Friday, November 5, 2010

Open Letter to Esther Hicks, Louise Hay, and Caroline Myss

Dear Esther Hicks, Louise Hay, and Caroline Myss,

You have made some extraordinary claims. Mrs. Hicks, you allege that you speak for the nonphysical collective consciousness, Abraham—who says that all ailments can be healed mentally. Miss Hay, your work claims that it can heal all sickness, including AIDs. Dr. Myss, in your book Anatomy of the Spirit, there is a story about a man who was miraculously healed of AIDs.

All three of you beautiful ladies have been teaching for nearly 30 years. I am astonished that none of you have done this already, but if you could produce—out of all your years in this business—a single, documented instance of a person being miraculously healed of AIDs or any incurable illness, I think the world would be amazed, and all of science would be transformed by such evidence. Mrs. Hicks, I will not ask you to present any evidence of Abraham’s existence, as you have made it clear that that cannot be proven. All I will ask of you is the same that I ask of Miss Hay and Dr. Myss, for I am aware that Abraham has spoken frequently on the sort of healing that can occur when we release resistance.

If your materials have truly benefited many, I have no doubt that you will be able to come up with the evidence I am inquiring about. If anyone would care to present such evidence on your behalf (beyond vague testimonials), I would be happy to see it.

Now, I understand that you have each insinuated, if not flat out stated, that you do not feel a need to “prove” anything. Yet, I suggest to you that if, as you each have claimed, these healings are based on universal truths, then I see no reason why you cannot produce a single provable case.

I eagerly await your evidence!

Yours truly,



  1. Did u receive an answer from any of them?

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Lol. I wish. Alas, unsurprisingly, I have heard nothing.

  3. I met Louise Hay in 1981, before she hit the big time as a self stylized guru. I can tell you point blank - I think she is a fake. When I asked her for proof that she healed her cancer, she claimed the doctor no loinger had her ecords! This is ridiculous. Doctors/hospitals keep records for years. She couldn't even remember he doctor's name!

    Now, Jery Hicks recently died of cancer. Why didn't he just think positive thoughts? There are people who do heal themselves - but I don't think these women are legit.

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    Yes, Louise Hay's story has always been suspiciously unverifiable, as have Caroline Myss' alleged cures.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. I have met Louise Hay, who drinks like a fish and has one of the nastiest personalities that I have ever encountered. What an awful person. I felt so special that she invited me to lunch and then to find she is a total *&^%$%^. She portrays herself as spiritually enlightened and then gets drunk drunk drunk.

    1. I recently met her at I can do it DC. I was with my wife and two other ladies in the same elevator with Louis Hay and Cheryl Richardson and I witness the most rude act of disdain, when one of the ladies was so excited she was in the same elevator with them and asked them kindly if she would take a picture with them. She said NO!!! There was silence and disconcert. Richardson said as well, "and I do not think you can take pictures at the book sign either"… Nobody said a word and they just got off on their floor…
      I was thinking: after these people spent all these money, not even a "thank you" or an "I am sorry I am tired or busy"…not even a smile….
      Keep waiting for your answer Kira…these ladies do not care.

  6. Hey Anonymous,

    Lol. Thank you for your insight to Louise Hay. I figured she must be a real *&^%$%^, as I have learned about so many of these other self-professed "positive thinking" gurus. If you have more to share about your experiences with Hay, feel free. I'm sure a lot of people would be very interested in knowing what one of the goddesses of the New Age movement is really like.

    1. Yessssss!!!!!!! Great letter Kyra!

  7. I am always disappointed by these types of people that use basic psychology on people that are either simple, hurting, desperate, wounded etc. In some ways it is innocuous and the victims of the scam talk themselves into a better life. Nothing really wrong with that.
    I worry about those that are truly ill and need professional help, that are led to believe in the charletons that happily relieve the poor souls of their money.

    When I see certain names come up as being "a backer" or "believer" in whatever is being flogged...I know to run the opposite direction!

  8. Hello,

    I have often wondered about "proof" of healings. The Catholic church claims to have all sorts of saints who performed healings. I have witnessed all sorts of suspensions of nature, including seeing Mary, the mother of Jesus. As for healings that are documented, I am just now beginning some research. Harvard Medical School? Not sure where to begin...

    As for Louise Hay, she has a good message about the power of being positive, etc. Too bad to hear she is a mean drunk. Wow.

    Good luck.