Sunday, December 11, 2011

Abraham LIVE Highlights (Dec 10th, 2011)

I don't normally give workshop highlights, but since this workshop was special (as it was the first since Jerry croaked), I decided to provide some coverage. Like most Abraham workshops, it was jam-packed with appeals to authority and circular reasoning, but there were also some other moments worth noting. To stay within the limits of fair use guidelines, I have only used small portions of the LIVE event for purposes of criticism and commentary. Also, I recommend checking out Dave Stone's new post on this, Jerry Hicks Died But Guess What? He's Back!

Abraham Struggles to Remember

Well, as I mentioned in Abraham Hicks' Memory Lapse, Abraham isn't very good at recalling events:

In this workshop, Abraham struggles to remember one of Esther's articles of clothing:

Their supposedly infinite wisdom is clearly restricted to the workings of the entire universe and not to the contents of Esther's closet.

Esther Stumbles When Discussing Jerry's Transition

One of the more interesting parts of the workshop was when Esther was discussing Jerry's transition with a workshop guest. She was in the middle of an idea when she suddenly lost focus. The first part of this video is Esther losing focus. The next is the guest trying to understand what was going on.

Abraham vs. Evolution (continued...)

In Abraham vs. Evolution, I mentioned my issue with Abraham's ignorance of evolution. In this clip from yesterday's workshop, Esther says, "Yes, man was here with the dinosaur."

Dinosaurs lived up to the Cretaceous period...65 million years ago. The genus of homo is less than 2 1/2 million years old. That isn't even taking into account the major differences between a millions of years old homo and the modern homo sapien. So needless to say, it's hard to see how these species could have co-existed. (UPDATE: Make sure to check out Cosmic Connie's Post. It includes a pic of a very Flintstones Esther).

I will be posting more later.


  1. Great highlighting, Kyra. This behavior should be laughable, but an amazingly undereducated group of gullible followers doesn't discriminate. How is it possible for "infinite intelligence" not to know the simplest facts about biological evolution, superstring theory and the basics of Jesus teachings?

  2. Hey Dave! Thanks. Yes, psychology, science, and theology are not Esther's strong points.

  3. I thought Abraham only focused "in the vortex," so how would "they" know that Esther gets unsettled? I actually feel sorry for Esther right about now. Then again, she's the one who decided to do this workshop!
    Thanks for the clips, Kyra!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Mariah.

    I just find it humorous how Abers justify her behavior throughout the workshop. Anything awkward of unsettling is chocked up to humor. It was a good day for delusion.

    And I want to go ahead and plug your blog post on this same subject: Listening to the Phoenix workshop "Post Abe"

  5. Life is truly a mystery to all of us. Even those involved, so intently; on describing it and cataloging it. We give scientists and religious leaders the benefit of the doubt. Because... we believe in them? Their hard work and years of dedication must mean they know way more than I do- we do. There is no point; in fact its silly, to question their authority on the matter. When lo' and behold the theories we've taken so much time; diligently and masterfully, to imagine and to fit into this troubled reality to help us comprehend our existence are only proven wrong by our own curiosity and determination to understand. I love that there are people in this world like you folks. You push and prod and fight and kick. Is there a place for you? Absolutely. Is there a place for Abraham? Absolutely. We are all serving our purpose in this universe of causality. We are all always given what we ask for. Our questions are always answered. I ask then, how do you feel about your work here? Are you feeling justified? Complete? I hope not. I hope you're curiosity will drive you still, your determination will push you and prod you to discover and rediscover your true purpose. I can't possible tell you what that is. I know Abraham would say: "To enjoy the ride, you all make to much of this!" And we do, because its fun! I'm having fun I'm sure you are too!

    1. Exposing frauds is a lot of fun too, much more fun than believing them.

  6. Hey Markus,

    Thank you for commenting.

    No one should give scientists or religious leaders the benefit of the doubt. With scientists, if a scientist claims authority in a subject, we can test their knowledge with studies and experiments and show whether or not they truly are an authority. With Abraham (and channelers in general), there is no way of evaluating their supposed knowledge. For instance, how would you test whether their statements about life being about joy were true? There's no way. It's just as likely that there's a devil waiting for all the sinners or that alien spaceships are waiting to carry us off. That said, I am not just questioning their authority. I am flat-out saying that there is no authority. Spouting off unverified, unscientific jargon just makes Esther a guru, not an authority.

    You say that our questions are always answered. I don’t doubt that that is true. There are certainly plenty who dispense answers, as Abraham does, for a modest and sometimes not-so-modest fee, but I think we should value the correct answers to questions—not just having answers to them. I don’t feel math would be quite the same if we all decided that those answers were not really all that important.

    How do I feel about my work here? Good. Do I feel justified? Yes. Complete? Absolutely not. I doubt I ever will feel complete.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  7. Thanks :)

    Do you have a clip of the hotseater asking Esther (Abraham) if she could explain what she just said (re:Jerry being a bridge) and Esther answering "not really" and then telling the hotseater to figure it out? I've listened to it, but haven't seen the visual yet.

  8. Lol. Yes. I will post a link to it tomorrow probably.

  9. Well personally, after watching the whole broadcast, I feel Esther did very well indeed and brought Abraham in the best way she could considering her own emotions at this time. Well done to Esther and I hope other more positive comments will find there way to this blog! I thank you though Kyra for the thoughts you are provoking and for bringing much contrast to us all.
    I will stop by again in a while to have another thoughtful read. Nice to see the contrast expanding.
    Reality Checker

  10. Hey Reality Checker,

    Thanks for the comment. I certainly think that she "brought Abraham in the best way she could considering her own emotions at the time." However, I think we mean very different things when we say this. And regardless of her emotions, I don't excuse any infinite intelligence that is ignorant about evolution and promotes nonsense about dinosaurs and man existing at the same time.

  11. Hi Kyara,
    Couple of days back I picked this book "Ask and its given" after reading it half way through I realized I should check what all has being said and written in this book is really true or it’s just a way of making people feel better in their mind and spirit by focusing on positive thoughts.
    I came to your blog and read couple of your post and others comments however I was not able to decide few things I would appreciate if you could provide answers to my question or direct me to appropriate article\post your have written
    1. Do you believe weather the Law of Attraction exists if yes does it work?
    2. Are there any scientific theories done around what your mind can perceive can be transformed in physical forms by just visualizing it or its just theory?


  12. Kyra, as Seth states.....(SETH SPEAKS)

    "Some life forms are being developed in what you think of as present time. They exist now, however, as certainly as do, say, the dinosaurs. You only choose to focus your attention upon a highly specific field of space-time coordinates, accepting these as present reality, and closing yourselves off from all others. Specifically, complicated physical forms are not the result of previous simpler ones. They all exist in larger terms at once"


    "The apparent boundaries between past, present and future are only illusions caused by the amount of action you can physically perceive, and so it seems to you that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also disappears. Everything in the universe exists at one time simultaneously."


    "Let me state that time as you know it does not exist basically and that all creations are simultaneous"

    I believe this is what Abraham was hinting at when they said "man was here with the dinosaur"

    Abraham makes sense to me as does Seth
    Kind regards

  13. Hey again Reality Checker,

    Glad to see you've stuck around ; ).

    I certainly didn't mean to imply that there are not people who read and practice both the Seth and Abraham materials, but trying to overlay a Seth quote over an Abraham quote isn't really an effective way of assessing what they are saying. I could just as easily take a Bashar or Ramtha quote to justify something they said. Doesn't mean it's something Abraham would agree with.

    Regarding the dinosaur comment, Esther (as Abraham) had just been discussing people eating dinosaurs before she said, "Yes, man was here with the dinosaur."

    Also, if you read my post, Abraham vs. Evolution (there is a link in this), you will see that Abraham doesn't think man is physically related to apes, which was the start of their ignorance of evolution. They say that all species were created "complete and independent as perceived."

  14. Would be beneficial to add the clip where Jerry is now popping up in Aber's lives at home. The one where Aber looks at the clock seeing 5:55 and Abe says 'that was Jerry'. Next morning 5:55, next morning 5:54 and Aber watched the clock turn to 5:55. Abe said 'that was Jerry too". Audience delighted laughter. Jer is a 'bridge'. Now when something happens like numbers sync (and this may expand) Aber's will be saying there's Jerry. While on the surface humorous, the disturbing part is one more layer of removal from self source connection as Jerry is acting as a bridge between that and dropping into Aber's lives with one-liners.

    The deification of Jerry~

    I found the event very disturbing frankly.

  15. Hey Clarity,

    I considered adding a few clips, including the one where Abraham gets onto a guy about using their copyrighted materials on Fox News, where "they" were fairly condescending to one particular hotseater, and Abe's "explanation" of Jerry's croaking (which was not an explanation of anything). I am still deciding on how I want to approach it. I may post a separate thing with the Jerry one-liners (as spoken by Esther). I'm not sure yet.

  16. oh geez Kyra...that's the hs'er, first up to bat segment 2. The guy who stared into 'Abe's' eyes for a long time...said it was like making love to an allowing woman. I might have choked except what struck me most was his face was completely riddled with pain so I didn't watch more of his segment. As I scanned through his segment (no sound fast forwarding) what struck me was his face never shifted, just kept reflecting pain. When I'm up for another go round I'll listen to his exchange.

    Not up for it yet...

    He reminded me of a hs'er few months ago in Chicago...woman whose dog had transitioned. Abe was cruel (imho). That's how this looked to me and so I skipped it.

  17. Hi Kyra, thank you for the highlighting, it was very helpful and so well done. I emailed you my email address to forward to Clarity. I mentioned in the email that I was in the anger stage of my disconnecting from a cult process. So I very much admire how you handled the AH comments here. I on the other hand want to punch mellow yellow Markus and snippery, smarmy Reality Checker ( ha, that handle is a laugh!) I want to punch both them in their Abe snouts. Now how did poor Jane Roberts die? Wasn't Seth dictating a book on HEALTH while JANE was bedridden in a hospital, never to leave there alive. And Seth kept telling her she would recover and and go home, oh but of course everything happens at the same time so she went home, as one of her other incarnations, oh yeah I get it. I have the book right here. Maybe I can find Jerry in it! Much respect to you and Clarity

  18. charmcat said...

    I was in the anger stage of my disconnecting from a cult process


    well then just find a better feeling thought :)

    ducking and running for cover lol~

    gotcha to laugh tho didn't I *wink*

  19. What I'd give for a hotseater, instead of facing Ester, to face the audience and ask them, "Does it make sense to ANY of you that dinosaurs roamed the Earth with humans?"

    Wouldn't be interesting to see how "infinite intelligence" reacted to a DIRECT attack on their authenticity?

  20. I considered adding a few clips, including the one where Abraham gets onto a guy about using their copyrighted materials on Fox News

    Hi Kyra,

    I watched the workshop (or thought I did) and missed this part---can you elaborate where in the workshop can I find this part about the copyrighted material?


  21. Hey Anonymous,

    Sometimes I wonder if any of the hotseaters are that discerning. The moment she said that, the guy in the hotseat was like "Nice....nice..." like he had just made privy to some great secret.

    Although, I've been researching this dino-blunder, and there is actually a workshop where they say that dinosaurs were here before humans--to test out the air and the atmosphere. So it seems to be a contradiction to their own "infinite" wisdom.

    I figure if someone questioned their authenticity, Esther could hop off the stage, punch the hotseater in the face, and then tell the audience, "That was Jerry," and they'll laugh and think it was the funniest thing in the world.

    Thanks for the comment.

  22. Hey thinkingstraight,

    It was in session 2 @ 6:35. It was the same man who Abraham offered a reality show concept too. It's right before they discuss the reality show idea. Let me know if you need any more than that to go off of.

  23. Clarity, thanks for the tip of finding a better thought than my current anger. I did laugh and then reached, for even more anger and I did feel better! I am going to stop being angry at abers who defend Ester. They are just trying to make some sort of sense about what they are involved in. I had a famous acting teacher many years ago who said she could never watch any footage of Hitler speaking to the masses, even though she knew he was terrible, she would find herself getting caught up in his charisma. Her husband was Jewish and escaped with his life before WW2. Kyra, I had to laugh over Ester punching some one's light's out and saying it was Jerry. I think you are on to something, poor Jerry is going to be the cute, naughty spirit that cause of all the glitches and holes. I honestly believe the real spirit of Jerry, and I do believe in life after death, is still is slowly and lovingly being brought to understand his life here and will never come near Ester again. Ok, one more thing, do you think the endangered species that Ester said are not endangered at all but have gone to other locations on earth or other planets, do you think they are hanging out with those dinsaurs (and all the early man types and apes who are not related to us) as well?

  24. Hey charmcat,

    I hope they are all hanging out together! That would be the most awesome place in the entire universe!

    I want to add Abraham's "wisdom" about the extinction and/or evolution of species to a long list of topics that Abers basically have to say, "It's true because Abraham says it's true."

  25. Thanks for the punch charming of you....(smiles)
    Wonderful contrast on here Kyra, keep posting, thankyou!
    From one "snippery smarmy" Reality Checker

  26. Krya,

    It seems to me that you've broken two laws here:

    1. Copyright infringement. You cannot post clips of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. If you are claiming Fair Use, please remember that Fair Use is a defense, not a right, and at the end of the day you do not have the indisputable right to distribute copyrighted material. I am just pointing out that you are leaving yourself open for a lawsuit if you are unwilling to take these clips down.

    2. Piracy. I would have to assume that you didn't pay for these clips, either through the Live website or from purchasing this DVD, so you clearly ripped the content through some sort of ripping software. Again, this is illegal.

    I don't knock you for voicing your opinion about the Abraham materials, but believe me, you don't want the AH attorneys cracking down on you and ultimately bringing you to court. It's not worth the expense, is it? Who knows, you might have money to burn but if you don't then I would reconsider posting the clips.

    Just my two cents.

  27. Could someone please provide a link to this Phoenix workshop that's being discussed? Parts are referenced and noted, but where is this video recording, please?

  28. Hey Anonymous,

    There is no link to this workshop yet, but it will be available from Abraham Hicks Publications shortly.

  29. Hey Anonymous (who calls me Krya),

    I am just pointing out that you are leaving yourself open for a lawsuit if you are unwilling to take these clips down.

    Thanks for the warning. Considering the minimal portions I have used, clearly for purposes of criticism, I am not concerned.

    I would have to assume that you didn't pay for these clips...

    You know what happens when you assume...

    ...believe me, you don't want the AH attorneys cracking down on you and ultimately bringing you to court. It's not worth the expense, is it?

    I'm willing to play if Esther is.

  30. Anon who wrote about the laws. Does any portion of Section 230 protections apply?

  31. What we have coming from ahp now is a concerted effort to resurrect Abe and remake the image sans Jerry. Jerry is cleverly included as part of Abe, a bridge between physical and non physical, the eternal jokester who gooses hotseaters and even shows up in their daily lives. Kinda reminds me of the ‘here’s Johnny’ from The Shinning with an adorable twist. Instead of an honest discussion of why jerry got cancer he’s been reduced to the eternal jokester. Fortunately even the dedicated Abers at some forums are asking questions and coming up with much better conclusions than the completely controlled flock at the Abe forum. Since ahp staff has signed up at said forums with their ahp email addies it’s logical to assume they read these comments. You should really reread the Grateful Dead comment. Their marketing strategy was brilliant.

    The push is on to gain complete control of the Abe message with guilt manipulation and/or threats. Guess ahp never took to heart the futility of pushing against. It is blatantly obvious that Ester and ahp entourage not only do not practice the teachings but practice just the opposite. If you think this will just fade away think again. You are doing so much to damage the Abe mystique and we here and elsewhere want to express our appreciation for your complete hypocrisy and stupidity.

    While I have no love lost for Jerry and he was never my cup of tea even when I was an Aber, I have to give him this…he understood marketing. Sure he pulled some control trips but you all have taken it to a new level…kudos and kudos again. I remember when the mediation cd’s came out and jerry made a statement to the audience…if you share this with a friend please include the pdf because it is very important that the two go together. He knew it was going to be passed around and instead of bucking the current he went downstream. For all of his cons he did understand the marketing matrix much better than this group of goons that is on the move.

    A frivolous lawsuit on the finer points of fair usage would be a riot. Why it could tie in with the Rhonda fiasco and so much more.

    Keep it up please…you make our task so much easier.

  32. Clarity - I was a little harsh with my earlier posting.

    I have a sister-in-law that has followed, gotten or been involved in Abraham-Hicks, John of God, Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Oz and others. She seems to float between them. She has two small children. About 5 years ago managed to get herself fired from a job as an Executive. She divorced her husband 3 years ago, but before divorcing hooked up with a guy who was into law of attraction and has been dating him off and on long distance since the divorce.

    The reason she gave for divorcing her husband was that he was boring and she no longer liked having sex with him. The reason her current relationship is off and on is that the guy doesn't live in the same state, she also states he is boring and she no longer likes having sex with him.

    The relationships didn't make her feel good. The job she got fired from she had set her sights on ousting the CEO (female) and filed complaints that were substantiated. In addition, she had become the company dream interpreter and medium (palm reader whatever) and was giving health/healing advice. She had her Masters Degree.

    She has used all her unemployment (lucky she got it) and food stamp assistance. She refuses to go after ex for child support. She travels off an on to the other state leaving children with friends and family for 3 - 4 weeks at a time to spend time with the current squeeze she says is boring and doesn't like to have sex with.

    Now her ex (my BIL) is unemployed. Layed-off and they have no medical insurance. I could careless if she and the BIL have no insurance, but the children that is something. Stupidity doesn't disqualify you from being a parent.

    Refuses to look for a job and has recently taken my father-in-law out of assisted living with around the clock care to live with her so that his retirement will pay her bills.

    She refuses to take responsibility for her life.

    I have nothing against being happy. I have nothing against making money or holistic healing, because I use some holistic stuff in combination with conventional medical care. There needs to be a balance.

    Bitterness doesn't change things. Hate doesn't change things. Stalking and threatening doesn't change things. The most powerful thing is knowledge and information. I have been reading both the pro site and the con sites for about a little over a year.

    I am not going to diss the Hicks couple. I don't know anything about them as individuals. What I am looking at is the beliefs related to things like law of attraction and extreme holistic healers.

    I am trying to formulate an opinion. I am seeking an educated one, not one that is based on someone else who is bitter, sets up multiple emails to monitor the Hicks postings or sites or refuses to state what their energy was so that others can formulated their "own" opinions.

    Allow me to make that decision for myself, so that my family and I can determine the best course of action for my FIL and the children. I don't want your anger or your. You own it. I don't.

    I apologize if I hurt your feelings. If you attack me I will bite back.

  33. Hey Anonymous (who responded to Clarity),

    I have two comments from you, I believe. I saw your latter comment was about how you felt you were a little harsh in your first. If you would prefer, I can not post the first & second comment (or just the first one) or you can write an entirely new post--or I can post them both. Whatever way you choose is fine with me.

  34. Well heck, can't tell one anony from another. I was replying to this anony...

    It seems to me that you've broken two laws here:

    So if that is you hey :)

    If you are the second anony...not sure what you would take offense at bc my reply was not to you.

    Not sure that this is about...

    sets up multiple emails to monitor the Hicks postings or sites or refuses to state what their energy was so that others can formulated their "own" opinions.

    Would you care to clarify? Is this me or someone else you are upset with? Or are you referring to yourself in a round about way???

  35. @ Clarity -

    I have a sick four year old on my hands (my niece), so I am just getting back to your response. Her sister is 7 years old. Their mom is the one I was referring to earlier. The children are with us until January 5. This is in addition to my 2 preteens (twins) and 2 high school aged children. Her children don't have a pediatrician, she just took them to an urgent care type facility near their home, which is more expensive than establishing a primary care physician. That is another topic. My husband and I are footing the bill for the medical since they no longer have health insurance. That can change if we can get them on our policy. To do that would mean gaining custody. We have to prove the parents are unfit. I don't think my BIL is unfit, but I do have my thoughts as to her fitness. The question is does her belief in this stuff contribute to her ability to parent. Truthfully, you can't answer that.

    Yes, I really have been reading and wondering. We are considering trying to gain custody of the children. This is the reason I am visiting some of the information about some of the stuff she claims to believe. Or does she and is it like a drug that give her excitement and eliminates her boredom. That is what I am trying to understand.

    My FIL is still of sound mind. I realize that sounds questionable, but we will have to look at other options with him before he runs out of retirement money and we end up supporting him as well.

    I felt you were responding to my post since it followed mine. I am the second anon.

    I went back and reread a few posts on some of Kyra's other blogs just to be sure I wasn't confusing you with someone else.

    Are these your posts? This is just a sampling.

    Jerry Hicks Undergoing Chemo Therapy

    May 30, 2011 3:28 AM
    September 10, 2011 8:57 PM
    Abraham Hicks Sells Used Thought
    September 15, 2011 12:55 AM

    On the latest news from Abraham-Hicks

    November 29, 2011 7:44 PM
    December 10, 2011 7:35 PM
    December 11, 2011 4:16 PM

    Source Says Jerry Hicks has Leukemia

    June 22, 2011 3:25 PM
    June 22, 2011 2:40 PM
    June 24, 2011 3:48 PM
    June 25, 2011 1:33 PM
    June 25, 2011 9:37 PM
    June 28, 2011 2:56 PM
    June 29, 2011 6:23 PM
    July 7, 2011 4:40 AM
    July 8, 2011 3:31 PM
    July 9, 2011 12:50 AM
    July 9, 2011 1:06 PM

    All of these indicate you spend time on other sites and monitoring the sites created by or that or end support of the Abraham Hicks teachings.

    This is where I am coming from. I don't get why you feel the need to express anger towards those who don't just embrace your views 100%. I have reason to be angry as well. I am also frustrated and very tired. Mostly, I am looking for a win - win outcome. I just don't know what that is. With the economy like it is, I hate to think that we might sink a lot of money into a custody battle and not win. That doesn't hurt just me or my husband. It impacts the children as well.

  36. Why do you spend time following someone you don't believe in. Follow someone else and be happy :)

  37. Hallo Kyra,
    ich habe deinen Blog gerade gefunden, weil ich Videos aus dem letzten Workshop gesucht habe.
    Ich finde diese "Aussetzer" von Esther beweisen überhaupt nichts. Es ist doch Esther selbst, die die Gedankenblöcke von Abraham übersetzt, sie empfängt nur so etwas wie Ahnungen oder Bilder und muss selber die passenden Worte finden, um es zu umschreiben, also kann sie auch Fehler machen.
    Auch wurde schon oft gesagt, dass sich Abraham nur auf das beziehen kann, wozu es in Esthers Verständnis eine Entsprechung gibt.

    Und schließlich die Dinosaurier... Es ist ziemlich aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen, es kann natürlich auch ein Spaß gewesen sein. Und so genannte wissenschaftliche Theorien; erst recht, wenn es um Geschehnisse von vor Abermillionen Jahren geht, können sich irren. Ich bin selbst Wissenschaftlerin (mache kommendes Jahr meinen Master of Science) und daher weiß ich, wie schnell sich so genannte wissenschaftliche Beweise in Luft auflösen können. Das Alter der Gesteine und Dino-Knochen wird mit radioaktiv markierten Isotopen festgestellt, manchmal auch nur mit Rekonstruktionen der Gesteinsgenese. Was da alles schiefgehen kann...

    Aber gut, je mehr du nach Unstimmigkeiten suchst, desto mehr wirst du finden, so will es das Gesetz.
    Wenn du wüsstest, was die Lehren Abrahams als logischer Schritt nach NLP und Master Key System in meinem Leben bewirkt haben... Ich brauche jedenfalls keine weiteren Beweise.
    Soll ich dir mal sagen, warum du diesen Blog schreibst? Nicht weil du die heere Absicht der Aufklärung verfolgst, sondern weil du gerne an die Lehren Abrahams glauben würdest und dich deine Skepsis aber davon abhält, Nutzen aus den Lehren zu ziehen.

    Spätestens nach unserem Ableben wissen wir mehr. Jerry hat's gut...


  38. Guten Tag Jana,

    Thanks for the comment. If you’ll excuse me, I used Google Translate to understand what you wrote, so feel free to let me know if there are any misunderstandings. I’m assuming by your response that you either understand English or that you also are able to translate this.

    Es ist doch Esther selbst, die die Gedankenblöcke von Abraham übersetzt, sie empfängt nur so etwas wie Ahnungen oder Bilder und muss selber die passenden Worte finden, um es zu umschreiben, also kann sie auch Fehler machen.

    This theoretical argument only shows the potential for all of Esther’s supposed “translations” of nonphysical energy to be mistranslations. There are clearly errors in topics that we are able to assess (see Abraham Hicks Memory Lapse), so it’s not a stretch to say that there would also be errors in those things that we can’t assess (like information about the nonphysical dimension, life after death, etc). Since we are not able to assess which information is a mistranslation and which is not, it really makes the materials useless to us.

    Und schließlich die Dinosaurier... Es ist ziemlich aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen, es kann natürlich auch ein Spaß gewesen sein.

    If it was a joke, it’s unfortunate that Abraham never bothered to correct the hotseater, who was clearly impressed by what he felt was newfound wisdom, as he chanted “Nice…nice…” and then requested more information about the “beginning.”

    Und so genannte wissenschaftliche Theorien; erst recht, wenn es um Geschehnisse von vor Abermillionen Jahren geht, können sich irren. Ich bin selbst Wissenschaftlerin (mache kommendes Jahr meinen Master of Science) und daher weiß ich, wie schnell sich so genannte wissenschaftliche Beweise in Luft auflösen können.

    And so…as a scientist, you chose to ignore the scientific method when assessing the Abraham materials?

    Aber gut, je mehr du nach Unstimmigkeiten suchst, desto mehr wirst du finden, so will es das Gesetz.

    Or just pseudoscience.

    Wenn du wüsstest, was die Lehren Abrahams als logischer Schritt nach NLP und Master Key System in meinem Leben bewirkt haben... Ich brauche jedenfalls keine weiteren Beweise.

    With your scientific background, I guess you can understand how thoroughly unimpressed I am with anecdotes.

    Soll ich dir mal sagen, warum du diesen Blog schreibst? Nicht weil du die heere Absicht der Aufklärung verfolgst, sondern weil du gerne an die Lehren Abrahams glauben würdest und dich deine Skepsis aber davon abhält, Nutzen aus den Lehren zu ziehen.

    Surely, with your scientific background, you can understand the importance of skepticism.

    I hope I responded to everything in a way that made sense. If there’s any confusion or if there was confusion on my end, feel free to let me know.

  39. I agree with what TY said...quote "Why do you spend time following someone you don't believe in. Follow someone else and be happy :)" unquote.

    Thousands of people find good in Abraham as thousands do in Jesus as thousands do in Buddha as thousands do in Mohammed. If some good comes out of certain beliefs, why not just accept the good that they bring and leave well alone if you disagree? Who is anyone to state what is right and wrong? Don't make it your 'mission' to try and put others beliefs to right. To me that seems such a waste of your time and energy. You Kyra, and Clarity and Charmcat sure are showing your rampage of disallowing here and on your other sites that I have come across. Lighten up people! I am sure you could find more worthy things to expend all your time and energy on! Just chill and be HAPPY!

  40. Hey Jayne,

    I actually hadn't responded to what Ty wrote because it seemed irrelevant to the post, but I want to respond now since this seems to be something that several people are still wondering. As I have written various times on the blog, I am not interested in converting those who believe in the teachings (or as you word it, putting "others beliefs to right"). I am making this information available to those who are looking for it, as I once was. At the most, I am encouraging people who are believers to think critically about the teachings, which is not the same thing as telling them not to believe in them. People are free to believe whatever tripe they want to believe.

    As for our "rampage of disallowing," I certainly don't see that as a bad thing. Some of the people I admire most were great disallowers (Norma Rae, MLKJr, Tommy Douglas, etc)

    And don't worry, I assure you that this is not what I spend all my time and energy on.

    Thanks for the comment.

  41. This afternoon a rocket will be launched with an astronaut from my country; they're going to the IIS Space Vessel for half a year. I think earth is an incredible thing, litterally incredible. The beauty, the colors, the colors. I think Abraham's teachings come from this frequency of incredibility. So for me personally I do not see the point of criticizing them so much, unless you gain a certain position, life perspective with it. The tone of voice of Kyra's comments is for me a little too...I don't know the word... too Pitbull? Greetings, Matthijs

  42. Hey Matthijs,

    Thanks for the comment.

    The tone of voice of Kyra's comments is for me a little too...I don't know the word... too Pitbull?

    Too Pitbull? I love his song with Jennifer Lopez. And the new one with Chris Brown is even better!

  43. Ah Kyra....criticizing, criticizing, criticizing. It looks like seeing comments here that people are shifting perspective and have had enough Abraham/Esther criticism now. Maybe it's time to tell a different story!

    Just my thoughts
    With regards


  44. Hey Helen,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Not to worry. This is actually a lot less criticism than I'm used to getting. In the beginning, that was actually all it was. Nowadays, I have a lot more support and encouragement. So...what would an Aber say...happy where I am and eager for more.

  45. @ Helen, I agree with you. I would like to add, some people derive pleasure from criticizing. It is easier to use criticism to tear others down rather that find positive ways to build one own self up. There are those who use criticism to inflict pain and receive pleasure from this.

    As you know there is information on this type of thing in cyber bullying dialogs. You come to an understanding or win arguments with people who enjoy criticizing others.

    There is also an energy (negative) that is received from being hurtful, critical and negative. For some it is easier to receive negative energy than positive energy.

    Good day to you.

  46. Hey fair do's. If it makes you happy then DO IT! I can't agree with your thoughts but it matters not what others think! hehe

  47. Hey Anonymous,

    I find it interesting when people criticize the fact that I criticize. Sounds like Hypocrisy 101.

  48. @ anony with a bone to chew

    Reading all your links to my replies...gosh, I didn't know you cared *hugs*. I read on forums that are open to the public so where you get...

    sets up multiple emails to monitor the Hicks postings or sites or refuses to state what their energy was so that others can formulated their "own" opinions.

    Have not a clue. However we won't debate the finer points of web viewing.

    I found it interesting that you went into this long diatribe of the woes of your life (endangered children replete) is exactly what someone posing as several different persona did on Dave's blog. When the going got tough the poster started their poor me story, child died of leukemia comes first to mind but there are others. I really liked the persona of the big dark guy who drove a Harley and extended an invitation to meet at The Shade Tree, a biker hangout...he was my fav.

    You might try changing your modus operandi with the poor me stories bc it's a dead give away...just sayin.

    light bulb moment...try injured kitty, some neighborhood brat kicked it into a coma and the vet bills are running in the thousands.

  49. ps...let me clarify

    Some neighborhood brat whose mom follows Abe's advice of let the brat kick the kitty.

    I think that is my most all time fav Abe'ism to date. Truly it is. And to think I would have missed this gem had I not stopped by to ck in on the Abe (flock) forum gleefully yucking it up over kick the kitty.

  50. Clarity and Kyra appear based on what they have written/posted to present classic narcissistic personalities. Narcissists don't like others to disagree with them. Don't take my word for it, contact any mental health professional with copies of this blog and their responses.

    At the core of extreme narcissism is egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations, needs, success, and how he/she is perceived by others.

    Extreme narcissists tend to be persons who move towards eventually cutting others off and becoming emotionally isolated.

    It usually starts with a significant emotional wound or a series of them culminating in a major trauma of separation/attachment. No matter how socially skilled an extreme narcissist is, she/he has a major attachment dysfunction. They became emotionally stuck at the time of their major trauma of separation/attachment.

    Some narcissists may have the ability to change into a variety of identities according to the situation.

    Try to get close or ask personal questions as to how they are internally doing and feeling and you will find is that they will quickly distract you. They will sidestep the question with another joke, making you suddenly forget what you were asking or redirect to what they want the outcome of the discussion to be. Narcissists can be very skilled at dodging and ducking personal questions. If you press them, they will then slot you as “unsafe or harmful to them."

    Examples: Hence my behavior cannot be controlled by them. They are threatened by my self-assuredness. I’m not safe to them. It does not matter that I have helped them in critical moments of their life. When they realized that they could not control me to make them look good when I was with them, they dropped me like a heavy weight.

    I had an extreme narcissist stopped calling me when I got my Ph.D.

    I’ve seen many extreme narcissists become extremely healthy in their emotional and relational life. The first step is to find competent and safe help that knows how to heal emotional traumas.

    Second, extreme narcissists have to be willing to enter the realm of their feelings again. They have been the masters of covering and hiding, even to themselves. They now have to start uncovering painful wounds. They have taught themselves to stuff and disconnect their own feelings for years. Because of this, they tend to live inside their heads, in the realm of so called reason. They are likely to live in the world of rational principles, laws, rules, which are all linear. This domain is a realm they feel they can control. It is devoid of feelings. The realm of the heart or feelings is very intimidating and unsafe to them because it is non-linear and there is very little control of the outcomes. If extreme narcissists can overcome these two hurdles then there is much hope for them.

    I hope that eventually Kyra and Clarity seek out a professional that can assist them in this area.

  51. Not sure what the kitty has to do with this topic.

    What did the cat do to the kid? Was there more to this story, like the cat kept attacking the kid and kid defended self?

    Or do you just hate kids?

  52. Psst....R. Sarvis...the majority of your post is plagiarized. Just thought I should let you know.

    Anyway, I appreciate the red herring that you've offered, but what Aber do you really think is going to consider narcissism a bad thing? Narcissism is at the heart of the Teachings of Abraham.

  53. Well, on top of that he took his lead in from me on this post...

    Ester, being the consummate narcissist was put on stage. She plays to the audience and feeds off their adoration. That she is unable in her personal life to form lasting friendships and associations is just par for the construct of a narcissist.


    First he copies my idea then he plagerizes his post.

    Now I just don't think that's fair. I brought up narcissist first....waaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

  54. Clarity,

    Lol. Sorry for not mentioning the credit that you deserve for inspiring that overwhelmingly plagiarized post.

  55. Ah, the kitty story. I'm so pleaseddddddddddddddd that you asked. I just love a good lead in :)

    A young mom was on the hotseat with a few 'what to do with my bratty toddler' questions. Here it is verbatim from the Abe flock ...(names changed to protect the mindless)

    ~K****,there was another child rearing question. This young mother asked advice about her 3 year old who doesn't want to share his toys and kicks the cat because of his behavior she was out of the vortex. I don't know if anyone took notes on their answers but I am going to watch again tomorrow and I will take notes about that. It's great.

    ~The 2nd HSer of the 2nd session was this sweet young mom (who had her 3 years old kid with her, we saw them while the chat was on, before the ws started, and commented on how lucky that kid was), and she asked about her kid not sharing toys, and how can she stay ITV while he does. So Abe explained that the kid was being in alignment, enjoying his toy AND "much like Jesus - not freaking out about the toylessness of his friends"

    She also asked about him kicking the cat, and of course they said that was between him and the cat, and that the cat will teach him

    ~It was a great conversation by the way!! I don't have kids but I have nieces and nephews, and have a few close friends with young kids, and I always wonder about those things and what's the Abe-ish way of handling them. So that was really good. I'll try and get the gist of it by transcribing a few small bits from the whole conversation.

    ~I haven't been thru all of the posts yet. So K*** what was your parenting story? What does Abe say about not telling your child to stop hitting someone? And then what did the HS person ask regarding parenting - what was the ? and then Abe's response?

    ~D*** the young mom asked about staying ITV while her son does stuff that's obviously he's ITV when he's doing it, but it pulls her out of her V - like when he doesn't share his toys with friends, or kicks the cat.
    I quoted a bit from their answer regarding the toys - it's in post #
    And about the cat, they said it's between him and the cat.

    ~The hitting story was an example of where I let someone's opinion of my child's behavior be cause for feeling bad! As if I wasn't beating up on myself enough already!!! But I did feel the offness of the whole thing and it was just easiest for me to stop going to playgroup.

    ~The other day, I was talking to a mom friend from that playgroup. They'd just visited that little boy that my dd used to hit, but my friend's son was hitting him....

    Those powerful little creators!

    ~HS: So, when I'm in that moment, do I just not look at it?

    Abe: Well, here's the thing, we were talking about it earlier. Does Source not look? Or does Source look but not freak out?
    So what is the not freaking out? What is the making peace with what-it-is?
    This is a learning moment for him. This is a life moment. This is a manifestational moment. I'm not going to deprive my child of his learning how to relate with others. I trust my child to tune into who he is, and be the ITV tuned in tapped in uplifting person that he's born to be.
    But it's for sure that if you, from outside your vortex, demand that he behaves in response to what the culture, or society, is preferring from him, that you will train him away from his only chance for happiness.


    It goes on a bit more ad nauseam but you catch the drift. The kid is in his vortex while he throws tantrums and kicks the kitty. If the mom demands that he change his behavior she will train him away from his ONLY CHANCE FOR HAPPINESS.


    Sheesh, now I've got it...the reason I'm so narcissistic'ly screwed up. My mom, god rest her soul, taught me manners, respect for all life, compassion, kindness. Shit, it's all her fault not mine...whew.

    Here kitty kitty :)

  56. ps...opps, forgot to mention the date of the kick the kitty Abeway

    Denver LIVE Sept. 03, 2011

    And I should mention that no, I did not watch the Abeway, I'm just going on what is open record at the flock forum. If it's inaccurate then David Gordon needs to set the record straight. I mean really, if Abe didn't say this then it could be dangerous all those Aber mom's and dad's letting tantrums and animal abuse run rampant.

    ~"It's hard, we know, because you want your children to behave, which means you don't want them to embarrass you, and you also want them to not put themselves in a place where they will embarrass themselves. But in that well meaning context, if you for a moment imply that his behavior should be contingent upon someone outside of his IB's response to him, then you have began the desensitizing process. You have began the process of helping him forget who-he-really-is and what-he-really-wants, you see.
    You could say someone is not sharing their toys, or, someone is enjoying the toys that they have attracted. And you could also say that he's like the very young version of Jesus - hear it, you're gonna like it - who is not freaking out over the toylessness of his friend." -- Abe

    Question~did Jesus really not give a rip about his toyless friends?

    Inquiring minds~

  57. How can Abe be unsettled? I find that unsettling myself. I think if I had been that guy in the Hot Seat I would have gotten up and walked out. At that point you have to know it's Esther talking.

  58. Hey Anonymous,

    This doesn't mean much to most Abers. Anything considered off is viewed as an issue with Esther during the translation process (or with the Hot Seater's energy at the time, or whatever other excuse they can make up). Anything considered brilliant is viewed as Abraham's pure infinite wisdom.

  59. More please!!! I have seen many moments like this myself that make me go; "Oh, wow, it's just her." I just haven't had the time to make my own video editing.. Kyra, if they try to take your site down I'll host it on my German server. DO IT. Exposé this fraud misleading people!!! <333

  60. Hey Open Mind,

    Sorry it's taken me a while to respond to your post. I've been working on several projects and handling the latest post for the past few days.

    Kyra, if they try to take your site down I'll host it on my German server. DO IT.

    I don't think it'll come to that, but I appreciate the offer ; ).

  61. ... waiting for the unsettling to leave...

    Who is supposedly saying this? Esther or Abraham? It would have to be Esther, because if she's unsettled, she wouldn't have access to "Abraham" so that would indicate that Esther pops in and out "of the vortex" throughout her presentation, and there's no way of knowing if it's Esther talking or "Abraham."

    1. Quite a mind-bender, isn't it? ; )

    2. thanks for all the contrast Kyra, which helps keep the message of peace and love getting stronger !!!

    3. My pleasure, Anonymous. I'm all about peace and love ; ).

  62. Thankyou so much for this blog,I had a longish conversation with an old HS aquaintance last night, who I discovered is an Aber, and lives in CO. I had never heard of Abraham and was struck by the narcissistic behavior I was witnessing from my friend, when I questioned the morality of such behavior it was double-talk about the here and now and focusing on acheiving your desires. Again, I pointed out what I perceived as selfishness and the lack of consideration for the suffering of others. My friend is now attending school to attain a Masters in Social Science...but I could feel the pretense. I don't want to judge anyone's beliefs, but unfortunately there are a lot of harmful predators out there (not dinosaurs...either!) I am Buddhist, so I enjoyed the conversation immensely...and I look forward to more. It was like my friend was Edith and I was in the hotseat...but wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions! Buddha encouraged his students to question everything, and to believe nothing without is a common sense philosophy. My friend seemed very happy with his status in life, at the moment...I just don't understand how justifying poor behavior could lead to lasting happiness.

  63. Hey Dawn~left a post on your blog under about me comments bc I could not find a way to contact you privately.

  64. The Heart vs The Mind.

    The mind needs "proof" and rationalization of information. Whereas the heart focuses on the feeling. Feeling being the HEART of all things.

    I FEEL that all of us should always pay attention to our feelings. Yes I know Abraham says things that at time boggles the mind or at other times captures the heart, but you have to understand the basis of the teachings are centered on one's emotional state of well being. As it and your vibrational well being are the attract-er of your reality.

    I appreciate that all you offer your opinions so freely, but I ask that you examine your feelings when you offer those opinions. I feel as if that's more important that who's right or wrong.

    re: dinosaurs and mankind (and Abraham's opinion of them)

    Personally I don't believe in evolution, there's no "evidence" of it that is quantifiable. Meaning "written history" hasn't been around long enough to witness "proof" of such a process having occurred, for it to explain and account for the origins of all species. It's too convenient of theory for my mind to accept. So to me, evolution is as much an assumption as any other theory or belief system.

    BUT I don't want to argue or debate that point, I just wanted to point out that to squabble over what Abraham says about it or anything is really pointless. If you understand or follow Abraham, then you have to understand that their whole teachings is not based on the mind but the heart. Therefore what they say about certain topics changes to suit the FEELING needs of the individuals they are engaged with. It's inconsistent and even at times may seem irrational because it's not meant to cater the mind, but the heart of the individual.

    So if somehow the teachings of Abraham has offended you, I implore you to NOT use your mind or thoughts to seek resolution. Instead focus on resolving the emotional conflicts that you have with the material with you heart. That's where you will find your efforts most rewarding and fulfilling.

    Goodlife All

  65. VerticalWisdom said...

    So if somehow the teachings of Abraham has offended you

    Hi VW,

    In case you missed the tone of the blogs, hard to do but none the less, we poke fun at the preachings (satire). What offends us is that Ester is faking, doesn't give a damn about ppl that truly do love her, put trust in her and this whole production is for fleecing flock who for one reason or another cling to her words. Same goes for Jer who is now doa but doing jokester from the vortex in the sky.

    If you take the time to read the blogs you'll find ample evidence, documented, of an intentional fraud. If we 'examine our feelings' as you suggest...and by the way, we have many times in our private exchanges...our feelings are all pretty much on the same page. ...we don't like frauds that intentionally lie to an adoring public. Frauds that give dangerous medical advice (ignore the condition, it will go away), or sure you can grow a new leg, just line up vibrationally. Frauds that give dangerous parental's perfectly acceptable for a toddler to kick the family kitty. Other 'not dangerous' advice but equally damaging...don't mind that your toddler throws tantrums over sharing toys, jesus didn't care about his toyless friends either. Other parenting advice pretty much says ignore your child and focus on getting in your vortex...after all it's all about you. Quite a few aber kids have been damaged by this advice as their mothers now state when coming out of Aberhaze.

    Then there is the issue of abe supposedly making a special cd for jer's cancer and he was getting back into vibrational alignment, old zippy do da self (to quote him) all the while he was dying and searching for a cure taking him all the way to South Korea for stem cell therapy but died few days after arriving. To cover up the inconvenience of Jer not being able to line up vibrationally he is now part of the signature from AHP...
    Our Love,Esther, Abraham/Jerry and our Abraham-Hicks traveling team

    So please don't come on with this see what is in our hearts because we have done exactly that.

    However, as a true aber you say don't think just feel and one of the key components to keeping the flock in aberhaze is the discouragement of thinking bc as long as they don't think about all the inconsistencies (I've only mentioned a pitiful few) and contradictions then they will continue to support the franchise.

    And you know what...what I feel 'in my heart' is it really sucks to lie to people for money. Even more, so many ppl actually love Ester (and Jerry) and that love is traded for profit. These people don't give a damn about those that love them, never have and never will. If I really want to say what gets to 'my heart' the most is the abuse of ones that love you.

    End of story~

  66. No offense, and I am not exactly a fan of Esther, but no one could come up with all those teachings and wisdom that comes from her mouth. As far as the man living with dinosaurs, you need to check your current science info that it has been discovered that man and dinosaurs were here together on the planet at some point. The theory of evolution, is just that, theory... And, Abe was not saying that dying, being murdered, or any other form of death was a good thing, but that being dead was 'being in the spirit' if you will and the body was no longer suffering. I know several people that channel and have psychic abilities, but that does not mean that they know everything all the time. It just means that they are tapped into a higher awareness at some intervals and I think that's where Esther has gotten herself in trouble...when she's not readily tapped in and makes stuff up herself, her ego maybe. I do not really care much for Esther herself, but I do like 'Abraham' and there is no way that Esther could come up with those words of wisdom in herself. People need to hear and understand the whole picture, not just quips to pick it apart. Rowan

  67. Hey Rowan,

    Thank you for the comment. There are a few things I would like to respond to.

    First, there’s no reason for us to believe that a person could not come up with the sort of tripe that Esther claims to be “receiving.” She’s not developing complex maths. She’s not making any advances in current sciences. She’s just going on and on about pseudoscience, which there are plenty who are not channeling are doing. It doesn’t take a genuine channeler to come up with homilies and about feeling good and the Law of Attraction. As for humans living with dinosaurs, the only supposed evidence that has come forward to suggest that dinosaurs and humans coexisted has come from creationist camps (and has been exposed as either fraudulent or severely misguided). I will leave the rest for evolutionary biologist/paleontologist/renowned author Stephen Jay Gould to explain:

    “Evolutionists have been clear about this distinction between fact and theory from the very beginning, if only because we have always acknowledged how far we are from completely understanding the mechanisms (theory) by which evolution (fact) occurred. Darwin continually emphasized the difference between his two great and separate accomplishments: establishing the fact of evolution, and proposing a theory - natural selection - to explain the mechanism of evolution.”

    Regarding Abraham’s opinion of death, they certainly do not consider death to be a bad thing, as it is the complete release of resistance. As for your repeatedly insisting that Esther couldn’t make all this up, there’s absolutely no reason for us to believe that she can’t. It isn’t rocket science. It’s recycled gibberish. And if you are willing to accept that some of the stuff that Esther says she is “making up” via her ego or what have you, then you must understand that (if that is the case) there is no way of us possibly discerning between what she is just making up and what is authentic, rendering her alleged “translation” completely useless.

  68. Just read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, Jerry and Esther basically ripped off his book, and Napolean Hill never claimed to be a channel for God or Source Energy or bunch of dead religious figures. And Hill was much more articulate than the Hicks. Abraham's "words of wisdom" are not impressive at all. Your standards must really be low to believe that no mere human could come up with that nonsense, no offense.

    And as far as following the heart and ignoring glaring inconsitencies, this is a common tactic of cults and scam artists. They know your emotions can sometimes fool you, and it's pretty easy to tell people things that make them feel good. But feeling good about something isn't proof it is authentic. And why would "Infinite Intelligence" be irrational and not, you know, intelligent? Why would it not appeal to the mind as well as the heart?