they attracted that vibe. That bit disturbed me the most.

    I do not believe in the law of attraction now. I believe however that the change we seek outside can not be achieved---what we only need to change is the inner.

    And I also do believe that the message AND the teacher is important. It is the teacher that carries his or her own teachings. With your sharing here, I am more convinced than ever that I should have listened to that inner voice 7 years ago. Took me a while, but I learned very well on this journey. On for this lesson, I am very grateful.

    Attracting money, wealth, and other icing on the cake doesn't matter to me now. Compassion and love to others is. I believe that if we love others completely, is the manifestation of our love to ourselves and to God.

    Thank you Ahnalira for this entry. It is really important to discern things well before declaring it as true for your life.

  76. Happy day, Patti and Moonlight,
    I'm happy to read that the article and subsequent dialogue was helpful and clarifying:) That was my intention.
    Best regards,

  77. " It was the time when I almost wanted to divorce my spouse to simply get to a better vibe or to improve my life. It was all about me wanting to get rid of so many negative people in my life, yet it doesn't bring happiness in my end."

    What I find so odd is I see people saying this over and over, yet if you really felt this way, you completely missed the point of the LOA and the teachings in and of themselves. It's not about changing your situation, at least something as drastic as that, but more about changing how you react to the situation.

    It just seems people are constantly absolving themselves of personal responsibility and claiming it was because they were "following Abraham." That is simply not something they teach, but rather what people infer from them because they didn't understand the very complex (yet simple) message: feel good first, then act. But people do the opposite and then blame the teachings for leading them down the wrong path.

  78. Happy day, Anonymous
    100% personal responsibility is, for me, the key to personal empowerment. I agree with you.

    I also find it to be a very subjective experience, and I hesitate to determine for anyone other than myself what 100% personal responsibility is. In my own understanding, there are layers upon layers of truth; and I continually discover new understanding about what it means to me the deeper I go. Currently, this is an idea I am exploring:
    "There is an Hawai’ian practice called Ho’oponopono. Its premise is absolute 100% personal responsibility. If I observe it, I am responsible for it. If I experience it, I am responsible for it. If you are upset with me, I am responsible for it. If I feel love for you, I am responsible for it. If I am upset by something someone does – whether to me or another – I am responsible for it. Absolute responsibility. In the purest form of Ho’oponopono, the only relationship that is real is the relationship with Self, and the only solution is to dissolve the resistant thoughts and feelings that inhibit love.

    As well, there is a current idea based on mathematical probabilities that the slightest action by anyone impacts everything. A butterfly fluttering in one area of the world creates winds in another. An act of violence in Africa impacts the quality of relationships in China. A gesture of kindness ripples through the stratus and touches many more souls than the person being helped. And every action everywhere is influencing something somewhere.

    The two philosophies intrigue me in their apparent opposition – like yin and yang. They intrigue me, in part, because when I focus on either of them solely the concept is bigger than my ability to fully comprehend. I can understand both of them in the abstract, but when I attempt to apply the respective principles in my Life, I become confused by the infinitely vast ‘place’ they take my mind.

    However, when I meld them.. When I imagine that I am a participative agent of every experience happening on this planet… When I consider that every choice I make has an impact on a world of Life… When I conceive the possibility that I am influenced by the choices and actions of Life in all its forms… Then, I begin to feel connected to the blood and breath of vibration that permeates all Life.

    Then, I glimpse what an immense power it is – absolute responsibility – to choose an intention, a point of focus, an action. When I allow myself to be, simultaneously, a creative force that shapes reality to reflect mySelf to me AND a point of consciousness on a much larger grid of vibration undulating in a sea of ripples made by points of consciousness all along the grid, then I begin to understand what All I Am means.

    A ripple of light so small the naked eye can’t see it. I ride that ripple. An oceanic ripple so huge it carries a whale. I created that ripple. Make a ripple and ride it; be the ripple and become the result of rippling. And always, consider how can I be ripples that open and welcome and engage and influence harmoniously? How can I be the act of wellbeing and the result of wellbeing? I appreciate the opportunity."

    Thanks for your comments to the article I wrote,

  79. Of course. And I love what you are saying here. It harkens back to "Be the change you want to see." It's the most invigorating and exciting way to live and I do believe Abraham's teachings are very much in agreement with it, as well.

    Also, I just want to mention that my partner and I are web designers as well, and after having worked with numerous individuals in the "new age" business such as Channelers and the like, they have consistently been the hardest and toughest clients to work with, so nothing written here is the least bit surprising about your experience with Esther and Jerry.

    How ironic, though, that people in this field would be so hard to work with. It doesn't change how I feel about their teachings, but I always suspected they might be hard people to work for, especially in the web! :)

  80. though I couldn't get to read all the comments back here the article was well received and I'm looking to read the other things you have moved on to. I have found a few people who seem to have taken on the Abraham as law (their law) and everyone who doesn't get it, are just not doing it right. lol Talk of the ages...

  81. Happy day, LadyJtalks
    Thank you for your comments.

    It's been a powerful and creative 8 months. Like you, I am also looking forward to continual flow of deeper understanding and insight that comes my way. I seem to keep finding more and more layers as I evolve, always linking back to "honor the Teacher Within".

    One of my favorite Rumi quotes: Out beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.
    Best regards,

  82. Very Good post

    Ive been allowing Abraham to open my thoughts lately. Its been wonderful.

    I think some of the bad experiences are just to much force to communicate with something that you communicate with on a daily basis already. The best thing i got from Abraham is that are Inner Being is there and has always been and will continue to stay. N that we use it weather we want to or not. Its like breathing.
    The awareness of it is the joyful and expansion of yourself.
    So my point was I think the trying can get over whelming and become a form of resistance on yourself. When the big deal is to allow. Allow for what is to be.
    NOW,,,, The good I got from the article is that with all the teaching n good life skills Esther promote and it seems as if Esther is so perfect cause shes so close to her inner. She is just as human as any of us. Some of us less of a human n some more. N it only shows that we can always do better and everybody everybody has Resistance, never let someones else experiences stand as yours. Be your own. And Esther obviously is her own isn't perfect lol.
    Love Peace n Happiness

    1. Greetings, Anonymous
      I agree - all of us can always do better. I got some of the same gems as you have from the experience - to trust my own "Inner Being" first and foremost, to "allow" whatever is happening and flow with it into new possibilities.

      The key, for me, is let "allowing" be inclusive of reality - what is happening and how it really feels. Authentically, in other words, without the pretense of dogmatic thinking. When I started doing that, the ethical disparities within the organization became something I could "allow" to move me toward my own well-being. See how that is?
      Best regards,

  83. This post was well and good till the fact that the guest poster links back to her own site claiming she is also receiving inner guidance from her source (i.e chanelling?)

    1. Greetings, Kelvin
      I receive guidance from within as I believe everyone does. For me, it's not a claim - it's a fact; >) What I do is write about my experiences and where they have lead me in my understandings of how Life works. I guess you could call me a blogger, if you want. Is that the same as channeling?
      Best regards,

  84. I guess I am a little skeptical of this Ahnlira's post. My reason is that she claims to be a fan/follower of John of God. I am not going to go into a lot of detail on my own here. There are several other sources on the internet that will clearly show my reasons for my skeptism. I will provide the link to one and encourage you to research further on your own. I have some knowledge of Abraham-Hicks, because of some friends of mine envolvement. One has become a follower of John of God and shared some disturbing information about this medium. This post seems to be more about employement beefs than any actual violations of behavior.

    Here is the link of one of the sources on the internet about John of God. Very disturbing.

    1. Happy day, Larry
      You are absolutely correct in that I make no accusation of illegal behavior. I am reflecting purely upon my personal experiences within the organization and the incongruities I found between the teachings and the teachers in the "real world" of daily business. It's been almost a year now since I wrote the article and over a year since my partner and I resigned from our association with Abraham-Hicks Publications. As you might imagine, it's given me ample time to sort through and integrate the value of the experience for me. Ultimately, that value comes in the realization learning is life-long and comes through Life's experience. Life is the true teacher - what I learn through direct experience is what guides me to ask the next question that leads to the next answer and on and on... So, it would be fundamentally untrue to call me a follower of anyone at this point.

      That said, I do travel to the Casa Dom Ignacio, and there I have experiences that - for me - are spiritually awakening and have positive results. I read the blog article you posted, and it is so far from anything I've experienced that I don't have a comment to make about it. If you go to my blog, I have documented my trips there with articles and video clips, and I would be happy to discuss my personal experience with you there, if you would like. Here is a recent article you can start from if you are interested: Of course, I write on an assortment of other topics there as well, including law of attraction and it works for me from my continually evolving perspective.
      Best regards,

  85. Ahnalira--I read with interest many of your comments on Mariah's blog and always found them to be very insightful and fair-minded--unlike so many others who just seemed to want to "slam" Esther and AHP. Although not an Aber, I posted as a friend of the family, as I've known Esther and Jerry for many years. My sole intent was just to lend balance, as I saw it, to her blog. Often however, this was not well received...much as I felt was the case with many of your posts. Thus I choose the name "Flipside". I feel the search for truth requires objectivity and a non-biased (as much as any of us can achieve that) approach to the various topics.

    1. Happy day, Flipside
      Thank you for your kind words. Truth and objectivity are both elusive butterflies, I find. They seem to flutter about, depending upon perspective and whim (or so it seems to me, sometimes) Still, I chase them :P Verifiable facts are the most concrete form of truth I know, and personal experience, while subjective, is the next best for gleaning understanding, I believe. And I agree with you that this perspective was not well received on Mariah's blog. But that's ok. The internet is a wide world, and there is room for every type of group to post on it. The key is finding the one that matches intention.

      My intention isn't to slam anyone. Rather, to share my experience and the insights I've gleaned from it in a way that can be of benefit, both to me personally and to the Greater good. I imagine that some will read the article I wrote and decide it has no bearing whatsoever on their experience. Some will read it and question the premise of the Abraham Teachings as fraudulent because of the hypocracy in the organization... and others will fally somewhere in between on the continuum. My intention was simply to share my experience honestly and let people draw their own conclusions.
      Best regards,

  86. Ahnalira--Well said. And I concur.

  87. Ahnalira--Just a quick observation, then a question--both regarding Mariah's blog. On July 4, Independence Day, Mariah opened a thread entitled that same name, "Independence Day". She discussed issues of her own independence, and then went on to discuss her on-going problem of forclosure on her own mortgage...a problem that so many today are having to deal with, and that most of us would agree would be very traumatic. I replied with what I hoped would be perceived as nothing more than a compassionate, sympathetic the hope it might be received as understanding between 2 human beings--simply that. I think most people might say "thank you for our kind words". From Mariah...nothing...not even an acknowledgment of my post, as the number of comments remained at 0. My observation--my first response to this non-acknowledgement was that I found this very surprising. In retrospect though, in thinking about the general overall flow of her blog, I find it completely in keeping with this flow. Now my question: Have you posted there and had your comment not posted on-site...and if so, has this happened often? And secondly, have others told you this has happened to them, too? I just wanted to know your experience in this regard. And finally, although I find this practice hypocritical in light of her frequent criticism of The Abe Forum doing this same thing, I accept her right to post or not post. I'm not an Aber and have never been, but am merely a long time friend of Esther and Jerry...which, apparently, accords me little if any recognition of acceptability in Mariah's world. Seems like you may be able to identify with that?? But I suppose we'll survive. Thanks.

    1. Happy day, Flipside
      I didn't have that experience the times I posted to Mariah's blog. However, I understand her policies about approving posts changed soon after I stopped attempting to contribute there. I say "attempted to contribute" because, at a certain point, I understood that the purpose of her blog isn't to invite a variety of perspectives to dialogue -- it's more to give a few like-minded folks a platform to express their disallusionment. It would be nice if there were a more inclusive tone there... but that's my value system speaking, right?

      Like you say, every blog owner has the perogative to establish and maintain the culture of their blogs, and - once I realized I had misunderstood the intention of Mariah's blog - it was easier to move on from there.

      I believe her email address is on her blog if you want to reach her directly (since she, of course, would know better than me where she stands on these topics; >)

      I relate to your desire to understand the larger picture of the Abraham-Hicks phenomenon. It would well be a dissertation pursuit for the right person to fit all the complexities and variables into a comprehensive and coherent representation, I think.

  88. Thanks for this post.

    Though I came out of the illusion a few years ago, it was, and still is, a very slow process. I still wonder from time to time if *I* am wrong and just wasn't believing hard enough, or, of the right vibration, to "manifest" just basic necessities. It is amazing how programmed we can get; even when we know we are right, we still have doubt in ourselves. I don't think I have any doubt that I wasn't doing everything right when I think about it rationally. I was doing everything so right, that I was down right delusional. I was so delusional that I was able to live and sleep with a huge bedbug issue for an entire Summer (bites from head to toe, daily--hundreds and hundreds of bites). I was able to convince myself that everything was perfect, to be grateful for the bedbugs (I, of course, attracted them to me in some way) and, in my mind, I was living the dream. In reality, though, I was being tortured. It took me well over a year after the bedbugs to go to bed and not feel like I was being bitten, or wake up every few minutes thinking I was being bitten. Even still to this day, I sometimes think bugs are crawling on me. I have found through that experience, that one cannot ignore something and expect it to go away. Whatever we repress stays with us until we deal with it.

    It's crazy that even after experiencing that much delusion with the bedbugs, that I would even question my ability to believe hard enough. That's how programmed I guess I still am. Reading this blog is a great help for me to allow the programming to fade even further away. Thank you.

    **On a side note, one of the previous commenters mentioned the link to a JOG article. I saw that you said that you read the article. I am not sure if you read the comments tho, if not, check 'em out. There are things mentioned there that might provide some perspective.

    1. Happy day, Anonymous,
      I agree wholeheartedly with this: "Whatever we repress stays with us until we deal with it." Your bedbugs experience is a powerful example!

      I have also come to understand that the power of our "creative" ability is in how we respond to any particular circumstance or situation. In other words, rather than focusing on "getting our vibration lined up to create the world we want to experience" the ability to respond to whatever Life brings us with clarity and kindness and an abiding peacefulness in whatever action we take is the true power of a creator.

      As this understanding came to me, I realized the inherent flaw in the Abraham teachings for me is the desire to control the outer world. In shifting my focus to response-ability, I find myself much better able to discern the flawed premises of the Abraham teachings.
      Best regards,

  89. Hi Ahnalira--Thank you for your reply to my 7/8 post regarding Mariah's blog. I think you and I are on the same page as to understanding what the intent of her blog is...and agree that she, as owner of the blog, has full rights and power to do with it what she will.

    That said, I thought initally, as what I consider myself to be, a reasonable person (with the caviat that I suppose most of us think of ourselves as that), that a blog (any blog!) was suppossed to be a forum for open discussion and sharing of both like and differing ideas. I guess this initial opinion shows first, just how much I have, or rather haven't, blogged, and secondly, how little I understood about blogging in general. I know differently now. Her's appears to be simply a forum to, as you so well said it, "'s more to give a few like-minded folks a platform to express their disallusionment", and " would be nice if there were a more inclusive tone there...but that's my value system speaking, right?" Mine, too.

    I've realized over the last few months, since I stumbled on her blog somehow (don't even remember how now), that it is not a forum to express anything except complete and total negativaty of anything AHP, or Esther (even going to the extreme--in my mind--of always purposely mis-spelling her name "Ether" [much as I recall during the 60's Peace Movement of anything LBJ as "Amerikan"]--which I found counter-productive, TOO). Due to this realization, I seldom post to her blog anymore--although I do read it--as a non Aber.

    Why, I'm not really sure. As an "unposted devils advocate"? Just to see people...and I defend their right to do so far 359% off-base in really improving what I suppose Abraham would call their alignment by being soooo negative? I'm not opposed to some good, cleansing "venting" (good for the soul?), but everything in my background tells me that to go on and on and on not heathly and only serves to hurt the "complainor" long term. But again, as you say, that's MY value system. So why do I tune in, I don't know...except to say that I have a unique perspective, much as you do from your association with AHP, to this whole thing. Or maybe I just need to get a fish. I hear they swim around in circles, too...never really going anywhere, and yet seem to be content, and having fun, to continue swimming. Thanks for your continued fair-mainded approach to all this. In light of your "ending" with Jerry and Esther, it's admirable. Take care.

    1. Happy day, Flipside
      Thank you for your kind words. I do my best to be a person of integrity which, for me, includes doing my own internal inventory towards an unbiased viewpoint as much as I am able.

      If ever you'd like to email me to sort further, my email is

    2. Ahnalira--Thank you for your reply. I too, believe in trying to objectively and unbiasedly weigh whatever information I have on a subject before forming an opinion regarding that subject. Of course objectivity is in the eye of the beholder, and I know that "my" objective viewpoint, as colored by all my life's experiences, etc., will probably be very different from another person who has led a different life. I think though, with that said, that at least knowing that, and at least trying to be, for want of another word, "fair-minded", is a far better path to take than not to do so, and to not TRY to see a point from the other person's standpoint. Does that make sense? I think so many people (perhaps most?) are not even aware of, or are incapable of considering, another person's views in looking at a subject. And I've asked myself why that is. Your thoughts? Thanks again.

  90. Ahnalira--Hope this finds you well and feeling all respects. Do you, as I do, still follow the threads on Mariah's blog? And, again as I (or IS it just me), do you find some of the comments (not all by any means), so far "out there" as to streach reason? I really do try to look at all sides of an issue...but come on...Esther an alcoholic...and possibly connected to the Mafia...and carring "anti-scam" insurance..., etc.. I'll admit though, it DOES make for entertaining reading...and proably one of the reasons I still check out her blog. Take care.

    1. Sometimes, I read Mariah's articles because I am interested in the process of "self" discovery she writes. I generally stay away from the comments. Saying mean things about people hasn't ever interested me (I don't watch Big Brother on TV for the much the same reason :P), and I know it's pointless to attempt to engage.

      I guess it would be accurate to say that I read where and what I believe might benefit my own learning and integration and do my best to avoid ill wishers in general.

      Just noticed your reply to my last reply... I agree with you that it is of great value to be able to understand another person's perspective - especially the ones that are different than mine. It's how we learn and evolve, I believe.

  91. It's funny how different my understanding is of the Abraham teachings. I fully understand that Esther is(and Jerry was) a human being and as such has emotions and thoughts that are just as disallowing as the rest of us. She isn't non-physical, she simply has the ability to quiet her mind sufficiently to allow herself to be used as a vessel for communicating. I think the problem with the entire concept is that most who buy in, want so much to figure out how it works that they prevent themselves from achieving the state of being that allows life to flow. This process isn't about living a perfect life, it's about releasing yourself from the bondage of trying to control people and circumstances.

    Words are difficult, no two people process the same sentence in exactly the same way so experience is the only way to learn. Abraham-Hicks has realized this and actively tries to change up the explanations so that the rest of us can begin to pinpoint the true meaning. Much of what I've heard and understood, fully explains to me the teachings of the Bible. Funny how in the beginning of my Abraham experience, I discounted those teachings. Now I see the correlation.

    I hope you can forgive Jerry & Esther's behaviour, I'm sure you have on many levels. They are no different from you and I...


    1. Happy day, Anonymous
      And thank you for your comments. They give me food for thought.

      Truly, from my perspective, there was never anything that needed forgiving. Jerry and Esther were simply being who they were and - to the extent that I participated in their world (and on their terms) that was out of alignment with my values and ethics - I am responsible 100%.

      Ethics and integrity were, ultimately, the key issues for me.

      I love what you say here: "'s about releasing yourself from the bondage of trying to control people and circumstances.." I am absolute agreement with you as this being the primary spiritual practice I follow. And if that is the experience you have with your "Abraham experience", I say, "Good on you!". My experience in the organization was quite different than that.

      I am happy to say, though, that - having parted ways with the organization and applying what I've learned to furthering my understanding of how to appreciate Life in all its diversity from the mind of Love - I am living a very fulfiling life with much love and laughter and light in it.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts,

    2. Ahnalira--I don't often visit your blog, but whenever I do, I appreciate your considered and well-intended responses. They always seem to make great sense to me. Thanks. What are you up to these days?

    3. Hi Flipside,
      Thanks for your kind words... I do my best.

      We just completed an "epic" move from central Florida to Camano Island, WA and - in the midst of it - published a new meditation collection app called Meditations for a New Paradigm (for both iPhones and Androids ; >) Soon to start another book.

      Life goes on, doesn't it. I continue to learn and evolve my understandings... this past December's trip to Abadiania, Brazil was filled new insights and epiphanies for me. To sum them up in a phrase: So what if Life is not perfect - love anyway.
      Best to you and yours,

    4. Hi Ahnalira--I don't check in to the Abe related sites nearly as frequently as I once did...doesn't seem there is much new content there anymore. I do see that Esther seems to be continuing her regular series of workshops and trips, so I assume there are probably many who still value what she offers them. I hope you are doing well and your work, too, is producing positive results for you. You have always impressed me with your positve messege. Take care.

  92. Thank You for this post with precise facts.

    I have listened to AH for about a year, enjoying it for answers I did have in me but could'nt formulate.

    I found she is a brilliant lady with great oratory skill and I am wondering where she took some classes. I discovered in early workshops that she changed her accent and that didn't come over night neither. So, I couldn't believe in some channeling and that was absolutely not the point for me. It seemed to me that she uses a couple of rhetoric strategies depending how the question comes. Lately the questions are more and more guided in the same direction. Would be really really interesting to have a specialist analysing this.

    With time, I was touched how people would come to the hot sit and couldn't anymore talk or explain their concerns. I understood the place Esther Hicks was coming, but I felt like you just push your problems under the carpet as we say in french. This « all is well » attitude brings always a big « noooo it isn't true » feeling in me.

    There are things like solidarity, connivance, listening quality, goodwill, support, that are absolutely necessary in a private relationship even though we have to consider first our own needs and wishes about our life. Isn't that balance. Ying and yang, dark and light, day and night..... . The balance is different for everyone and mooving too.

    I suddenly noticed that I was bored listening to her. I thought that when she says « everything is already said », was absolutely how I felt. I noticed that it was not the first time I loved the first book and maybe the second of a « teacher » and then found it was like food you have eaten at lunch and then warmed up on evening. And additionnaly it becomes dogmatic with time.

    And then came that last online workshop. At the beginning two little videos were showed to document the word « wakamo ». The second little movie was about a box with holes in it where kittens tried to get out and someone with a textilhammer or a plastichammer (cannot say precisly) pushed the kittens back in the box. Well not strongly, but....One could escape and that is wakamo. Took me one and a half second to close my account, my newsletterabo and my daily goodword.

    I wanted to know more of that LOA (I have my own word for it) and received a lot ot admirable stuff from the sharings (not teaching which doesn't mean anything to me, we all share, all of us) of Mrs Hicks. Now, I still want to know more. And I will discover more sometimes, elsewhere.

    Thanks for your post and all the answers full of treasures. I also have « channeled » hahaha like others explained here, and some day I asked something really precise just to see the answer and it was so rubish and wrong. Hahahahaha, I deleted all the stuff happily (ever after).

    Huge thanks