Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Delicious Contradiction

It's humorous to see how Abraham's answers have evolved over the years. Take a look at these conflicting responses. In a 1990 workshop (09/23/1990), a guest asked Abraham about crop circles. Abraham said that extraterrestrial beings were coming to earth and that "their intent is to interact with your planet in a way that they can glean some information. In other words, they are sensing from the very core of your planet as they sit upon it. They have chosen to set down in areas where they are not disruptive. And so their mission has many intentions all of it information gleaning and none of it intending to interfere or hinder your life experience whatsoever." They went on to say that the aliens were here to collect data, "of a seismic nature."

This answer was given in 1990, before Doug Bower and Dave Chorley came forward in 1991 and took credit for starting the crop circle hoax. Regardless of the validity of crop circles, Abraham has backed off their statement regarding alien visitors. In a 2004 workshop (07/03/2004 Alaska), they were asked again about crop circles. They made it perfectly clear that they were all "man made," without exception.

Almost as amusing as listening to Abraham's conflicting answers about things like crop circles, is listening to the excuses Abers use to justify these contradictions. They usually just blame the listener or questioner, as is appropriate in their victim-blaming philosophy. Because, of course, Abraham is infallible.


  1. well done in your work exposing the abraham teachings.
    this blatant contradiction regarding the explanation of crop circles, should raise a few eyebrows.
    2 totally opposing explanations.
    Good find.
    More stuff like this might snap more people out of the brainwashing, rather than trying to convince people that the loa teachings are dangerous, cos people just won't hear you.
    whereas this is proof straight from the mouth of the deceiver.
    again excellent work, and good luck.

  2. Hey Anonymous.

    Thanks for commenting.

    More stuff like this might snap more people out of the brainwashing, rather than trying to convince people that the loa teachings are dangerous, cos people just won't hear you.

    I'm fully aware that I can't convince people who believe in LOA and Abraham that the teachings are dangerous, but I'm not trying to convince them as much as I'm trying to create an open dialogue that allows others (who are contemplating the teachings) to see the many faces of this belief system. I like to think that when they see the absurd parts early on, it's easier for them to go, "That's ridiculous!"

    whereas this is proof straight from the mouth of the deceiver.

    Sadly, even things like this won't change the minds of true believers. They just continue to make up excuses for Esther. Some have said that it was a mis-translation. Others try to twist the meaning of the quotes to make them work together (this is far less frequent since the quotes are so obviously contradictory to most sane people).

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. People all around the globe were convinced or strongly believed that the Earth was FLAT for thousands of years without questioning that belief, 'thinking' so for so long, that surely did not make it true. Oops.. the Earth is in fact round :)

    ABRAHAM: "That's how the scientist's discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis--an idea--and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true. You see?"

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    Yes, I am equally surprised that our believing the world was flat did not make it so ; ) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Kyra,
    I just fixed some grammar, English is not my first language. Please update this over the last post. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    The problem with all that channeling B.S
    is that man is a religious animal.

    The false does not stand up to investigation.

    The more an intelligent person investigates spiritualism, the more that person breaks free from the cultivated veil of spiritual ignorance acquired from books and others, and realizes the true fact of Life, that there is no such thing as individual 'spirit' or souls to come and go and reincarnate or survive death.

    All the New Age crap we find today taught, preached and written within self-help books are just a re-packaging of Hindu and Judea-christian religious beliefs.

    Anyone can create a new religion by borrowing from other religions and making it sound that it is the greatest new thing since sliced bread. Meditation, visualization, reincarnation, are all borrowed from Hinduism. But it is nothing new under the Sun. It will of course resonate with all kind of religious or spiritual people, simply because the foundation itself is based on religions.

    It all has been done or said before. Same all crap repackaged new. That is all it is. Some people want a God or alien to Love and love them back, so they invent one. Why not!
    That is how religious cults and sects are born.

    A delusional charismatic teacher or leader at the center of a group of people playing the 'spiritual' authority. Channeling is total B.S. simply because there is no such thing as 'spirits' or 'souls'. Man invented them all. It is called superstition.

    Once that is realized, the entire castle of card build on fiction and centuries of superstition collapses. The invisible no longer fools you. Sucker is no longer one's nick-name.

    That is where the 'real' cause or the root of all these deceptions lie, the fiction called religion and spirituality. A total human invention. Other animals on planet Earth are religious. Life is what is happening naturally in the here and now.

    Man in the only creator of a God and Gods. A religious animal worshiping illusion and chasing after illusion or using enticing spiritual carrots to exploit naive and unhappy people. Snake oil salesman and woman having the 'cure' for sale to anyone who wants it. "Do you want to know how to get whatever you want sucker? The Universe only exist for giving you what you want, you are so important, a great spiritual being and bla, bla, bla. Here, buy my book." Sounds like Kevin Trudeau but the extra of adding on a show, to seem more spiritual or extra-ordinary.

    The greatest reward sold to man is the religious promise of eternal life or immortality, that concept only exists in the realm of false imagination, deception and delusion. That crap sells.

    One can take a horse or a cow to the water but cannot make him or her drink. ;)

  6. I also heard an interaction where someone asked about crop circles, and "Abraham" said, "when you have them in your backyard, as again." Nice dodge, Abe!!!