Monday, November 1, 2010

Genesis of Abraham: Sheila Gillette and Esther Hicks

*Those who do not like the term channeling can substitute it with “receiving from nonphysical” wherever you see fit.

Esther Hicks explains in several interviews and books that she was encouraged to meditate by Theo, a group of archangels channeled by Sheila Gillette. This, in turn, she alleges, led her to her own experience with Abraham. I find it interesting that Esther’s own group was encouraged by a channeler who seems as suspicious as she does.

Gillette claims that Theo was the first to be talking about 2012 and the earth changes in her youtube interview at I don’t think that Edgar Cayce would appreciate that claim, but nevertheless, I listened to a podcast interview with Gillette and Theo at and was not impressed. In this interview, Gillette claims:

-she can move objects with her mind (even spoon bending!).

-she has experienced levitation. The angels levitated her bed one night.

-she automatic wrote prose in 15th Century Castilian Spanish.

With regards to the spoon bending and moving objects, Gillette explains, "I don't do that anymore. To me that--that takes it to a different place.” This interests me because earlier in the interview, Gillette says that she was a very analytical person and that these sorts of experiences occurred to prove to her that what was happening was real. And yet, why does she think that others would not need those sorts of proofs to be convinced of all this? If her experience is genuine, why is she not, like a scientist, doing her best to prove it? She claims that she is just trying to spread her message. Would not scientific validity spread her message worldwide—rather than just to the comparatively insignificant number that attend her seminars and ask for phone readings?

Einstein, Newton, Bohr, and Darwin didn't shy away from proving their theories. They didn't think that offering proof would take it to "a different place." Yet, this whole disinterest in providing evidence runs rampant in the world of channeling. Neither Gillette nor Esther Hicks feel compelled to prove anything to anyone. We just have to take their word for it.



  1. THEO by Gillette is a scam!

    1. Had a 500.00 reading by supposed THEO, Meditated.. prepared my self spiritually and was very, very receptive. NOTHING THAT I AKSED ABOUT CAME TO BE. THAT WAS 4 YRS AGO. THEY ARE CLEVER IN CHANGING THE VOICE. Why does Sheila not do Meditations with her regular oive? At one Point during my "readin" Theo" slipped and said Our country.. Whne they should have saif your country. Too many red flags during this reading SCAM SCAM SCAM!

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    If you want to share your experience, I'd love to hear about it.

  3. I've known Sheila for many years. She has been studied by scientists or anyone else who is skeptical and she welcomes the questions from anyone who doesn't believe in what she has done for 40 years. You can call in to her radio show and ask any question that you want - ANYTHING AT ALL and Theo's response either rings true for you or it doesn't. It is worthwhile to check it out 1-866-472-5795 or access her website

  4. anonymous 11/29/12.. This posting must have been done by either Sheila or her husband cause anyone else who really believes what is said would post a real name!!!!