Thursday, November 24, 2011

On the Latest News from Abraham Hicks

Hello all,

After the latest mass email from Abraham Hicks Publications went out, visits to my site exponentially increased, and I have received a plethora of correspondence from people asking for my take on the situation. My only response right now is that I would prefer to delay commenting until the news has settled and we have more information. Anyone who wishes to comment on the situation may feel free to do so here. In the meantime, Cosmic Connie has written a great post, Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Abrascam? As always, she is brilliant. There is also a conversation going on at Dave Stone's Does the Death of Jerry Hicks From Cancer Mean the End of Abraham Hicks?, and you should check out ex-Aber Mariah's Jerry Hicks' Death Raises Some Questions.

Also, here is a quote from Abe that is appropriate for the situation:
"We don't think that death is a bad thing, but we think getting sick before you die is really pointless. We think that is a real waste of life."                                                                                - Abraham Hicks (3/15/1997 Part 2)
And from Jerry:
"I've always believed in judging the tree by its fruits..."                                                                                         - Jerry Hicks (The Law of Attraction pg. 8)
Thank you for all the support and appreciation.



  1. I appreciate you, Kyra! :)

  2. Thank you, Anonymous. I appreciate you too ; ).

  3. I thank you so much Kyra, for all your research and clear mindedness. I feel myself returning to myself after reading as much as I can find of your writings about Abraham Hicks. I still am in shock at how easlily I was taken in and for far too long. I can't bear to hear Ester's voice any more. It still is hard for me to understand any Aber who bothers to defend Abraham, on your blogs. It goes against everything Abraham teaches. Pushing against, focusing on the negative. I would have never done so when I seemed to be hypnotized. The only thing I can think of is that some where deep down they sense something is not kosher about Abraham and need very much to convince themselves that you are wrong. You have often stated that if Abraham works for people then you are happy for them. I feel the same way, I am truly glad if people find great benefit in what Abraham offers. It just didn't work for me, and I felt terrible a lot of the time.I thank you again, you have saved me much future anguish. Oh and let's call me, Honestly Happy now Anonymous

  4. Thank you, Honestly Happy now Anonymous,

    I know how you feel. I am happier and less stressed than I ever was when I was using the teachings. And life is working out so much better than it was back then (despite the fact that Abers think I'm being so incredibly negative and angry on these blogs). Like you, I'm surprised at how long I was willing to stay on the Abraham Hicks bandwagon. I was a very critical thinker on most subjects, but for some reason, I was more than open to woo. I think most of the reason was that it was all stuff that I really wanted to believe.

    I understand what you mean about Abers who "push against" me on the blog. When I was using the teachings, I wasn't even willing to turn my attention to skepticism around Abraham or the law of attraction. Considering their beliefs, you would at least think they would realize their need to start working their way up the emotional scale.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  5. Hi Kyra,
    hi Honestly Happy now Anonymous,

    I can second what you have written, I feel the same way too.

    And, I too appreciate you Kyra!! xx

  6. Hey M.,

    Thank you. You guys are definitely making me feel the love today ; ).

  7. Thanks for your blog!

    Yep, first thing I did when somebody forwarded me the email with Jerry's croaking was to come to this site, and obviously, I'm eagerly awaiting for your take once you have more info to comment on. Can't wait! :D

    I personally came across the abe teachings a couple of years back, and back then I was going through period of my life where pessimism had taken over my mindset.

    A friend of mine sent me one of youtube videos and I got a few more through the torrents. The message that stuck to me was something along the lines of, why ponder on the negative? Why not ponder on the positive?

    That made me realized that no matter how good I had it in life, all I did was just chew on the negative side of things. I shifted my attitude and so called 'miracles' have happened in my life.

    But many others have probably sold that message, and it just so happened that at the time, I caught it through the lips of Esther/Abraham.

    If anything, I give credit to the hicks for making some of the teachings sound practical, and maybe that's why I found them to be easier to read than many of the others out there peddling their esoteric stuff.

    Nonetheless, I think that people tend to idolize them way too much, and I "appreciate" the fact that people like you have a platform where someone like me can come out and say, 'yea, I'm not the only one thinking the whole abraham stuff is a bit too much.'

    I have no doubt that some of the philosophy has helped others cause I can say, yea, it helped me, but at the same time, I believe many others have written similar material, and the Hicks have done a good job at marketing their stuff.

    One thing that I told my abe friend was, wasn't there an email that came out saying that the Hicks were taking a break to smell the roses?

    My friend forwarded the message on Sat. Nov 19th, so not sure when the email was actually sent out by the Hicks, but people aren't even questioning that.

    Why send out such email where it says that Jerry and Esther will be resting, and a few days later the email comes out that Jerry croaked on Nov. 18th?

    You would have thought that infinite intelligence could have told Esther, 'don't send that email out because the only resting Jerry will be doing will be right here in the vortex with us.'

    And hell yea, can't also wait to see the new workshop coming up. :D

    Thanks again for this fun blog! :D

  8. Hey thinkingStraight,

    Thanks for the comment and your kind words. I'm also eager to see the next workshop and to see how Esther decides to approach channeling on her own.

    Thanks again.

  9. I am going to quote from <>:

    pages 290-291
    Every death is self-imposed. The best reason to make your transition into the Non-Physical is not because the physical is miserable. It is because you have a sense of completion in the physical--and you are looking for another vantage point. Death is a withdrawal of Consciousness; it is like taking attention from here and putting it there. Every death is brought about by the culmination of the vibration of Being. There is not an exception to that. No one, beast or human, makes their transition into the Non-Physical without it being the vibrational consensus that is within them, so every death is a suicide because every death is self-imposed.

  10. Hey Anonymous,

    I don't think anyone is criticizing the fact that he did die. Everyone knew he would die eventually. The issue has centered around how he died.

  11. If your ears are burning, Kyra, it's because I linked to you on my latest blog post.

  12. Hey CC,

    That's awfully...dare I say...serendipitous. I was actually checking out your blog because I got an update for the comment from Scuzzaman. Clearly, I missed the forest for the trees. I'm including you and Dave's posts on the subject in my post.

  13. Hey Kyra,

    misunderstanding ;-)

    You wrote:
    "I don't think anyone is criticizing the fact that he did die. Everyone knew he would die eventually. The issue has centered around how he died."

    I posted the quote from the book because I think it perfectly shows the lie and pretense and hypocrisy behind the Abrascam materials.

  14. Hey Anonymous,

    Ah! Lol. I was fairly confused about how it was intended, but that makes sense ; ). Did you see the new Abe quote I added in the post?

  15. Yes, Kyra, indeed, I saw it ;-)

  16. @thinkingStraight...

    Here is the timeline I sent to a few friends. Excuse the crassness but hey, I'm not giving a rip lol~

    The crassness of expression does not necessarily reflect expressions of Kyra’s Blog.

    This special announcement has disappeared from AHP unless it's through some back door I have yet to find. I want to thank the flock at the abe forum for providing this information :)


    This is the time when we usually take our yearly break in our touring schedule, and in the past we have sometimes felt pulled between our desire to "kick the road dust off our shoes and sit a spell", and the seductive temptation to add yet another delicious workshop (or two). But this year, it has been an easy decision for us, since the circumstances of Jerry's health have guided us toward a whole new appreciation for taking the time to smell the roses. So we have decided to cancel the single Phoenix event which we had left on our plate in December, and to take the next couple of months to relax and charge our batteries. We wish all of our friends the happiest of holiday seasons, and invite you all to join us in the best of expectations for the coming year and our continuing adventure together.

    All our love,
    Jerry & Esther"


    Nov 16 or 17 taking time to smell the roses, Abeway cancelled
    Nov 18 smelling the formaldehyde
    Nov 23 announce doa (conveniently on thanksgiving eve)
    Nov 24 Phoenix rescheduled…YIPEE

    ps...Hey Cosmic C...long time no see. Hugs :)

  17. Clarity,

    Lol. I'm loving the disclaimer ; ).

    So much for relaxing and charging their batteries...

  18. Hey Kyra,

    Does it feel good to be so steeped in such negativity. Can you life be that empty. Sheesh. Me thinks you doth protest too much. You one big hot mess of hater.

    Move on.

  19. Hey Alicatt,

    I'm sure people thought Norma Rae was "steeped in such negativity" when she was fighting for what was right. And I'm sure people thought Tommy Douglas was a hater for fighting the establishment to create universal healthcare in Canada. I'm sure there are a lot of people who told them--and many other activists throughout time--to "Move on." But I'm glad that they didn't.

  20. Kyra,

    I have always found it fascinating that people who take rational looks at a any new-age, new-thought movement or belief, are seen as negative by those who have bought into that belief.

    I mean, all you are doing is asking legitimate questions and making precise observations of the OBVIOUS non-congruence of the Hick's and similar. You are doing people a huge service by asking the questions they should have asked or were too afraid to ask during the first crucial steps of their indoctrination into that belief or any step along the way for that matter.

    They should be thanking you for reaching out a hand that they can hold onto once their own bullshit sensor starts a tingling. And anyone who has ever been around that kind of thing know that their bullshit sensors do get tingled from time to time.

    So you and Connie keep up the good work. You two can break a topic down like no other from the inside out. You two can never be accused of not knowing that of which you speak, or however that saying goes. : )

    1. Actually I think the person above was commenting on the fact that Kyra's blog, response to comments and general attitude is slightly gleeful in regards to Jerry's death... if you think they are peddling rubbish and no longer subscribe to their teachings then in reality you are being gleeful about the fact someone has just died (which is really quite harsh). Also Tommy Douglas and Norma Rae... really... you are fighting the might of the evil system... Abraham Hicks... come on, dramatic or what! I have read Abraham Hicks stuff, some of it I liked and applied to my life some of it I didn't, in the same way I took on thou shalt not kill from the bible, but don't take on a lot the other things I consider ridiculously impractical. I just randomly read this blog, I won't read it again, you are really, really negative (p.s that doesn't come from my Abraham Hicks diseased mind btw, that comes from NLP! Go argue with Richard Bandler I dare you!) Anyway, much love and all that (see, doesn't hurt it be nice does it!)

    2. Hey Sophia Bates,

      Anyway, much love and all that (see, doesn't hurt it be nice does it!)

      Oh good. Between you saying I was "really, really negative," that I was being over-dramatic, and that I was "gleeful" about Jerry Hicks' death, I mistakenly thought you weren't being nice. As for Richard Bandler, I wouldn't have a problem arguing with an NLPer since NLP is such blatant pseudoscience.

      Thanks for checking out the blog.


  21. Hey T. Beast,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I have always found it fascinating that people who take rational looks at a any new-age, new-thought movement or belief, are seen as negative by those who have bought into that belief.

    It reminds me of the Christians that call people who don't agree with them evil. I guess it's an easy way of dismissing their opinions.

    You are doing people a huge service by asking the questions they should have asked or were too afraid to ask during the first crucial steps of their indoctrination into that belief or any step along the way for that matter.

    And anyone who has ever been around that kind of thing know that their bullshit sensors do get tingled from time to time.

    I agree with this 100%. Even when I was using the materials, there were a lot of times where I felt my...dare I say...spidey bullshit sensors tingling. And it took a lot of effort for me to rationalize those doubts away.

    So you and Connie keep up the good work. You two can break a topic down like no other from the inside out. You two can never be accused of not knowing that of which you speak, or however that saying goes. : )

    Now you're just trying to make me blush ; ).

    Thanks again for the comment.

  22. Well, let me first express my deep appreciation for your blog and all the work that you have been doing Kyra. I've personally been an Aber for a few years now.. I now would really like to share my perspective & personal experience here for those searching, and there are times when I have sincerely doubted this 'wacky new age creation' and dropped the teachings altogether to go uncover my own truth, but then one day it happened to me [I began to channel Abraham].

    1) So, I channel Abraham. I doubted for a long time, until what Esther described started happening to me. They've answered *every* single question I've ever had in tremendous depth, and have the exact playful personality that shows up on stage when they're speaking through Esther. Believe me or not, I know I wouldn't, but they're real. I've tested them many times [to make sure I wasn't going insane, lol] and they haven't proven false. I've asked them first and last names of unknown neighbors, which turned out 100% accurate, what friends are currently wearing across the planet [which turned out spookily accurate and I scared some ppl lol] etc.

    So, 'Nuff said about that.

  23. Hey Open Mind,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I appreciate you sharing your experience with what you believe is channeling Abe. I have to admit, I have had a lot of people making similar claims, but under scrutiny, their alleged channeling has seemed to be anything but all-knowing. I find it interesting that you would say that Sheila Gillette is not an authentic channel, considering Abraham believes that she is (and has discussed this in a few workshops).

    Also, when you say that you've tested what Abe says, I would submit to you that there are a lot of aspects that you simply cannot test. How would you test their ideas on nonphysical and reincarnation? And the law of attraction is a closed loop idea that will verfiy itself to you as much as the ideas of karma and a judgmental god will verify themselves to people who believe in them. That has nothing to do with LOA, but with confirmation bias because there are so many assumptions being made to confirm these beliefs (but none to dis-confirm).

    I'm not saying that I think you are being insincere about your channeling experience. For a while, I thought I was channeling. But when I took the time to set up clear-cut tests, I saw that that just wasn't the case. And I have found that to be the case with others making similar claims. That said, though I definitely appreciate you sharing your experience, I remain skeptical until further notice ; ).

  24. One more thing, Open Mind,

    I have placed two cards from a deck between two index cards. If you can tell me the cards, then I'll be impressed. If for whatever reason you would rather not, then I'm sure you'll understand my reasonable skepticism.

    Thanks again for dropping by.

  25. I think it is funny that people seem to feel that being critical is being 'negative'. Nowhere and in no instance did Kyra rant or badmouth anyone. She only told facts and asked questions. If you read her comments, she was also always polite with everyone, even people who insulted her. If that is being 'negative', I seem to have the wrong definition of that word.

  26. Thanks M,

    Interestingly enough, according to the Aber-belief-system, their running across my blog says more about where they are vibrating than it does about where I am vibrating. That said, how can they fault me for their vibrational output? I can't help that they're vibrating their way into my experience ; ).

  27. I find it interesting that Open Mind would say that Theo channeled through Sheila was bullshit, when Theo was the one who supposedly informed Jerry and Esther that they were both channels and would soon be given the name of their guide (Abraham) if they went home and started meditating everyday. So if Theo is bullshit, wouldn't that therefore make everything he said to Jerry and Esther bullshit? Wouldn't that then make Abraham also bullshit? My head is spinning. It's like this scene from the Star Trek episode, "I, Mudd":

    Captain Kirk: Harry lied to you, Norman. Everything Harry says is a lie. Remember that, Norman. *Everything* he says is a lie.

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd: Now I want you to listen to me very carefully, Norman. I'm... lying.

    Norman: You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie, then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because you always lie... illogical! Illogical! Please explain! You are human; only humans can explain! Illogical!

  28. Hi, Kyra,

    Here's the newest email from Esther as I received it yesterday. The business is ready to resume:

    Dear Friends,

    Just wanted you to know that we’ll be in Phoenix, AZ on December 10th for the last seminar of 2011. I hesitated for a moment before putting this event back on the schedule. Am I ready for this? And then the answer flooded my entire being. Not only am I ready, but there is nothing that I want more than to be on the stage with friends in the Phoenix audience (and around the planet watching the LIVE stream) summoning the love and clarity of Abraham through me. That’s when I am the most alive. That’s when I am the most happy. That’s when I am doing what I was born to do. Of course, I am ready!


  29. As far as I can judge, they do not seem to know their Abraham materials very well. When I was a follower, I would not have done what they are doing. I would not have 'fought' you Kyra. I would have sighed and shook my head, thinking 'oh my she's going to attract bad things upon herself ...' ... ;-)) But in no way would I have fought, argued, insulted someone because it was totally against the teachings.
    It seems very odd to me that people seem to believe in Abraham and defend Jerry & Esther, but at the same time they seem to not know their teachings.

  30. Hey Janice,

    I can't help but love you for the Star Trek reference. And yes, I agree. The Seth comment is definitely one of the trickier parts (but not trickiest part) of Open Mind's post for me to get my thoughts around. If Open Mind has an explanation for it, I'm more than open to hearing it.

    As for her eagerness to get back on the stage, I'm almost as excited about it as she is.

    Thanks for commenting ; ).

  31. Hey again M,

    As far as I can judge, they do not seem to know their Abraham materials very well. When I was a follower, I would not have done what they are doing. I would not have 'fought' you Kyra. I would have sighed and shook my head, thinking 'oh my she's going to attract bad things upon herself ...' ... ;-)) But in no way would I have fought, argued, insulted someone because it was totally against the teachings.

    I was the same way. In fact, if I did stumble upon something skeptical of Jerry and Esther, the moment I realized it, I would have turned my eyes and shut down the screen. If it had jarred me, I would have started a focus wheel immediately. Focus wheels were always my favorite ; ).

  32. @ OpenMind

    I happen to have an opinion on channeling that differs from some here. I do believe it is possible and I have my reasons for believing such. That's what I so love about Kyra. Even tho we come from differing perspectives we have our common ground of inquiring minds and our viewpoints don't interfere with genuine respect and friendship.

    That being said, I would love to test the material you access. We could set it up through IM and see how it goes. We would both have a transcript of the exchange for validation.

    If you are game Kyra can put you in touch with me. I would enjoy this immensely.


  33. Hey again Janice,

    Sorry, made a little error when I said, The Seth comment is definitely one of the trickier parts (but not trickiest part) of Open Mind's post for me to get my thoughts around. I meant Sheila Gillette, not Seth. Clarity pointed it out to me via email.

  34. Hey Open Mind,

    Thank you for returning to answer our questions. I do have some other points that your latest comments raised:

    So, just as I wouldn't know what that card was because I can't physically see it with my own two eyes, Abe can't either.

    Perhaps this is my own misunderstanding. You said, “I've tested them many times [to make sure I wasn't going insane, lol] and they haven't proven false. I've asked them first and last names of unknown neighbors, which turned out 100% accurate, what friends are currently wearing across the planet [which turned out spookily accurate and I scared some ppl lol] etc.” I assumed that they had to get that information about clothing and last names from somewhere other than your two eyes. Am I mistaken? If they can tell you that, I don't understand why they could not tell you which cards they are.

    Also, I laughed when you said Abe talked about sheila being an authentic channel or whatever.. if this is the case maybe im wrong, but she just smells of scam to me.

    She smells like a scam to me and Janice too. We are just surprised that Abraham would not have informed you otherwise because Abraham, through Esther, seems to be convinced that she’s the real deal.

    So why would she continue to give rocking Abe seminars, for the money? Unless there was truly something there for her (like a group of highyl evolved nonphysical teachers helping humanity ;P)

    To me, that is like asking why any millionaire businessperson would keep working for money, and there are many that do. Oprah doesn't need to keep working for money, but she does.

    ....So, my friend is still.. alive.. everlasting life? All good and simply more fun when we die? Sounds like it to me :)

    That isn’t exactly my idea of a double-blind experiment.

    ...But I truly feel you must EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF in order to reap any real results / knowledge. Hearsay will NOT prove it to you.

    Hmmm…perhaps we should discuss the difference between scientific testing and anecdotes...

  35. Hey Kyra,

    *pushing against* was certainly something I avoided to do. I would not have started lengthy discussions with someone who was clearly a 'non-believer' - because you cannot change people.

    I am thinking that the amount of angry comments you get shows how out-of-balance those people are. They are not at peace with themselves and therefore they cannot be at peace with the world.

    It seems 'funny' that those people who believe in a message of *unconditional love* seem to be so incapable of loving.

    Instead of telling you off, they could try to appreciate your inquisitive mind and your will to find out the truth and inform people about it.
    Everybody can choose for themselves if they want to believe it.

    Best wishes & have a great weekend,

  36. Hey again M.,

    Everybody can choose for themselves if they want to believe it.

    I agree. I certainly cannot prevent anyone from believing in Abraham. I'm just posting information and my thoughts. If people want to go on believing, they are more than free to. These blogs were never meant for true believers. They were meant for people who were doubting or questioning on their own, and I'm glad just knowing that a lot of those people have found them.

    Hope you have a great weekened too,


  37. Ah, are back :)

    So, can we give it a go?


  38. @ Mariah

    If you see this would you have Kyra put us in touch. I'd love to talk with you privately.


  39. Hi Kyra,

    I almost can't agree with anything what you are saying here, but I have to say that I still very much appreciate the work that both you and Connie do. And I must say that Connie has an extremely funny style of writing which I truly enjoy, although I disagree with almost everything she says. :)

    Those who see themselves as Abers and come here to point out your negativity should ask themselves: "Does Source freak out when looking at contrast?"

    Maybe only fake positivity would be bothered about "negativity" somewhere. Someone with a genuine positive outlook wouldn't come across such a "negative" site, would they?

    So, in short: there's nothing wrong here. You provide contrast for others. Contrast in the actual sense how Abe use it, as variety to choose from.


  40. So if Ramtha is "bullshit" - here is a video of Abraham enthusiastically praising his existence...

    Also notice Esther nervously stutters when asked to channel him through Abraham.. caught off guard?

  41. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for the link to the youtube video. I wonder if Open Mind will return to follow up on some of our questions. As for Esther's stutter, she gets a little flustered from time to time. I thought she was about to have a stroke when someone asked if "Abraham" could sing through her. Watch it here:
    Can Abe Sing?

    In the video, Esther (as Abraham) explains that there are certain things that Abraham doesn't do. She uses the example of laughing, saying that there is an element of surprise in that, and since Abraham is never surprised, they don't laugh. Then, she starts to use this as a platform to explain why Abraham doesn't sing, but she backtracks at ~ 00:53: "...and we don't sing because...Well, what would you like to hear?"

  42. Sup Kyra & friends, lulz

    So.... uhhh... kinda embarassing, but I've been trying to channel my non-physical friends for the last couple hours and my hands aren't moving on zee keyboard anymore, which got me thinking critically.. -_-

    I think it may of just been me the whole time.. uhh, okay now :|...

    So expalining the answers, I think they were just lucky guesses. I failed to mention I knew the first name of my neighbor, the last name was filled in [and accurate], but like I said.. lucky guess perhaps.

    Anywho, ahem, I really think it is one of those ways you look at something. With a critical-eye, you can point out all the flaws in Esthers "performance" just as you can remain blind to all the "proof" of either case. Meaning, look around your room right now and try and see all the blue things. Now close your eyes and try and remember the yellow. It's damn-near IMPOSSIBLE if you were looking at the blue, yes?

    I think my "proof" of Abe's existence has kind of been like this.. "WHAT, Esther just looked intently at that lady and chose her, IT MUST be Abraham! No human can do that vibrational choosing!!!"

  43. Or, "WOW my fingers are wanting to move and spell a word! ZOMG Abe MUST be communicating with me! I'm special!"

    Likewise looking for contradicting experiential evidence; "OMG look how Esther just stuttered.. no Nonphysical all-knowing superwise entity would stutter like that or feel nervous, that's a human-problem!!!"

    Bleeh. I think it's been hard to admit that I've been bullshitting myself for the past few weeks thinking I've been channeling Abraham, which just seems like Abrascam the more and more I watch her.

    The answers I 'recieved' KICKED ASS, I guess it was my own mind / hands doing it believing it was coming from some nonphysical source. I "channeled" really badass things, I should write a book on it rofl!

    I still don't know. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't?


    I'm super curious to see Esther on the 10th - there's NO WAY she doesn't look wrecked, that's just not human to be going through some kind of grieving period. Or it would totally make sense if she was in it just for the money and was milking Jerry the whole time, not her 'Vortex' ;)

    Oh, so, viewing things from the other side of the equation I'd like to point something out: When I was at that live event, you know how Esther hurredely shoos herself off-stage and can't take her applause? I noticed that time she stood up there a bit longer as everyone was applauding her, and, I sensed a twinge of vulnerability in her. Her vibe was like that of a small shy girl trying to help the world, feeling sort of bad about what she was doing. It was only for a few seconds but it was there as plain as day. (Know how you can sometimes sense how people are feeling in a nonverbal sort-of-way?) So, I think they rationalize their 'work' and deception of the masses by thinking they are actually helping people by doing it, but they're assholes because they're preaching FALSE TRUTHS of the Universe, which only lead to confusion and misdirected action.

    I don't think the way they explain how emotions work is accurate. I've seen homeless people in my old town walking around drunk, happy, smiling and singing and they're not rich, healthy, wealthy, and in a good relationship. My grandpa is the cheeriest old man I know and he's poor, sick and dying.

    Esther is just... wrong.

    So I'm going to watch Esther's performance on Saturday ($74.95? Jesus.... oh well xP) and determine whether or not this entity is artificial or otherwise, and maybe my 'channeling' will start up again [probably not tho, LOL!].. I'll post back, and sorry if I was misleading anyone. I'm still skeptical whether or not I was channeling, I mean, ... it was really profound what was coming through.

    Wanting truth,

    Open Mind

  44. Hey Open Mind,

    Thanks for returning to keep us updated on your experience. Let us know if there are any further developments. I am also eager to see Esther's performance this coming weekend. If you want to drop by again to give us your thoughts, that would be awesome.

    Thanks again.

  45. Well hey OpenMind :)

    Welcome back. If you don't want to pay for the thrill of listening live it will be available for download within 24 hours after the fact. It will be on torrent.

    I would still like to see some of the 'kick ass' stuff you got if you've a mind to share (pun). Kyra can put us in touch if you are willing. Kyra will vouch for my 'inquiring mind'.

    i was thinking about Ester last night. What it had to be like, even as shallow as she is, saying good bye to Jerry. Not like they didn't have their own push/pull relationship. It's obvious not only from the forced smiles between them on stage but in past interviews dating back to the 80's. Still, I know lots of push/pull relationships that have elements of love and most importantly, dependency.

    So why so quick to take the stage again? Can't be money unless Ester, who is a shopaholic coupled with medical expenses has pushed things a little too thin. I think Dave's explanation is more on target though. Ester is a classic example of the narcissistic personality. She has to have the limelight or she goes bonkers. Plus her handlers would be pushing for this as their livelihood depends on the franchise. Still, you know she’s got to be hurting somewhere.

  46. Hey Kyra -- thanks for your response. Will most deff do.

    @ Clarity: LOL yeah, the 10-million dollar monster bus and her 3rd mansion home might have just broken the bank. hahaha.

    So, I wouldn't mind sharing what I got. I mean, I woke up this morning and felt an urge inside of me to put this transcript up for public scrutiny. I whipped up a quick blog, did some minor editing and pasted it up.

    I've found the answers have been very helpful.

    Anyways, here it is:

    **PLEASE TAKE EVERYTHING YOU READ THERE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT! I am still coming to terms with whether or not I was actually channeling [it seemed like it], as I've said the messaging has stopped (the only reason I can think of is I have been sick lately and maybe my vibration is low, but Esther has channeled when she was sick before so who knows.) Anyways I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this whole "Abraham" thing.

    It's good to know there are fellow truth-seekers out there.

    oh and p.s. I didn't actually finish it, there's much more -_-.. if you guys want me to finish editing the rest I can, I just got tired.


    ~Open Mind

  47. Hi Kyra and Clarity, I am anonymous who is happy now. Kyra I really want to thank you for your thread to cult behavior, it was very helpful and Clarity I want to thank you for your insightful comments. For a while I kept going over and over Jerry and Ester's connection to Amway and how they were making their living selling more and more seminars and books to people, many of whom were desperate and broke. I remember Jerry saying that his courses helped some people but he wanted something everyone could make work. I mean Jerry and Ester's income depended on making those poor people think that if they took enough courses and read enoughs expensive books, they would finaly become rich. How do you live with yourself knowing what you are selling doesn't work most of the time, and you may have just raked in a person's last dollar? Jerry said he'd noticed that when some one spirled down, they couldn't reverse the process till they hit rock bottom, and he wanted to know why this was so. Abraham said something about when they finally gave up holding on, then the good flowed to them. It all began to make sense to me that they were doing the same thing with the Abraham schtick. I know both you,Kyra, and Dave Stone said so, but I had to imagine it, or feel it for myself, put myself in their shoes and pretend I was them for a bit so I could really understand it better. Maybe, as Open Mind says, Ester feels a bit guilty and maybe they did convince themselves that this time they were really helping people. but I read an article in Forbes Magazine about Bill Bartmann, titled: Return of the billionaire Huckster. And I had an aha moment. Here is how the article starts " Bill Bartman built one of America's biggest fortunes turning credit card debt in novel wall street securities, and then lost it all in a massive accounting fraud. Now he's back to his old game-and trying to get the government blessing this time" And one of the first thing he says to the reporter is :" I'm thrilled to death to be alive and not in prison" Then, according to the reporter, Bill has a whole new spin, but it very much is like the same game. And my aha moment came, when I realized, once a huckster, most probably always a huckster, hustler , con artist. There is something almost cute or at least it makes me laugh a little, that you can't keep a good grifter down. It isn't so funny when you think of all the lives he affected in a bad way when his company collapsed though. Even if the lOA works, what are two scam artists going to attract? Where was their "vibration" to begin with? Ok I really want to know why Ester seems so powerful? Where is that coming from? And if she is channeling, who, again, are these hundered entities? Billy the Kid? Typhoid Mary? Who ever invented Snake oil? Shanghi Lily? Fagin? Ester is really good at what she does. Where does this power she exudes come from? Practice? The dark arts? Does anyone out there have curiosity about exactly how Jerry died? After saying he had a treatable form of leukemia and then a short while later he is dead? How treatable was that? I mean did did some one give him a bit too much of something to help him along? Was it his decision really? Is it possible to be happy, ill, happy, ill, happy...dead? I did have a scenerio in my head that Ester/
    abraham would say that Jerry did the whole cancer, chemo thing on purpose, or his higher self did, so it would be easier for Ester and the family to let go of him and easier for him to go, since non physical was calling him. If I sound harsh, it is because, I have just recently begun seeing Ester and Jerry as con artists and my mouth is still hanging open from it all.

  48. Hey you know what guys, I actually took it down.

    I just feel like its way too personal for me. I really need to get a grip about whether I am or was chanelling. I got another message tonight saying "we are not Jerry's creation as you happen to think."

    I'm going to wait a few days, "read" Esther on Saturday and then make my final decision about the existence of Abraham and/or making dialoguing transcripts with them/me/it public.

    Once again, sorry for misleading any one.


  49. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for sticking around. You had some good questions, so I wanted to comb through and answer.

    How do you live with yourself knowing what you are selling doesn't work most of the time, and you may have just raked in a person's last dollar?

    The same way any con artist lives with knowing that that's what they are doing...

    And my aha moment came, when I realized, once a huckster, most probably always a huckster, hustler , con artist. There is something almost cute or at least it makes me laugh a little, that you can't keep a good grifter down.

    I absolutely agree.

    Even if the lOA works, what are two scam artists going to attract?

    Hypothetically? People to scam.

    Where was their "vibration" to begin with?

    Since I don't believe in LOA, I'm probably not one to answer this.

    Ok I really want to know why Ester seems so powerful? Where is that coming from?

    I wouldn't say that she seems "powerful." I'd say she is charismatic. There are a lot of charismatic con artists.

    Ester is really good at what she does.

    If you go back and listen to recordings from a skeptical place, you'll start to notice the slip ups, the stuttering, and the backtracking and she'll seem a lot less impressive.

    Was it his decision really?

    I doubt it.

    Is it possible to be happy, ill, happy, ill, happy...dead?

    Yes. Some people have died that way. But I don't think New Age woo can help people achieve it.

    I did have a scenerio in my head that Ester/
    abraham would say that Jerry did the whole cancer, chemo thing on purpose, or his higher self did, so it would be easier for Ester and the family to let go of him and easier for him to go, since non physical was calling him.

    I'm not making any guesses about what she'll say about Jerry. I'm eager to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

  50. Hey Open Mind,

    Yes, some of us were surprised by the personal nature of some of the writing, but it definitely gave us something to think about.

  51. Hi Kyra, Thanks for your very thoughtful and intelligent reply. I believe your are right in saying if I now go back and listen to the recordings I will see all kinds of slip ups and stuttering. And those were edited. Thinking of that, I did notice a few things last summer during one of the online seminars, when she seemed so desperate in trying to get accross to someone in the hot seat, that because of the holocaust, the decendents of those people murdered were now living better lives. I remember thinking to myself, " gee, is that what some one in the vortex at all times sounds like?" And I guess she must be charismatic, as you say. She seemed to me (and this is colored a bit by how I feel now}
    she seems to me more like a likable bull dog nipping at our collective heels, to remember who we really are, and stop doing that thing you do...and stop using such and such as an excuse, etc, and to stop trying too hard for God sakes, and to let the current...and go eat ice cream... ( now that one I was good at!) You have been so good to talk about the different sources from which Abe got the ideas they sell. I do believe in some woo. I did way before Abe. I want to go back to the original places they purloined from, there are some things I want to keep. Do you have any idea where the emotional guidence thing came from. I don't know if I want to keep it, but I have done a lot of spiritual reading in my life as well as other reading, and I have never heard of it before. It always mystified me. That and the idea that we would happily come to planet earth over and over again because we knew we could always count on the guidence system to keep us on the path. Did we also realize, from non physical, that everyone forgot about it once they got here? So what the hell good was it? I am Anonymous who is happy now, but Clarity told me how to sign in with a user name on another website so I will try that for my next comment and I will be charmcat then. And Open Mind, I think you are quite courageous to come to this blog and say how you feel.

  52. Hey again Anonymous,

    No problem.

    If you are looking for the sources of the Emotional Scale, I would look at David Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness and (more importantly) L. Ron Hubbard's Emotional Tone Scale. There are strong similarities between Hubbard's and the Hicks' scales. At the bottom of the Emotional Tone Scale is despair. Above that is anger. And you progress upward into boredom, contentment, and so on. I have a link of the scales side by side here.

    As for Abraham's ideas about reincarnation, you should research Theosophy perspective on the subject. It's very similar. The Seth materials will also help. In fact, the Seth materials are vital in understanding the origins of Abraham.

  53. Ok I am formerly known as annom. who is happy now. I am not attending the big seminar online Sat. It is still painful for me to hear Ester's voice. I haven't canceled my monthly cd subscription because eventually I do want to hear how she gets out of this one. Clarity mentioned to Open Mind there was a way to down load it after 24 hours and I will try that and then I can cancel the subscription and at last break every tie with Abraham. ( emphasis on the ham!) I do think of Ester and don't wish her any suffering or pain, I don't know if she is still channeling or not. If she is, those who are the channelees are pretty cold if you ask me. I don't care how many times "Abraham" says " You don't miss your recently deceased husband, you just miss the feeling of being in the vortex he gave you, " Or " you will have an even closer relationship with him now, when you get good and happy". I do believe in the after life, mainly from many years of reading Joan Grant, who is so wonderful! I can't help feeling for Ester. Silly, out of the vortex, human that I am! And I see the seminar opening tomm. with the crowd off and online giving her a standing ovation, tears running down their cheeks giving her the compassion she or Abraham insists is outside the vortex and helps one not. Good old foolish hearted humans. That has got to give Ester a pause, if only for a second.

  54. Hey again charmcat,

    Yes, I too am eager to see what will go down tomorrow. I'm not placing any bets on anything.

  55. @charmcat

    Glad you found my 'how to' post at Miriah's blog. Wasn't sure you would since it was after the fact.

    Google how to download a torrent. U torrent seems to be the easiest application for most. Once you understand how to download a torrent the rest is easy. When the workshop is available via torrent I'll give further instructions. Please don't waste your money buying anything from AHP. Jerry tried to shut down the torrent group twice but I gotta hand it to the little torrent flock. At first it was disbelief and excuses (must have been Jer's lawyer etc, Jer would never...). At the second DCMA (digital rights management association) complaint the flock said hey, we asked and it was given and the Hicks abundance does not depend on what we do or don't do. I though it was pretty cute myself :)

    If you like Kyra can put you in touch with me and I'll help you with the torrent matrix.



  56. It's Open Mind again ;).

    I just got done watching the latest Abe seminar LIVE from a critical-eye'd perspective and I must say:


    I'm embarrassed to admit the source of my 'channeling' claims was 99.9% most likely just me trying to believe something more... ie, moving my hands typing things thinking "Abraham" was doing it to try to find deeper meaning & purpose here, tricking myself lol.. I have tried again and again watching myself and I cannot do it again. Period.

    It's embarrassing, but at least I'm sane enough to admit it was me doing it the whole time, lol! I mean, maybe I was channeling a being named Abraham [like the guy from the Bible etc] and channeling is a legitimate act, but I now know for sure that it wasn't Jerry and Esther's marketing concoction. Abraham as THEY define them IS NOT REAL, in my now seasoned opinion. :)

  57. I'm laughing so hard this morning, I just realized so many things from watching her newfound bitter/annoyed/short-tempered seminar attitude. It really opened my eyes....

    A Few points...

    -She almost broke down and started crying in front of everyone when that dude was asking about Jerry. Wow, vulnerability. *gasp* she's human!

    -She was SUPER condescending towards others in the hotseat, all day, which foreshadows her general attitude about her customer base (And humanity at large.) She was treating everyone like they were dumb, did you feel it? Like that guy who was staring at her feeling horny, she said something like; "So did you bring anything else?" hinting at he has no words or advanced questioning / thought-processing going on in his brain other than sitting there drooling...

  58. GET IT??? She totally is abusing and exploiting human emotional stimulation and sensation to market her material. Analyzing it deeper I've come to the conclusion that half of the shit she is saying up there is bullshit in terms of laws of creating reality and the universe, it just gets people excited and they feel good around her so they keep paying her money. My alcoholic cousin does a better job at making others feel like good worthy relaxed beings, "bringing them back into alignment" as the hicks corporation would call it.. he should start giving seminars and charging for them! Jesus! He'd be a millionaire if he invented a clever marketing angle like they did...

    I can sum up her strategy: "JOY. NEXT." she even said that in the most recent seminar today, looks like we know what's going through her mind whenever someone comes up and asks a question. Unfortunately, sometimes feeling better isn't all it takes to make some changes in one's life, but it is rather important.

    She did this again to another person that made me raise an eyebrow too, she kind of nodded her head up and down and put on a mocking tone as if she was talking down to a dog or retarded person or little child something; "Yeah, you LIKE that.. that feels GOOD doesn't it? Yeah!" I wanted to seriously punch her in the face when I heard that. She's exploiting human emotions for monetary gain, and rationalizing to herself that she's helping people.

  59. I think the hardest part is pulling yourself away from the Abe Circus because A LOT of what she says IS truth, like how we create our own reality, or wellbeing is the dominant force in the universe, or her advanced (STOLEN) psychological focusing / emotional management and focus wheel & distraction or meditation techniques etc.

    In summary, she is a brilliant and very powerful woman. You can learn A LOT from her, but a lot of it is utter bullshit as she tries to come up with answers on the spot, too.

    Check this out, in the chatroom there was 724 people...

    Let's add this up....
    724 * 74.95 = $54,263.80 PER EVENT! WOW! Esther is brilliant. And that doesn't include the tickets and seating at the actual location, which amounts easily to another 30-40000!!!!!

    That's more than I make in 6 full months!!!!! WOW!

  60. Oh and btw, I don't believe in Law of Attraction anymore now, either. Like I gave you the example of the blue or yellow things in the room, well now I'm looking at the blue. There have been times when I've been so depressed, literally bed-ridden for DAYS and sick etc blasting out negative vibez to the Universe constantly and guess what? my business was booming as ever. people (fun, social, happy people) were calling me up to hang out and party and do shit. Gee, what was I "attracting"? -_-" /sarcasm off

    Now that I see Esther in her true form [her with an Abe mask on..] I'm truly starting to see how much babbling bullshit she spews.

    Anyways, sorry for the super long letter. Thanks for taking the time to read it, and thank you for bringing us back to our senses. The world needs more people like you.

    If anyone out here is doubting us "out of the vortex" people, ask yourself this: what have you PHYSICALLY MANIFESTED that is tangible in your hands, other than a giddy stupid-happy smile on your face???

    Think hard. Keep searching.

    Bruce Lee told us to 'take that which works and discard the rest', and this especially pertains to the Hicks' concoction. As I've said, don't be depressed or anything, not everything she preached was bullshit - in fact a lot of it WAS truth that she STOLE from some of Earth's Greatest Masters & teachers.. but most of it is feelgood fluffy bullshit that holds no real application or goal achievement potential in reality whatsoever.

    Take it easy Kyra & friends, and welcome everyone else to what's really going on..


    -Open Mind

  61. @OpenMind

    Just a fly by wave...doing things presently. Loved your assessment of viewing pleasure lol. Sent a copy to Dave. Certainly a different perspective than the flock forum impressions.

    Still laughing...thanx

  62. Thanks so much Open Mind, I just could not spend another cent on AH. But I was eager to hear some feed back. I know what you mean about feeling bad and still good things come to you. Lots of nice things came to me, after I knew I was through with Abe, and was feeling pretty low. I couldn't help but blame myself for ever getting involved in the first place. It took me a while to get over that. I started thinking about the state I was in when I signed on quite a few years ago. My Mom had just died, then a month later 9/ll and I live in NYC and was about a mile from ground zero and the smoke and smell from the site lasted for a long time, I went back home on the west coast for an extended visit the summer after 9/11 and the person who introduced me to Abe was a psychic healer and married to a family member and I took her word for it. I was feeling abandoned by my closest friend right then too and welcomed a new direction. I had done a fair amount if meditating and searching out spiritual paths before. I already believed some of the things Abraham was saying and as you say some of their teachings do ring true. The ones they took from masters. 3 more close family members died in the nxt five years and there were traumas with my grown son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia many years before. Of course I was hoping that if he listened to the tapes it would help him find his way to clear mindedness, in short, cure him. Or if I got really good at being in alignment, Maybe I could help heal him just by holding him in my minds eye as perfect. Breaking away from Abe has been the oddest road for me w , going back and forth and back and forth. Saying to myself, "surely there is an explanation for what looks like, smells like and feels like a scam. Surely some how this nightmare will resolve itself. It can't be as awful as it looks" Now Abraham is beginning to just look silly to me. And I like it. And I like feeling that I am whole again. I would have done it on my own, but it would have been a lot, lot harder and taken longer with out the efforts of Kyra and Dave and Clarity. I have said this before,snd I don't mind saying it again. I can never thank Kyra and Dave and Clarity enough for sticking to their guns and each in their own way, being honest and honorable and so kind! Thanks again to you Open Mind for your wonderful imput!

  63. charmcat,

    Stop it! You're making me blush ; ).

  64. Clarity, Wow! I had heard something about torrent but never knew how great it is. I will try sunday to get on it And ask for help if I need it. I think that is hystrical about Jerry trying to stop it and people saying they asked for it. I spent way too much money on the live seminars , I have asked the Universe to reimburse me. And one way or another I believe it will. I think this is the first installment. Oh, I meant say this to Open Mind. One of the things I did manifest with Abraham was that I could always get a cab. No matter what time, or where I was in the city, a cab always pulled up almost instantly. I wondered it it would happen after I left Abe, and yes, it did, I still get instant cabs! Thanks Clarity for your help! Don't know if I will be able to watch the whole thing, or do we just hear it? It still is a bit painful, but I love the opportunity to do so.

  65. @charmcat
    The vid has now been uploaded to torrent and a 'non torrent' site. If you email me (Kyra knows where to find me *grin*) I can send directions to download locations. Or just ask Kyra as I sent the links to her this morning.

    I loved reading your story and would love to share comments when I can have a few moments to write. It's sunny today and I'm taking advantage of such :)

  66. Thanks so much Clarity! I watched Kyra's well picked shorts and it was a bit overwhelming. It's hard to watch some one stumble. I do acting when I can and know how awful it feels to be on stage and lose your place and have to
    flounder around. I really don't understand why she is doing this now, and I wanted to tell HER everything will be alright and that she should give herself a break and pat her briefly on the shoulder. But I did think of Lady Macbeth. I will send my email to Kyra's email . Thank's again and hope you had a great day!

  67. Kyra, really terrific picks!

  68. Hey charmcat,

    Thanks! I thought I'd save people the trouble of having to watch the whole thing *yawn*.

  69. I got into the Seth material a few years ago and was on a few Seth group/boards, and most people into that material look down on Esther and Jerry as cheap con artists, or as I used to call them, "Seth for yuppies."

    But after a while I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and check them out since there were some good quotes that a few people brought to the board.

    But just after a few CDs and videos their message is so repetitive and shallow I started to lose interest. And it really didn't seem to work. Then I started doubting all the metaphysical stuff I once believed in and looked for answers elswhere.

    "I would have sighed and shook my head, thinking 'oh my she's going to attract bad things upon herself "

    That's one of the main thngs that turned me off to this stuff. I can't believe that bad things happen to people just because they are in a negative or bad mood. Even Jane's "Seth" never promoted this idea (who Esther and Jerry were supposedly influenced by). Jane Roberts had people analyzing their strongly held beliefs and said that it's the intensity of your beliefs, not just negative thoughts, that shape your reality, and that you will look for things that confirm your worlview and block out anything that contradicts it. And that while analyzing your beliefs you shouldn't be afraid of so-called negative thoughts/beliefs, but to just look at them openly and honestly. I still believe that, to a certain extent, but not to the point where you can influence others or the physical world. It's just a matter of confidence in yourself and believing you are a worthwhile human being.

    At least Jane's books had an incredible amount of depth and are fascinating and well written, even if you take out the belief in life after death and YCYOR. I think Jane might be a case of someone mistaking their own intelligence and creativity for something metaphysical. She actively discouraged people from setting up Seth Schools and didn't have workshops or cruises promoting her books, and expressed her genuine doubts about Seth openly (that he might just be a part of her subconscious), something Esther and JZ Knight would never do. They want you to believe they have all the answers and questioning is not allowed.

    @OpenMind, I tried channeling myself and the thoughts came so rapidly and were so spot on that it really frightened me and I stopped. But I think we really underestimate our own intelligence and the power of the subconscious mind. It could be "just" you and that's FINE. I think human beings have this need to be reassured by some "higher" source of wisdom, which makes us forget that we have all we need within us all along.

  70. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate you offering your perspective regarding Seth and Abraham. I've heard from a lot of people who read the Seth materials who disregard Abraham as complete nonsense.

    Thanks again for dropping in.

  71. "@OpenMind, I tried channeling myself and the thoughts came so rapidly and were so spot on that it really frightened me and I stopped. But I think we really underestimate our own intelligence and the power of the subconscious mind. It could be "just" you and that's FINE. I think human beings have this need to be reassured by some "higher" source of wisdom, which makes us forget that we have all we need within us all along."

    I remember Bashar saying we all have access to infinite intelligence, and it is the Secret Societys and illuminati who do everything in their power to keep us from realizing this truth; that we are in fact ALL Creator Gods.

    So yeah, you nailed it. I think I WAS channeling "Source" or "Infinite Intelligence" or my higher self or "subconscious" as Napoleon Hill would call it or whatever you want to refer to it as.

    I even asked if it was abaraham or god and the answer was; "We are abraham as we are god as we are you. We are highly evolved versions of you eternally creating as you are."

    Sounds like infinite intelligence to me :)

    But staying on topic.. The fact Jerry tried to shut the torrents down is VERY telling.. I mean, if I was the husband of some woman who was authentically channeling some powerful group of beings, and I was ALREADY a millionaire - I'd be ECSTATIC that the information was being made available to so many people FOR FREE! Because, I'm such an 'allowing' guy that all the money I would ever need is in my "Veritable Fortune" or "Vortex", right? :)

    I feel for Esther, I really do. As someone else mentioned, her own livelihood and the livelihood of many other's [including family and close friends] is fully dependent upon her continuation of the "Abraham" seminars.. she's STUCK in the role. We're not :)

    I just wish these people didn't exist because imo authentic channels DO exist. Especially of E.T.s - like Bashar, imo. When I was a kid I was driving with my parents coming home from dinner and I saw these two little blue lights chasing eachother through the clouds. It was so beautiful and NO ONE else saw it but me. That was my first-hand proof that advanced highly evolved beings existed. Bashar charges a tiny amount for his seminars in BIG NICE ROOMS, it's my opinion that they barely cover the room rental costs, unlike Abrascam who takes away 50-70 grand per event, lol.

    People who truly teach law of attraction and manifesting DON'T NEED MONEY. They create it.

    They throw up all their information FOR FREE, because it's real.

    A personal example I can remember is Tom Kenyon and The Hathor's.. Before the swine flu scene erupted he channeled the following message:

  72. Kenyon "transmission" from Aug. 10th...

    "As we view it, the H1N1 Virus, commonly called the "swine flu" has been genetically engineered and created. It is not a natural mutation. It is a conscious attempt by the hidden forces behind your governments to control and manipulate you.
    It is a social experiment, with dire consequences if they succeed."

    "But we must say to you, from our perspective, that we view these inoculations to be highly suspicious. They are contaminated. They will not protect. They will, in fact, damage the health of many, and they contain crude mind control devices, formulated from a scientific field in its
    infancy called "nano technology." "

    And events of Aug. 13th....

    Amazing, no?

    I am NOT saying these things are true..just being observant. Part of how I approach channeled material, external verification. Hypothetical reasoning and extensive testing.

    ALL of his changelings are available FOR FREE:

    He only sells his own music.

    So, I think people get into Abrascam or Ramtha because they are mainstream teachings, but then find out they are a fraud, and tend to blacklist ALL channels and metaphysical teachings as bogus, when in fact they don't realize these people stole from authentic sources and that you do, in fact, create your own reality among many of the other truths you have learned from these con artists.

    Keep searching :)

    ~Open Mind

  73. OOH and I totally forgot.. for all of you Seth lovers, there is Elias, the continuation of the Seth tradition, all DEEPLY profound, and available 100% FOR FREE:

    I crack up so much reading this dude because it looks like A LOT of it was what Esther stole and spews at her seminars. Even the front page quote about "Experience doesn't teach you." This stuff has been available for YEARS on the internet... Esther and Jerry needed their true sources, I guess ;)

  74. 18 Months ago, I was feeling really low, and was really, (if I'm honest) looking for an easy way to get hold of a truck load of money !!I stumbled across 'The Secret'and I fell for it, hook , line and sinker!I believed that all I needed to do , was smile, be happy, appreciate life, and visualise riches as if they were already there! Who wouldn't want THAT to be the true?!I then came across Abraham-Hicks,& fell for that too, and bought the books!...and on it went ! I bought Joe Vitale's books too, and , OH MY GOD would you believe that I actually BELIEVED that I could ATTRACT money into my life ! With my mind!I also bought the Wallace Wattles book, which told me that, all I needed to do was VISION that Chanel bag and it would come to me, through space and time, it would simply COME to me if I really believed it! And I believed it ALL !! months passed, with me smiling from ear to ear, appreciating life's beauty, sending out positive thoughts,and then, a whole year later,I stood and cried...when I realised, I had been fooled ! the fall out from this was massive, all encompassing and very painful depression. My life was a mess, and the only way it was gonna change was if I set goals and worked towards them, which, has everything to do with positive thinking and absolutely sweet F. A. to do with 'law of attraction' It is complete rubbish to suggest that we each 'attract' things into our daily experience..of COURSE we have involvement in the direction we take and the people we are friends with,- but when you suggest that rape or abuse victims or sick people attract these horrible experiences into their lifes, you are using appalling fallacies ro back up an argument that you only WISH were true. People like Bob Proctor, and John Assaraf of The Secret, are BUSINESS MEN they would have made their money in life with , or without the 'law of attraction'...the way it keeps getting cross referenced with positive thinking and feeling great and setting goal is just a clever way to try and make people believe it!! It is dangerous, as it preys on the vulnerable, and if anything STOPS people from being as pro-active as they should be in chasing their wildest dreams ! The Secret, AND Abraham-Hicks, claim that there is NOTHING that you can't HAVE, DO or BE. That is simply a ridiculous statement, because we it is an IMPOSSIBILITY ! We cannot have everything we want in life or be what we want, and you know, that's just TOUGH !!! I'd love to pack out stadiums like Beyonce and live im Beverley Hills, but I'm 35, can't sing, and live in Manchester , you think Law of Attraction can get me these things !?!? Or even things that are NOT so unbelieveable?? Like, a VW Beetle? A new sofa, (for free) ?? You've got to be realistic if you are gonna achieve anything in this life.....I don't know a single person who became succesful through 'offering a vibration of success'...., Mike Dooley is another con artist , who tells us that 'thoughts become things'...well, duh....if I think about a bacon sandwich, and then I make one, obviously, but Mike,- come on....if I visualise that Lambourghini, and then, take it for a test drive...(that's the 'little' action you said I should take, right?) does that mean it will EVER be mine ??
    All these people who rave on about success and visualising are actually pro-active , business minded people who would never have been satisfied with 'flipping burgers' for a living. Esther and Jerry and co. are really tapping into that that part of all us ,(that we'd rather not own up to) that wants something for nothing, that wants the easy way to the top, or happiness, or that new house in the nicer neighbourhood. There are no mystical magnets or forces which get us what we just 'is' and just 'happens' because the combination of all our own actions put together...that's why sometimes , bad things happen to good people....and good things happen to bad people

  75. !! I'm the person who posted that very long rant about The Law of Attraction being a huge LIE....I just wanted to apologise for all the typing mistakes and grammatical errors .....I was so angry about the whole thing that I just fired it off and didn't read it back !! One thing I forgot to mention, or maybe ASK , is why has nobody thought of suing Rhonda Byrne, or Esther and Jerry, for giving them false hope with words that are printed in black and white ..... I'll tell you why....because they get around this stuff NOT WORKING by telling you that it only works 'if you truly believe it'....... Ha ha !! Hilarious !! All us cynics out there are just stupid because we all think the emperor is NAKED !!!! I'm wondering....should I start doing seminars on WAKING UP AND SMELLING THE COFFEE ?!?!?!?!?!?

  76. @anony

    I offer a special workshop for writer wanna bees where I channel Leo Tolstoy and Charles Dickens. I'm thinking about making it into a cruise.

    Stay tuned *wink*

    ps...I loved your rant :)

  77. What a good idea !! Oh, and before any of you Abesters out there try to dismiss me as a 'negative' person or a pessimist...... I'd like to inform you that I am actually a very happy person !! I just don't need flim-flam to keep me smiling !

  78. I've been reading your blog for a little while now as well as the comments some I agree with others not..but that is neither here nor there. I pulled away from Abraham before Jerry had cancer. For many reasons too long to address here in this blog. But after Jerry's death that truly sealed the deal for me. Practice what you preach is my motto. Not always easy to do..but I am one who admits that I fall down..and skin my knees..lick my wounds and get back up.

    I had no idea where to post this or if anyone had seen this. But I find it incredibly sobering and freeing as well.

    All I have to say is one of the things I remember Abraham/Esther saying about death is we are not missing the person when they leave we are missing the way they made us feel or something to that effect. Basically making death fun light playful blah blah blah.

    You know what? When my Dad passed I cried and cried. Not because I was missing the way I felt when he was here. I was missing him..the physical person I could no longer chit chat with on the phone, hug, laugh, joke with, be with. Period. Now if that is me missing the way I felt when he was around..I have to laugh because often times I felt like crap when he was around. LOL I missed him! Okay I said all that to say Take a look at these Elephants.
    They mourned the loss of their physical friend Lawrence who recently passed last weekend. They showed up to the house he used to live in. To what? To mourn his loss. Period. If nature does it...nuff said. Thank you Kyra for your blog and for everyone who commented here. Enjoy your life. And Love them when they are here miss them when they are gone. Nothing wrong with any of it.

  79. I did not know about this amazing man...thank you~