Thursday, November 24, 2011

On the Latest News from Abraham Hicks

Hello all,

After the latest mass email from Abraham Hicks Publications went out, visits to my site exponentially increased, and I have received a plethora of correspondence from people asking for my take on the situation. My only response right now is that I would prefer to delay commenting until the news has settled and we have more information. Anyone who wishes to comment on the situation may feel free to do so here. In the meantime, Cosmic Connie has written a great post, Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Abrascam? As always, she is brilliant. There is also a conversation going on at Dave Stone's Does the Death of Jerry Hicks From Cancer Mean the End of Abraham Hicks?, and you should check out ex-Aber Mariah's Jerry Hicks' Death Raises Some Questions.

Also, here is a quote from Abe that is appropriate for the situation:
"We don't think that death is a bad thing, but we think getting sick before you die is really pointless. We think that is a real waste of life."                                                                                - Abraham Hicks (3/15/1997 Part 2)
And from Jerry:
"I've always believed in judging the tree by its fruits..."                                                                                         - Jerry Hicks (The Law of Attraction pg. 8)
Thank you for all the support and appreciation.