Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Fun Facts About Esther and Jerry Hicks

For simplicity, I went through and picked my favorite fun facts about Esther and Jerry. I hope that you will go beyond these short points and research them for yourselves.

1. Jerry Hicks was a top distributor at Amway in the 70s. See more...

2. Pre-Abraham, Esther and Jerry traveled the country in a motor home and went on cruises, giving presentations on Think and Grow Rich. See more...

3. The woman who led Esther to interact with “Abraham,” Sheila Gillette, also claims she can bend spoons, levitate, and automatically write in languages she doesn’t know. See more...

4. Abraham’s first words have been altered since their first book. Esther and Jerry’s account of their initial interactions have also been revised. See more...

5. Jerry and Esther failed in their attempt to trademark “Law of Attraction” in 2006, because it isn’t theirs, and was used in the same context in 1906 by William Walker Atkinson in his book Thought Vibration or Law of Attraction in the Thought World. See more...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abraham vs Evolution

This comes from the 04/19/1997 Silver Spring, MD workshop. The question was, “Are we descended from apes?”

ABRAHAM: Is that which is now human an extension of that which was now ape? No. Did the human experience evolve as a result of the experience of the ape? Yes.

QUESTIONER: Is there a link between the two of them?

ABRAHAM: Vibrationally, yes. Physically, no.

No link, Abraham? Really?

The correct answer is that there is a physical link between apes and humans. In fact, the family Hominidae (aka “great apes”) includes humans, chimps, and gorillas. DNA clearly reveals that we (chimps, gorillas, humans) are all close cousins and share a common ancestor.

Abraham adds to their nonsense with this statement: "All of the species upon the planet, without exception, come forth complete and independent as perceived...You are physical embodiments of intentions that have been set forth in completion."

This suggests that chimpanzees were always chimpanzees, humans were always humans, and deer were always deer. Yet there is overwhelming evidence (DNA, fossils, bacteria) showing us that every species that exists today is a mutation of its ancestors and that they did not come forth complete and independent in any way, shape, or form. And that is a fact.