Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Even More Energy Work from Caroline Myss, "PhD"

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine PotentialSacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential by Caroline Myss

I saw this book on the shelf and knew we were soulmates. Chronicling Caroline Myss’ evolution as a medical intuitive, SACRED CONTRACTS proves that there is still more energy work to be done than just the chakra work that her other books discuss. In fact, there’s a whole new “science” we have to come to understand. It’s called archetypes. Myss claims that she started realizing after her book WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL that there had to be something else causing illness (surely not because no one was healing because of her materials). A $17.00 (softcover) journey into understanding our sacred contracts—agreements that we must have made pre-this-life—reveals to us archetypes such as the prostitute, the child, the saboteur, and one other that supposedly is important. These all play an integral role in our bodies, relationships, and abundance and seem to have some all-important lesson to teach us. Myss’ divine wisdom is gathered from old woo that has been around since before Carol Jung used this sort of work in his teachings. A quick foreword from her hopefully deluded mentor Norm C Shealy, MD, gives this book some senseless credibility, despite the lack of empirical evidence to support any of the claims made within it.

This book, over all her others, gave me the impression that Caroline Myss was deluded more than anything else, which I sincerely hope is true. At some point in her introduction, she mentioned a man whom she had done a lot for in his “energy field”. I hope that she is not discussing the same “energy field” that Emily Rosa found no evidence for in her test on Therapeutic Touch practitioners in the 90s. Regardless, this book sold really well and started Myss’ archetype kick, which she has since strayed from—in favor of her Teresa of Avila work in ENTERING THE CASTLE.

SACRED is a cesspool of gibberish, and one of the hardest Myss books to read. It harps on and on about a topic that could have been covered in a small booklet. Alas, we have to once again endure Myss’ anecdotes and alleged miraculous healings. Steer clear of the archetypes. They are way too much work and there are other philosophies, including her own, that provide much simpler paths to enlightenment.

DISCLAIMER: As always, Myss' work does not claim to be able to heal every person, as she recognizes there are many mystical forces that could block a miraculous healing. Now, it can even be a contract you made before you came to this earth!

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