Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Fun Facts About Esther and Jerry Hicks

For simplicity, I went through and picked my favorite fun facts about Esther and Jerry. I hope that you will go beyond these short points and research them for yourselves.

1. Jerry Hicks was a top distributor at Amway in the 70s. See more...

2. Pre-Abraham, Esther and Jerry traveled the country in a motor home and went on cruises, giving presentations on Think and Grow Rich. See more...

3. The woman who led Esther to interact with “Abraham,” Sheila Gillette, also claims she can bend spoons, levitate, and automatically write in languages she doesn’t know. See more...

4. Abraham’s first words have been altered since their first book. Esther and Jerry’s account of their initial interactions have also been revised. See more...

5. Jerry and Esther failed in their attempt to trademark “Law of Attraction” in 2006, because it isn’t theirs, and was used in the same context in 1906 by William Walker Atkinson in his book Thought Vibration or Law of Attraction in the Thought World. See more...


  1. Hi Kyra, I'm so glad I found your blog!

    In my humble opinion, Esther doesn't project Love, which which is undoubtedly the sign of Source.

    If all this were true, she'd be bliss to all beings and her words would show this divine presence.

    Thanks for your valuable thoughts!
    All the best,

  2. Hey Gloria. Agreed. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Kyra, I need help, I am totally new to this LOA Stuff. I dont like people who are selling stuff when people are going through lots of trouble. I started my so called motivation journey from Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy etc,I almost read anything i found from this Biggest Best Sellers of US. I dont know it helps or not. My question is is Simple Law of Attraction what shown in The Secret Movie is big story ?? I am science guy, I read and try to study science as much as. I am coming from eastern side of the world. Where all these is nothing new about reincarnation.

    Question I have 1) Motivation/Inspiration world Tools are -Visulation, goal setting etc are no good ?
    2) LOA-all the teachers mentioned in the secret are no good ?
    3) Abraham makes tons of money, I agreed but almost all the motivational and inspirational speakers too. Same with religion.
    4) Mediation is sought through out world-Forget abes, Yoga Meditation that is no good either ?
    5) Science -E=Mc2-Energey transfered into matter-"How universe works" or boher theory or any Quantuam Science -We are interchangeable isnot that true
    6)Rhonda Byrne-If you see, almost all the teachers from The Secret are making tons of money-My problem is If you read the forum, people life are changing dramatically-Isnt good that simply free audios, books they are available on the internet helping people to have some faith into something.

  4. Hey again Majan, thanks for coming here too and commenting. I will try to address all your questions. If I miss anything, feel free to let me know.

    1) Motivation, goal setting, and visualization are wonderful practices.

    2) Well, James Arthur Ray is in big trouble for the whole sweat-lodge incident, and clearly you have seen my opinion of Esther Hicks. I think some of the people depicted in the Secret are well-intentioned. However, the Law of Attraction is a collection of ideas that stem from ignorance regarding confirmation bias, the placebo effect, the nocebo effect, selective thinking, the law of very large numbers (aka coincidences), and more.

    3) Trust me, there are a lot worse people making far more money than Esther and Jerry. I don't have a problem with THE FACT that they make money. I have a problem with HOW they are making it (i.e. spreading a very unhealthy philosophy and trying to pass off their fictitious Abraham as if "they" were real).

    4) I do not believe, and there is no sufficient evidence to suggest, that yoga is any more beneficial than other forms of relaxation.

    5) I'm not sure what this question is asking, but for the record, I will say that E=mc2 does not prove that Law of Attraction works. Also, quantum mysticism is not the same thing as quantum physics.

    6) People's lives are being helped equally by a number of unscientific ideas. Just because something is not true, doesn't mean you cannot get something from it. There are plenty who feel amazing reading Harry Potter. It doesn't change the fact that the boy wizard is fictitious. The harm of New Age ideas is that a lot of them lean towards victim-blaming and guilt (things that I do not think are healthy). A lot of the ideas have also encouraged people not to seek medical assistance for very serious illnesses, resulting in their deaths. The medical community doesn't have a 10:10 track record, but at least the methods they have can be tested and we can determine if their is any validity to them. In alternative methods, there is no way of verifying that the method even works. So people are basically just taking Abraham's (and others like them) word for it. When you mention faith, I think that people can have faith in something, but I think it should be in themselves and not gurus.

    Let me know if that helped.