Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Abraham Hicks Cracks Down on Copyright Infringement

"And if you find a way to come into alignment then your good will come to you with or without the copyright protection. Protection is always upstream. Every single time. There is no possible way to make protection turn downstream because in every case you're focused on what you're protecting yourself from and it's an upstream thought."                                                                                            - Abraham Hicks (01/20/2007)

If you're thinking about sharing your favorite Abraham Hicks clip online, think again. The past few days, Abraham Hicks Publications has been cracking down on Youtube users and torrent groups that make copyrighted Abraham materials available online. One Youtube poster that received a ceased and desist from Abraham Hicks Publications wrote:

"Hello to my visitors and subscribers. I have received a notice from Abraham Hicks to cease posting videos, to which I am complying with. Also, any multi part video must be deleted, which will also be done immediately. The Abraham Hicks folks have been very kind in allowing all of us to share their information freely, and we thank them very much for that, as it has changed many peoples lives. We will still have many of the other videos available, until further notice. Thank you for visiting." - homebuiltindoorplane

Another Youtube user wrote:

"The original video was more than 17 minutes long and I was "advised" to take it down as it was in violation of the Abraham-Hicks copywrite policies." - ProjectMNow

In a separate community, a commenter posted that a recent torrent had been removed at Abraham Hicks Publications request:

"One of our members in our “Abraham-Hicks Sharing Community” has received “Copyright Infringement Notification” from SugarSync. That account has been disabled."

Members of this group also received notices from an Abraham Hicks Publications' employee who requested that they remove Abraham recordings from their site.

In past years, Abraham Hicks Publications has occasionally shut down Youtube videos and torrent sites that pirated their recordings, but it seems that their attempts at controlling their content has increased since Jerry Hicks' death in November of this year. Abraham even made sure to remind one hotseater of their copyright in their most recent workshop:

In a 2002 recording (08/18/2002), Esther (as Abraham) explained that the reason Jerry and Esther copyright their materials is because "they are wanting people to be able to find them and us through them." However, most internet users who have shared their content via Youtube and torrent sites have credited Abraham Hicks and even included links to Abraham Hicks' website.

I don't have any problem with people copyrighting their material. I also think that if they want to police and control their material because they want to protect their financial interests, that is perfectly acceptable. But Esther, Jerry, and "Abraham" have always given the impression that their only interest is in sharing the information. Clearly, there's more to the story.

For more on this development, check out Cosmic Connie's Beautiful Daze in the Aber Hood.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Abraham LIVE Highlights (Dec 10th, 2011)

I don't normally give workshop highlights, but since this workshop was special (as it was the first since Jerry croaked), I decided to provide some coverage. Like most Abraham workshops, it was jam-packed with appeals to authority and circular reasoning, but there were also some other moments worth noting. To stay within the limits of fair use guidelines, I have only used small portions of the LIVE event for purposes of criticism and commentary. Also, I recommend checking out Dave Stone's new post on this, Jerry Hicks Died But Guess What? He's Back!

Abraham Struggles to Remember

Well, as I mentioned in Abraham Hicks' Memory Lapse, Abraham isn't very good at recalling events:

In this workshop, Abraham struggles to remember one of Esther's articles of clothing:

Their supposedly infinite wisdom is clearly restricted to the workings of the entire universe and not to the contents of Esther's closet.

Esther Stumbles When Discussing Jerry's Transition

One of the more interesting parts of the workshop was when Esther was discussing Jerry's transition with a workshop guest. She was in the middle of an idea when she suddenly lost focus. The first part of this video is Esther losing focus. The next is the guest trying to understand what was going on.

Abraham vs. Evolution (continued...)

In Abraham vs. Evolution, I mentioned my issue with Abraham's ignorance of evolution. In this clip from yesterday's workshop, Esther says, "Yes, man was here with the dinosaur."

Dinosaurs lived up to the Cretaceous period...65 million years ago. The genus of homo is less than 2 1/2 million years old. That isn't even taking into account the major differences between a millions of years old homo and the modern homo sapien. So needless to say, it's hard to see how these species could have co-existed. (UPDATE: Make sure to check out Cosmic Connie's Post. It includes a pic of a very Flintstones Esther).

I will be posting more later.